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Re: Native HTC messaging MMS fix (collaboration)

Extremely Important!!!!

First off Happy New Year everyone!!! Its 1am here and Ive been drinking so excuse me if this message is slightly incoherent however I assure you the information is correct.

Yesterday NRGz released his new rom using Sense 2.5.1922. Im using the 28011 version.

I downloaded the rom as normal, installed the zenyee disable HTC messaging cab and installed the Arcsoft MMS_Sprint_5_0_94_128c cab to use picture mail. My server settings are:
CDMA server name: Sprint
Port number: 80
Server Address: httpL/
Connect via: The internet
Send limit: 5000k

Today I scrolled over to the messaging tab and accidentally hit the message on the screen (instead of going to all messages) and the HTC messenger popped up. "Thats wierd" I thought but didnt think more of it. Then I got a MMS message and hit the message again from the messaging tab (instead of all messages) and the HTC screen popped up again with the message and a icon next to it that Ive never seen before with an envelope and a picture above the envelope. "Wierd" I thought again. I clicked it and up popped the mms that I got!!!!

So I decided to test this thing out. I uninstalled Zenyee "enabling" HTC again and tried the same message using the same method. HTC messaging came up but I was unable to load the MMS. The little icon wasnt even there anymore. Reinstalled Zenyee "disabling" HTC messaging and there was the little icon again!

So I tested sending a message. Unable to send mms through HTC but able to send SMS. Theres not even an option to send MMS through HTC. However I am able to send MMS through arcsoft by going to the all messages button and doing it the old fashioned way. The picture (61kb) sends right away but takes anywhere between 5-15 minutes to be recieved. I tested again by sending an mms from my girlfriends TP1 using an older version on energyrom with arcsoft and again it took 15 minutes to recieve however I was able to view it through HTC!!!!

To wrap up this rediculously long post...
I am able to receive/view mms and send/receive/view sms through HTC!
I am able to send/receive/view mms and sms through arcsoft.

I dont pretend to know what changed or why this is the case but it most definitely is! If you guys have any questions or any suggestions on helping me figure out why this works let me know.
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