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Re: Install HTC Keyboard on Moment

OMG!!! Just added this, and coming from a Touch Pro, this was the ONE thing that was missing. At least that i can think of. If you used a TP or Diamond and used the T9 input, you MUST get this KB, you wont use any other.

We used the Better KB and my wifes main gripe was lack of adding new words to the Dictionary (well, easily) and my main gripe was it would list a slew of words, but not any that started with other letters on that key. Like spelling ONE was impossible without holding 6 and selecting O, then 6 again, and selecting N, then hitting 3 to finish it. Or the word BE just could not be spelled without long pressing 2 and then 3 to manually spell it

Im adding it to this post for ease sake

Moment users to install:
Download the attached file to your computer, unzip it. Youll have the HTC_IME.apk file.

1. Download to your SD Card (you DO know how right?)
2. Navigate to the file using a file explorer program, i recommend ES File Explorer, free from the App Store (just a plug, its not mine).
3. Click on the .apk and watch it install.
4. Go to Home -> Settings -> Locale and Text, Select Touch Input. Touch Input settings are below that.

Note: If you use Handcent, you must disable the Handcent or Better KB first, or it wont use the Hero KB. It doesnt seem to do T9 on the built in Browser though... (sigh).

I just sent 5 texts to my wife in quick succession (with NO spelling errors) AND added the word DANG to my dictionary!
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Its funny, at least 35 threads a day are people who tried to flash and messed up, or wonder why in the middle of the night their phone up and did a hard reset by 'itself'.
Caller ID Icons!
Hero KB on the Moment!

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