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Re: [ROM] MyCleanImagio-21874 Apr/19th [Build 1.8]

ChangeLog 1.9: (Now 1.9 is available with CHT 1.6.1 links on the 1st page)

1.9.. again lol... should be considered a different rom from 1.8, quite a few changes... 1.8 seemed to be really stable, probably the best version of MyCleanImagio, 1.9 should carry it along... however test it and report back , please refer to the post #594 for a few considerations, read a few posts before and after as is the changelog:

[Feature] - Added a "Data OFF" icon, to disconnect the data connection. Please refer to the post #538.
[Feature] - Updated My Phone, Google Maps 4.1.0, Windows Live. (to the most updated versions I guess)
[Feature] - Tweaked/improved messaging settings/speed on MyCleanImagio, should be a huge improvement over 1.8. (It was too slow when loaded with emails and a lot of sms messages)
[Feature/Important] - Updated to CHT 1.7.1 + CHT Editor CHT 1.7.1 is "heavier" than 1.6.1 and it does slow things down... however with the improvements/3D tweaks (new set) applied to 1.9, it seems to me there is no difference on how 1.7.1 impact manila... the layout cooked in for CHT may not be best/fastest, try different ones if you want, and please report back. Please refer to the post #594 for a few considerations about speed, read a few posts before and after as well.
[Feature] - Better documentation on MyCleanImagio skin files, there will be a few new options for the phone skin, themes, etc.. expect over the next few days a detailed "post" about which files you can "mod" to create your own taskbar, phone skin, notifications enhancements, etc...( the new themes, skins will be available as a cab, they were not cooked with the rom) Please understand, the cabs to be posted will work only with MyCleanImagio 1.9 and on... "may" not work with other roms due the different packages used on 1.9)
[Feature] - Notifications graphics improvement.
[Feature] - 1.9 should have a lot more storage space available on all builds.
[Fixed] - Phone Canvas - the contact picture will not look like it's over the default contact picture anymore.
[Notes] - Full Verizon Build users, quite a few changes were made on the verizon packages, I cannot test them, please test and report back.
[Feature] - A few "system/3D" optimizations added/applied, seems to run smoother on all applications.
[Feature] - Lowered level of a few security policies allowing unsigned cabs to be installed. (Makes a lot easier to apply mod's/tweaks)
[Removed] - Bing 5.1, Blockbuster, IMDB, Slacker Radio to avoid double storage space usage. (any cab/package cooked in will copy itself first to the \Windows directory then to \Program Files directory, not all of them of course but the ones that install on a directory other then \Windows ... using 2X the space necessary for it to run, plus if you update the program after flashed, it becomes 3X cause the Rom files cannot be deleted..... learning a little more! I use the Ervius Kitchen 1.8.2)
[Fixed] - Answer Call Lag - please refer to post #538 for info about it.

There will be a "Cab Repository" link available at the first page, the cabs should be the same available for the apps except they were modded to create the shortcuts accordingly to the start menu customization on MyCleanImagio. (otherwise posted)

The new themes/skins/etc will be available at the "Cab Repository" as well, most of them are not my creations, but from other fanstastic creators (so many I cannot name now..) they were just "ported" to work with MyCleanImagio. Please understand they may work with MyCleanImagio 1.9 and on.... may not work with other roms, and may break the phone canvas of other roms!

[Notes 1.9] - After 1st boot, please wait a few minutes before playing with the rom (usually when you can see the custom wallpaper behind Sense). After 1st boot, it is particular to this rom to go to locked mode (if you are not connected to the computer). After you press the buttom to wake up the phone (1st boot), it may take 5 to 10 seconds to load the scripts for the lockscreen, so the screen will remain black until is loaded, that does not mean a "freeze" or anything bad, lol, it is programmed to do it! Again only after 1st boot or soft reset...
[Carrier: T-Mobile] [Phone: XV6975 (HTC Imagio)] [ROM: MyCleanImagio]
[WM Build: 21874] [Radio: 2.25.00WVL]


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