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Re: ║║ ║Windows Phone®║ ║Sense UI 2.5║

Originally Posted by Richw View Post
Is it just me or are a lot people having hard reset issues with 3/23? I am running a clean install, no cabs of any kind (other then provisioning). I have had at least 6 freeze and involuntary hard resets. I have done every combination of clearing memory and flashing I can find.
I had issues, but it was due to some registry edits that I was making that didn't seem to agree with the ROM. Took several hours to figure out what was causing the problem though.

Originally Posted by blunij View Post
If you disable windows live only, will myphone still work?
I'm going to assume that it will as MyPhone is separate, but I don't know for sure. One way to find out would be to install the cab for Windows Live, soft reset and try to sync with My Phone. If it works, then obviously, they are independent of one another, if it doesn't work, just uninstall the cab and soft-reset again and it will be like nothing happened.

Originally Posted by youngpro83 View Post
Quick question. How do you guys remove programs that cant be removed from the remove apps list? I tried to uninstall something and it says that it cant be uninstalled and do I want to remove it from the list? I say yes and its still there. I tried to install and and then uninstall it but that didnt work. Any suggestions?
If a cab fails to uninstall, that means that one or more files that were part of the cab you're trying to uninstall have been either removed or over-written by another cab you installed. As far as I know, re-installing it should work and allow you to fully install the cab, which will then allow you to uninstall it properly, but it could have unintended consequences since you're over-writing and removing files that are apart of another or multiple cabs.

Originally Posted by Sephious View Post
So no one else is having problems with this rom being a piece of crap. I have been using builds of mighty rom for over a year now and have never had problems like this. I just flashed back to the stock sprint rom and my phone is running great. Question : why is mighty mike no longer leaving links for the older versions of mightyrom on mightyrom . c o m? This does not make any sense other than bandwidth issues. if anyone has a link to the previous mighty rom version I would really appreciate it.
I had multiple random issues with my phone, but the primary one was that Manila was highly unstable and would crash after a few hours, and then after the first crash, it would be every few minutes. The problem was that it wouldn't always be the same thing that caused the problem and there were varying lengths of time between issues. I found my problem by going through each of the registry/file changes I was making through XDA_UC one by one (actually a few at a time) and soft resetting my device and using it for a little bit to find the issue. The changes I was making caused 0 issues on any of the past ROMs (War, Impact, Love, & Stable), but something about the new base, the drivers, or something else that was changed or updated did not agree with the changes I was making (turned out to be 2 things) and caused loads of issues. Now that I found the problem and got rid of it, my phone is running as fast as the last Sense 2.1 ROM that I was using with nearly the same memory usage on boot (49-50% used). So, I'm going to go with the others in that it's not the ROM, it's something that you're doing as mine is now as stable as the last stable version released.

On another note, I'm not sure if others have seen this and found it equally annoying, but I don't want my screen to rotate unless I open the keyboard and I disable the Auto-Rotation feature. However, Opera still rotated and was ignoring the gsensor setting to disable auto-rotate. Tried removing Opera from the whitelist and it still happened. Looked around online and found that Opera has its own GSensor key in the registry and most people solved it by putting the poll timer at a really large number. Didn't like that though as it could still allow it to rotate which I didn't want. Tried a couple things and finally found that removing the GSensor key gets rid of auto-rotation in Opera with no noticed side effects. In case others would also like to disable auto-rotation in Opera, I made a cab that will apply the change for you.
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