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Kliptik 06-14-2011 09:40 PM

Rearth Thunderbolt Case Review
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Just wanted to post up a review of the case for the Thunderbolt from Rearth USA. I listed some pros, a couple cons, and a few pics.

- At first, it seemed like the case would fit too loosely, but after a couple hours, it seems to form to the phone nicely. I'm used to a silicone case that's a little more rigid, so it took a little getting used to. The alignment of the case is very well done, and it looks like it was actually designed with the phone in mind (surprisingly, some cheap cases don't). All of the openings in the case are placed perfectly.

- I was very impressed with how easy it is to press the buttons with the case on. With my normal case, the power and volume buttons can be hard to press, but with this case the buttons are very responsive.

- The material is very smooth, soft, and pliable, yet provides a surface with a good grip, so it doesn't feel like the phone is going to slip out of your hand. The overall feel of the case is very comfortable.

- This one is probably just a personal preference, but I was not impressed with the color. The green has a much paler look to it than it appears on the site. Again, I'm sure this is just personal preference but since I'm reviewing the case I might as well include it so anyone else can keep in mind that the actual color might not be exactly how it looks on the site. I will say that the color definitely is an attention grabber though!

- If you're looking for a case that can protect the phone from some hard hits, this is not the case for you. It is a very soft, pliable material. While it does make for a very comfortable feel when holding the phone, I wouldn't trust it to take a very hard hit (although a friend of mine did drop it on the tile floor while checking out the case...)

I think for the price ($16.99), it's definitely worth it. For an all-around comfortable case that fits as well as it does, you can't go wrong. Check out the pics for how it looks. And if you wanted to check out the other color options available... Rearth Htc Thunderbolt Ringke Case Cover

McLabia 06-26-2011 08:11 PM

Re: Rearth Thunderbolt Case Review
I was one of the first with this case. Its bitchin and perfect for the price. Anyone with a bolt should DEF pick one up.

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