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whoppert 03-30-2010 12:44 PM

NEW VGA Game - Whoppert Shootin' Gallery
Here's a new game for you.. Whoppert Shootin' Gallery LITE. It is a free target shooting game for Windows CE/Mobile. Try to get the highest score and post a screenshot of your high scores here (screenshot function available on high scores screen). This may not be NFS shift, but it's still fun. Constructive feedback is appreciated. Gameplay video available on the website: http://www.whoppert.com/mobile-phone...lery-lite.html

-Attractive, Colorful Graphics
-Smooth, 30 Frames-Per-Second Gameplay
-Custom Music, Fun Sounds

Recommended Device Specs:
Hardware: Windows Mobile/CE/PPC Touchscreen Device (Required)
Software: Windows Mobile 6.0+ Recommended, CE 4.2+ (including PPC2003, Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0) or similar OS Required
Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 required
CPU: 400MHz+
Resolution: VGA (480x640) Recommended (Though Any Resolution Should Work)
Hardware Accelerated Graphics Strongly Recommended

Here are some screenshots:


You can get it at http://whoppert.com/free/ShootinLite.cab

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