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Re: Android running on US Cellular data service **Solved for most***

I have used information from eval- and made a script that will work with an app from Market. This will be permanent until you load an updated rootfs.img. Here are the steps...

1. Download usccfix.txt (attached file below)
2. Rename usccfix.txt to (Forum limits file types to be attached)
3. Edit in notepad or any text editor and change the three phone numbers in red to your MSID, which may or not be your phone number. US Cellular customers can dial ##000000 then press Talk to find your MSID. See sample below and change highlighted areas.
4. Create folder on the root of your SD card called ‘gscript’ (This is where your zImage, rootfs.img and haret.exe are found)
5. Copy '' in to the new 'gscript' folder
6. Run haret.exe to boot in to Android
7. Install GScript Lite from Market. You can also download on your computer and save to AndroidApps folder then install when in Android.
8. Launch GScript Lite
9. Press the physical Windows button and select ‘Add script’
10. Press the ‘Load file’ button
11. Tap the file listed
12. Press ‘Save’
13. Tap ‘usccfix’ from the list
14. After script runs, press the ‘Close’ button at bottom
15. Reboot and launch Android again

Example of changes to be made…
chmod a+rw /etc/ppp/pap-secrets
chmod a+rw /etc/ppp/options.smd1
cat > /etc/ppp/pap-secrets << EOF * 6414251234
cat >> /etc/ppp/options.smd1 << EOF
busybox cp /etc/ppp/pap-secrets /init.etc/ppp/pap-secrets
busybox cp /etc/ppp/options.smd1 /init.etc/ppp/options.smd1

Data should work for most of you now. If not just edit the '' file and try your Hex ESN and phone number in different places and rerun script in GScript Lite.

Please click on 'Thanks' if this helps you as well as posts from eval-
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