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veedubguru 06-05-2014 06:28 PM

Need to revert back to 3.17.651.4. PLEASE HELP
I won't go into a long drawn out story, but I'm dealing with Sprint on this phone and I've made like 5 trips in there in the last 2 weeks and they replaced my device. Problem is, I think the one they gave me has a problem and needs to go back.

I installed 4.13.651.4 (the one that HTC released, so stock and locked).

After installing and setting up, I paired my Bluetooth. It was tricky this time and never was before. Ended up having to unpair and repair every time I wanted to use the stupid thing. After about the 5th time it stopped recognizing ALL Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth turns on, but won't discover ANY device I try and pair to it. Reflashed, hard reset, tried before app installs, just everything. No luck.

Need to try and get 3.17.651.4 back on it because it has to go back.

If this can be done and someone can drop a link to the instructions I would greatly appreciate it. I've searched, and searched and searched and I'm coming up empty.

Maybe it can't be done...

bporter001 06-10-2014 11:34 PM

Re: Need to revert back to 3.17.651.4. PLEASE HELP
The closest I can find is 3.15.651.16

Will that work? It should be close enough that they won't notice unless they really go out of their way to check.

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