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dc13 07-03-2010 11:32 AM

Titanium X ROM 1.1 at 9.5MFLOPS
OK People Im a neat freak that is why I have delete a few of my posts that have answered your questions and posted them on the first page. If you can if you asked a question and see that it was answered delete your post because the new people wont go and read 12 pages to find an answer.

First things first. This rom is based off noobnl rom I just added and took out a few things updated here and there. I'm saying this to give credit where it needs to go.

Why the rom name changed.

You need to be rooted so read here first if you need to.

Random Reboots page - please post if you have one and in detail of what you were doing.



I wont be adding swype into my rom just because I don't want to have to provide cracks and hacks I'll let you add that on your own.

UPDATE FOR 1.1 9.5MFLOPS. opengl working.

Ok people this is my first ROM for a Android phone I first started with winmo about 4years ago with a Mogul made roms for that thing got the Touch Pro then to a Tour then a Touch Pro 2.
Now I have a Moment.

I want to thank noobnl and DearmasFamily for making amazing roms with out their base and great updates I would be lost.

Its a very bare rom I found out that people like that when I was doing windows stuff so I am going to try it on Android.

I am on deployment doing a SOUTHPAC. But I am still on and wanting ideas. Give me good or bad feed back all is taken and reviewed don't feel like your being mean if you have bad feed back I will only get better with people telling me what they like and don't like.

Again thanks for the great roms SDX.
To contact me when I'm on the ship email me at
I will try to be on this site as much as I can.

Im finding out that you have to do a full flash to get it all to work meaning erase your whole device in recovery and start from scratch can someone test this for me?

Hope you all like it.


dc13 07-03-2010 11:33 AM

Download LINKS
Download Links

Ti X 1.1 9.5MFLOPS
Ti X 1.1

Titanium X 1.1 with De03PolyModGatorCool theme
Ti X 1.1 w/ De03PolyModGatorCool theme

Ti X.1
Ti X.2
Ti X.3
Ti X.4
DC13 1.0
Ti X RC 1.0
DC13 1.0.1 UPDATE

dc13 07-03-2010 11:34 AM

Change LOG
Change Logs

JIT 8.13

JIT 8.14
i5700 DE14 OpenGL
Browser fixed
WiFi tether added
Did drop because things are added.

faster browser
phone tools (remote connect from PC)
new alarm clock
new calculator
DF07 Open GL
still at 7.8MFLOPS

Added a new bootloader and logo img thought it would be nice to see. that I got from joeykrim amazing online kitchen.
Sorry! The application settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Then I have to chose force close

OPENGL working
new kernel noobnl JIT 10.1
base/rom off noobnl rom (so fixed battery issue)
updated launcher pro
updated market/talk
camera fix
new gallery
BUG - reboot when receiving phone call at plugged in then disconnect. I need this confirmed asap please.
BUG - robo defense reboot cant make it do it again
BUG - Startup Manager (i cant test.)
BARE BONE ROM IS FIRST UP SINCE ITS A LOT SMALLER IN SIZE TO HELP GET IT UP FASTER 60MB download barely any apps installed use market to get apps up did this because everyone likes different things.

1.0.1 UPDATE
Directions -
Recovery Menu Flash Options
extract from .zip, place on your sdcard
you then need to rename zImage.vamp2.0.7 to zImage to use this method.
put zImage into /sdcard/updates (recovery 2.1.3) or /sdcard/sdx/updates (recovery 3.0+)
boot into recovery
make sure to mount sdcard to /sdcard
go to advanced options and Clear Dalvik Cache
flash using the flash options in the menu for kernel
in 3.0+ is backup,restore,flash
then flash kernel (zImage)

This is a different kernel you will be down in the 7MFLOPS use this if you keep getting reboots a lot.

1.1 Update
Froyo JIT
2.1 and 2.2 hybrid not just JIT
different kernel
optimized apks
smaller rom size
Nexus1 Browser
3MB smaller voicesearch/keyboard that you all can now start including I was able to remove 3MB worth of files and still have it all work. now it also is smaller in the memory area.
188MB free space to install apps. Because most apps have been taken out.
getting help from another dev. at xda/ppcgeeks to get this rom even better.
Also with cleanoid and ATK im getting 88MB free ram
Fixed - 3d gallery
Fixed - random crashes should slow down if not be fully fixed.

list apps you might want and i will try to add them in. http://forum.sdx-developers.com/Smil...ult/smiley.gif
All apps with be up to date to the day i launch.

dc13 07-03-2010 11:35 AM

Q and A / APPS
Questions and Answers

Q HampTheToker - 10.3 MFlops? Overclock?!?!?
A Not any more at 10.3. No over clock yet.

