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one80oneday 09-20-2010 02:17 PM

NFS Shift
Probably the best Windows Mobile game I've ever seen! Works pretty good on my TP2 EnergyRom 6.5 Overclocked!
Featuring 20 awesome cars, Bluetooth & WiFi Multiplayer, 18 tracks in 3 stunning locations, Quick Race and Career Modes, 3 difficulty settings, and physics-based accelerated 3D graphics…

This is the most visceral and aggressive racing simulation ever seen on Windows Mobile.

Think Fast! Drive Faster!
HD2 Video:

DavidinCT 09-20-2010 04:32 PM

Re: NFS Shift
2nd for AWSOME game, The tilt control works the best I have seen on the TP2, grapics are pretty great for a WM game.

Disable Sense to run tho....I loved Sense till I found out I could not run any real games with it...

darren.wlsn1 09-20-2010 04:45 PM

Re: NFS Shift
now on wm? ive had this game long time. i can show date on cab. not free though, well wasnt.

one80oneday 09-20-2010 04:49 PM

Re: NFS Shift

Originally Posted by darren.wlsn1 (Post 1950099)
now on wm? ive had this game long time. i can show date on cab. not free though, well wasnt.

Really? Wish it was posted here cus I would have got it a long time ago! I remember the old NFS Shift with crappy graphics but this one is amazing. Beats my PSP hands down. How old is it?

Miami_Son 10-09-2010 12:39 AM

Re: NFS Shift
Game runs and looks great on my Tilt 2, but I can't steer.:cussing:

rrjskj 10-09-2010 12:48 AM

Re: NFS Shift
how'd u manage that when i put it on mines it runs part way then freezes got any hints ???

Miami_Son 10-17-2010 09:00 PM

Re: NFS Shift
I recently had to do a hard reset (other reason) and now the game runs great and I can steer. Don't have to turn off TF3D, either. \\:D/

Daniel7 10-20-2010 02:46 PM

Re: NFS Shift
I can't steer. Why ?:|

rhacy 10-21-2010 09:39 AM

Re: NFS Shift

Originally Posted by Daniel7 (Post 1977883)
I can't steer. Why ?:|

If you can't steer, there's a program interfering with the NFS Shift sensor dll file. In my case, the interference was with the Resco Photo Manager SmiSensorServer_1.dll file located in Windows. If you have Resco already installed to your storage card, you can just move it's dll file from Windows to Storage Card/Program Files/Resco Photo Manager. If you have Resco installed to main program memory, you'll need to move or uninstall and reinstall it to your storage card. Then make sure to move it's sensor dll from Windows, if it's still there. Also, here, NFS will not run unless Sense is turned off.

Hope this helps...

thananat7984 11-05-2010 05:01 AM

Re: NFS Shift

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