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simtech2 08-23-2011 09:52 PM

no radio after flashing custom ROM!?!
Hello, I am a flashing noob so please bear with me! I have a CDMA HTC Touch with Cellular South. It was locked and running radio 2.32.

I was able to unlock it to coker 2.31 and it powered up fine after that. Then following these instructions ([GUIDE]How to Flash Your Vogue (CDMA Only!!!!) - xda-developers). After that i tried to load the stock radio for sprint so i can get the radio update for the GPS. Well I was able to active sync and start the load and it stopped. i tried again and it would not load it. This was the load from the HTC site. Sooo....I went to load this ROM ([ROM] NuVogue 8.0 - WM6.5 28014 - Updated: Oct 13, 2010 - SenseUI, Generic & Sprint - xda-developers) and it flashed fine. But then during reboot it stops on the black screen that shows the version and shows the load but then underneath the load it says "no radio".

Because of this I cannot sync the device and of course I cannot get to the home screen. I can however load another ROM but same thing, no radio. What did I do wrong and how can I load a radio load through bootloader? Or a ROM that has a sprint load in it other than the stock sprint rom from the site that needs to be sync'd?

I appologize as I posted this over on the xda site too so I could hit a larger target audience.



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