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n1nj4Lo 03-11-2012 03:39 PM

What Today Program Do You Use?
ThroittleLauncher, SPB Mobile Shell, WisBar Advanced Desktop, PointUI, Sense/Manilla, LG Home or Some other Homescreen UI?

I like using ThrottleLauncher with JC NeoLight UI, it's very Manilla-like or Sense like with the Quick Links (Instead of scrolling Vertically, they scroll horizontally), I've tried SPB Mobile Shell and didn't really care too much for it, I went back to ThrottleLauncher and my favorite theme JC NeoLight... JC NeoLight is a QVGA Theme but with the extra homepage space I had enough room to add a customized S2PWidgetPhat Widget that I deleted the BIGTUNES.PNG image from and the buttons with a transparent background look very nice and fit together above my Quick Link buttons with enough room for the Sense Flip Weather Clock Widget and Appointments Widget.

I always like ThrottleLauncher because of how user friendly it is and easily customizable. You can just add your own app's to certain programmable theme buttons making it totally yours with what ya add in with the theme. Plus it's very lightweight and has a stand alone or today screen option.

SPB Mobile Shell always seems to only have themes that halfway work and no customizability to them, WisBar Advanced Desktop always was a very major pain to get set up and was limited just like SPB Mobile Shell as to how much and far you could customize it/them and settling for what is provided as far as widgets and plugins not to mention SPB Mobile Shell's funky wallpaper mess up that cuts out half of it, PointUI was nice for a begnner and then just got BLaH after awhile and LG Home is just too Android'ish if I wanted Android I'd boot into Android. I have made my own themes out of multiple today plugins before and found it very time consuming and not always getting what ya wanted and settling for less. To me ThrotlleLauncher is the best, so good that I even bought a license for it. For reasons listed above as well as very easy switching from theme to theme and many more. Give ThrottleLauncher a shot if ya haven't yet they've got a free version.

I'll post a video of ThrottleLauncher JC NeoLight when I'm not as busy and find the app I used before to record Windows Mobile again.

pizzaboy192 03-12-2012 06:51 PM

Re: What Today Program Do You Use?
Personally I use Titanium on mine. I've been trying to find a WP7 skin for something, but all the ones that I've tried don't work too well, if at all.

I've tried Wisbar, but I didn't like it. There's Androkkid, but it's not very complete. I have Sense on my "Devphone", but it's broken since it's not an HTC phone.
I haven't tried ThrottleLauncher yet, but I may have to. I just haven't found any sort of homescreen system that is as light as what Microsoft has made...

n1nj4Lo 03-12-2012 09:58 PM

Re: What Today Program Do You Use?
Uploading a video now to youtube, displaying JC NeoLight Theme on ThrottleLauncher and how customizable it is as well as showing it's settings and how fast it takes to load the today plugin and how much memory/ram is available.

Also here's a WP7 theme for ya for ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1

n1nj4Lo 03-12-2012 10:08 PM

Re: What Today Program Do You Use?
Be sure to pause if ya wanna look at anything... Should've spent more time on each page, but it's a fast walk through. LoL Viewing in Fullscreen no problem or video distortion, also there's a landscape mode, more quicklinks I forgot to record it.


thunderboltspirit 03-14-2012 11:09 AM

Re: What Today Program Do You Use?
Todayxlive along with ifolders makes fathom look like Windows Phone!

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