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cenozoite 05-10-2011 12:39 PM

Using a 6.1 theme on 6.5.3?
I notice that if I apply an older WM 6.1 to my 6.5.3 device, I get the old style popup/context menus where all the options appear on one screen, rather than the newer, larger, more "finger friendly" menus which require scrolling up and down to see all options. I like the old-style ones better.

Unfortunately applying an older theme also seems to have the side effect of messing up some of the icons on the bottom menu bar so that they either don't display at all, or display incorrectly. Is there any way to cause ONLY this old-style menu change to occur, without messing anything else up? Either through a registry edit or some other way? Alternatively, is there a way to fix the bottom menu bar on 6.5.3 when a 6.1 theme is applied?

I haven't done any theme editing before so if anyone could provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated, thanks...

MrGoodtunes 05-10-2011 01:28 PM

Re: Using a 6.1 theme on 6.5.3?

Originally Posted by cenozoite (Post 2099655)
...I like the old-style ones better...

Me too. Having to scroll for the desired menu choice is not as good as having it there ready to quickly tap. Those spread-out menu's are needed for capacitive screens, but our good old resistive digitizer screens can work with pinpoint accuracy.

You may be able to fix parts of your old theme to work better with your 6.5 rom via registry edits. Look for your themes (both the 6.1 & 6.5) in:

HKCU > Software > Microsoft > Today

There may be things you can control via trial & error. Also, there are old CABs around that tweek themes. And ultimately, you can create your own. For me, too many things about all 6.5's are just not worth it. I've gone back to the last (pause of silence) very last, Wm6.1 build, here:

SYS base 21057 ALL Res. 6.1....wait, WHAT? :D - Page 3 - PPCKitchen

Hopefully somebody here will be able to give more specific help.

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