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vindication84 01-10-2010 10:50 PM

Please help
Hey guys, I'm no stranger to roms, but i'm trying to find one now that doesn't have 6.5.3. i find it slows down my phone too much. i'm trying to find a rom that has 6.5 on it, tf3d 1.0 and has the speed and battery life of the sprint stock rom. is this possible anymore? (please dont suggest mightyrom)

Maxx134 01-11-2010 07:39 AM

Re: Please help
Maybe no one answered you because everyone has their own favorite rom that they turn to, regardless of it's faults. I have experienced slowdowns at times, on all roms but yes mayby less so on 6.1

You just have to keep trying till you find one that suits you or if you have time, make your own.
Roms come out so often that really to many to choose from, plus we have a few kitchens so really hard question to answer.
I have tried many and like anyone else, have my own tastes, so don't take my suggestion the answer because one thing i learned is every rom has something I would want and like.
Bottom line for me though, is which is easiest to make it thru the day, so it really depends on alot of things.

If you mean by 6.5.3,roms with larger bottom startmenu, I would suggest latest versions without sense2.5, but since I love sense, I would say not give up and try the "ski-rom" or "root-rom", although I found "EmpiRom" to be one of the fastest of all.

I myself like the traditional smaller top startmenu myself, so I like older energy sense2.1 , and especially RSTG ver 4(without panorsmic) and ver6(with panoramic) of sense2.1 rom wich are also above average in speed, link here:

Twisted looks good too:

I know I left out a few other really good ones(psyki, Calkulin, etc) but like most here I don't have time to play with all, so I would also listen to anyone else's suggestion, if they posted if after me.
Usually the roms that make up the first page in the upgrade section, are the latest and one you want to choose from.
I would also listen to what users have to say in the energy vs mighty thread here:
Good luck!

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