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Fixup 10-13-2009 04:13 PM

Facts about video recording
FrameRate is variable, not fixed. MediaInfo (free) is needed to show details about actual FR.

If mode is CIF, FR is 15 fps.

If mode is L(arge), FR is increased to 19 fps. This is to be expected:

15x352x288/(320x240) = 19.8

Maximum FR is 30, 15 or 10 fps, depending on motion speed and lighting level - the brighter, the higher FR. If it is dark, FR could be as low as 3 or so fps.

There is a FR in registry set to 15, no difference if change this value to 30 or 25.

After tried all modes, I prefer MP4 format. MP4 is the most popular suggested by YouTube and other formats do not provide any better picture. L(arge) or CIF? Not a big deal, neither is smooth enough while L is indeed slightly smoother than CIF.

To play the video on PC with audio, you need this directshow filter for AMR:


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