Q godzilla77 - Do I need to flash DE03 with recovery first and then apply this in boot recovery?
A Yes DE03 w/ recovery is needed first. Back up everything that you need. Then in recovery wipe the phone then install the rom.

Q zetec - Is there any chance you'll be releasing another barebones rom? No third-party apps bundled, with the exception of whatever hacks (google voice > nuance button, JIT, etc) that operate behind the scenes?
A The first update is going to a barerom but will still have a few apps. They can be taken out of the rom before a flash though if needed.

Q dreamsforgotten - Any of the problems with JIT on this rom, random reboots or freezes. The most stable JIT I ever tried locked up about twice a day and lagged before letting me actually answer phone calls to the point I missed them.
A So far it seems good but the 2 tests are on a ship. So a real test cant happen.

Q DCRocks - Is the "UPDATE- bad news" only that it is running at 8 something mflops? http://forum.sdx-developers.com/Smil...lt/shocked.gif Please tell me thats all it is! http://forum.sdx-developers.com/Smileys/default/cry.gif This ROM sounds awesome, any ETA on the vanilla version yet? I can add my own apps back as needed.
A The BARE is out loaded is in sept.

Q sethrd - I would love to try this, except I hate the 3d gallery. It never processes all my images.
A Let a thumbnail be created the bigger the image the longer it will take. tested using my Nikon D300s Canon Rebel XTi and my phone.

Q JOSH.M - Awesome. Is it already de-odexed?
A Yes and it is a english only rom also to make it so small.

Q JOSH.M - Can we theme this rom?
A Yes it is themeable

Q RoadZombie - does it have a theme or is it stock?
A It uses launcher pro

Q bahal - Hey I am try to install your Rom and I get cnat format ssytem failure at line 2. can someone help me. Thnx
A Be sure you are rooted look up top for the link.

Q HipKat - One thing, what stock apps are on here?? And if there are some I want that aren't included, where can I get them?? (I doubt there's much I'd want, tbh)
A I took out all that I can you will need to download all the sprint apps along with map, street and many more. How I get mine is I will take a rom that has the apps if I cant find them in market and then put them on my SD card then using ASTRO i will install new ones.

Advanced Task Killer
startup manager
3d gallery
gps tracker
handcent sms
root explorer
where's my droid

dc13 07-03-2010 11:35 AM

Random Reboots
These are random reboots for the last few days. please comment on if you get any give details please to help us get this into a great rom. If you don't mide trying to cause this issues please do so and post your findings. It is looking like you need to do a few reboots once you install the rom and it starts to settle down with JIT. Vamp's kernel does fix a lot of issues so you can try that also. Again please comment on reboots in detail.
Thanks DC13

derebigg - playing robo defense.

PartsGuy1 - trying to use the market and nothing would load and then it just rebooted. Other than that it was okay.

PartsGuy1 - trying to answer a call and when i slid to answer it rebooted. Other than that it was okay.

Joeseph Mother - problem using setcpu, the phone didn't want to wake up right after being on 266mhz for sleep/standby to 800mhz while running.
LSanna1488 - Running LauncherPro, 4 times it froze. (give it a few moments to load up everything when u first install)

Shepscrook - I got a phone call and unplugged my phone from the charger so I could talk and it rebooted. (JM tried and couldnt cause this issue)

Shepscrook - lockup while sending a text using Swype.

Shepscrook - lockup switching to the "messages" tab in OSMonitor.

slaxer07 - installing apps on to the phone with astro, (but i have installed otherapps with astro since with no problem)

slaxer07 - And when trying to make a phone call it locked on the screen where its trying to connect. The call was not from the dialer though it was from the shortcut when reading a text.

Joeseph Mother 07-03-2010 12:40 PM

Re: [rom] dc13 1.0
I just got my personal rom the way I want it, so I probably won't give this a try for a couple weeks, but thanks for finally bringing another rom to this forum.

dc13 07-03-2010 01:03 PM

Re: [rom] dc13 1.0

Originally Posted by Joeseph Mother (Post 1850255)
I just got my personal rom the way I want it, so I probably won't give this a try for a couple weeks, but thanks for finally bringing another rom to this forum.

it keeps all your apps that you have loaded. fiy. it does use launcher pro tho.

dc13 07-03-2010 03:54 PM

Re: [rom] dc13 1.0
anyone try this out yet. what do you all think?

SAShady 07-03-2010 05:10 PM

Re: [rom] dc13 1.0
just fresh loaded my phone again, will give it a shot right now

derebigg 07-03-2010 05:54 PM

Re: [rom] dc13 1.0
I have been running it for a couple hours now and all looks good so far. The only thing I noticed was a little hesitation going back to the home screen, otherwise it is nice and fluid for me. Nice job.
Just got my first reboot. I was playing robo defense. Just to let ya know.

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