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Exclamation Clean the Corners...

Originally Posted by ferky View Post
Hello Apachers...I'm noob here I wanna ask about my verizon 6700 problem.
The problem is my touchscreen alignment always incorrect although i have re align using setting system screen alignment. after i re align usually the touch screen tap is function properly but after i use the phone within few minutes it moves again usually moved to the right side of the screen.
For example i type with keyboard when my stylus tapping the"n" letter the screen will type "m"
This problem really make me crazy ........Please some one help me...
What i've done :
Try using WM 5 = The problem percist
Try upgrade to WM 6 (thanks to Helmi_C) = The problem percist
Upgrade Radio = The problem percist
please help me...
Thanks in advance
Regards Ferky

There is another thread on this (search on digitizer) but one possible solution is to carefully take a sheet of paper and clean the lint between the case and the screen, being careful not to get it stuck around the corners... This solved my problem for a long time (until I droped the PDA and the top half of my screen was permanently mis-alligned... Thank you Sprint for TEP )

Good Luck...
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