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ireeboy 01-09-2013 04:42 AM

Review eBook DRM removal tool for Kindle, Nook, PDF,etc..
With the low cost of eBooks as well as the inexpensive cost of eBook readers, together with their handy storage, portability and versatility, more and more customers are making the switch from holding a physical book to holding an eBook reader and reading an electronic book each day. With quite several eBook reader devices out there in the marketplace, doing the proper decision might be hard! This short article will introduce a number of most well known eBook reader devices, and give an ideal guide to share eBooks easily.
Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle would be the best basic e-book reader. Specialists say the Amazon Kindle delivers a great e-book reading feelings that competitors cannot match for a cost that's just as unbeatable. The Kindle is little enough to slip into a pocket, and its E-Ink display and expand large e-book library are among the most effective around. There's 2GB of storage, with about 1.25GB readily available to customers, Amazon says for storing about 1,400 books, even though obviously it doesn't have PDFs in mind here. File format support with only PDF, TXT, MOBI and PRC supported natively.
Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch
It is the very best touch screen e-Book reader. If you want a touch screen e-reader, specialists say the Nook Simple Touch may be the very best non-illuminated model available. The battery lasts for weeks, the E-Ink display performs very well as well as the ergonomics are nothing expands short of wonderful. The Nook supports the ePub format and lacks the Kindle's advertisements, but doesn't have audio features or a web browser.
In addition, there are many other well-liked eReader devices such as Sony-eReader, Kobo, Aluratek, Jinke, etc.. They really make our life interesting and wonderful. But it is a problem that there is DRM protection with most purchased eBooks, which will stop the eBook being copied to the other equipment for reading effect and reduce our reading fun. If you want to share your interesting eBooks you must remove DRM from eBooks. How to remove DRM from eBooks? Mostly we remove eBooks DRM with DRM remover software, because it could be the easiest and fast way for eBook DRM removal. There is powerful DRM remover software called iReedsoft DRM Removal. It is all in one DRM removal software tool that helps you quickly remove DRM from ePub, Mobi, AZW, Tpz, AZW4, PRC, as well as PDF DRM removal. iReedsoft DRM Removal can not only work with Kindle DRM removal but also work with to remove DRM from Sony-eReader, Kobo, Nook and ADE (Adobe Digital Edition), etc. Below is a simple guide will show you how to remove DRM from eBooks in 1 minute.
Step1: Free Download iReedsoft DRM Removal from the website and install on PC:
iReedsoft Studio - eBook DRM Removal, Remove DRM Kindle, ePub, PDF, Nook, etc..
Step2: Start up the program, click "Add" button to add your eBook which needs to be removed DRM.
Step3: After adding eBook files, click the "Remove DRM" button, it will Start to work. It will be done in 1 minute and you could find the eBooks in the destination folder.
Actually, it is easy to enjoy your books anywhere with the DRM removal software! Now you can transfer your eBooks to another e-Reader device, share eBooks with your family or even convert or edit your books simply. But you should make sure you can read the books on Adobe Digital Editions on PC before removing DRM from eBooks. iReedsoft DRM Removal supports all Windows OS such as Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows server2000, 2003, 2008, etc.. Moreover, the Mac version of DRM removal is coming soon. Please visit <a href="http://www.ireedsoft.com/">iReedsoft Studio</a> official website to get more DRM removal information.

rainwater2222 08-29-2013 10:02 PM

Re: Review eBook DRM removal tool for Kindle, Nook, PDF,etc..
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arronlee 12-28-2015 01:32 AM

Re: Review eBook DRM removal tool for Kindle, Nook, PDF,etc..
Hi, Ireeboy.
Thanks for your nice sharing. But I wonder whether the pdf converter you mentioned above supports pdf to jpg conversion process as well? And does it work on .NET platform? If so, I will check its free trial package first and send you feedback soon.

Best regards,

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