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pizzaboy192 08-25-2011 09:21 PM

{App} Arcsoft-Be-Gone!
So, It's been a while since I updated the Arcsoft Remover Cab file.
here's a new one, it's still in BETA, I had a few issues with it on my phone to start, but it should be pretty clean now.
It's a "Universal" as in, works with unlocked GSM variants on the T-Mobile network right now. I'll release an AT&T variant as well.
Basic gist:
If on Verizon, install .cab (You may need to use an advanced task manager like ArkSwitch or MemMaid to kill Transport.Exe first)
Then load up a registry editor, browse to HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\WSPHeader and find the key "X-VzW-MDN" (And find WSPHeader2 and do the same thing)
Peck in your phone number WITHOUT dashes (Example, a number of 1-321-654-0987 would be 3216540987 in the key)
(While you are there, change "Default" to CDMA in the "MM1" key a few steps above (Under DefaultSetting))
If you can't send messages, you may need to go into your SMS\MMS app and hit the menu button, press MMS Options, scroll to CDMA servers, make sure that VerizonMMS is set to default (you may need to tap on it) and also make sure that when you click on it, the little scroll box says that it is using Verizon instead of "The Internet"

if any of that confused you, You can ask me for help and I'll try to walk you through it.

Available at: Downloads Page

Again, let me know of any issues and I'll try to fix them. I'm currently using the Verizon one on a daily basis and it seems to work fine. Just thought I'd share.
(Please donate if it was worth some monies, I'm a poor college student and monies help alot)

V3.2: Fixed some more broken and wrong key issues. Sorry about that.
V3.1: Fixed some registry key issues. Should work properly again.
V3: updated Arcsoft MMS version to a newer version (Hybrid CDMA\GSM which also allows global roaming)
V2: new method for getting Arcsoft MMS installed, Updated to newer version, fixed shortcut issues.
V1: Initial release. Just a bunch of fixes rolled into one .cab file. Kinda worked, but not well.

queva 09-28-2011 10:24 AM

Re: {App} Arcsoft-Be-Gone!
i installed arkswitch but was unable to find transport.exe it seems its not running, installing the cab it says it doesnt have enough system permissions, im on V7.

pizzaboy192 09-28-2011 01:11 PM

Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.80 (Windows Mobile; WCE; Opera Mobi/WMD-50433; U; en) Presto/2.4.13 Version/10.00)

when you are in arkswitch, swipe your finger to the side to show running processes. then you should be able to kill transport.exe

pizzaboy192 10-21-2011 11:37 AM

Re: {App} Arcsoft-Be-Gone!
Fixed some broken Keys. I'll release a patcher for those who don't want to re-download and install the kit.

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