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guitardoc64 02-21-2017 08:54 PM

Project fi
A trip to Spain gave me a reason to try out fi. So far it's been great, despite a few glitches. As I post this from the hotel room in Spain it's been working as well as it does back home. The whole thing is cheaper than getting Sprint global for the trip. It took about 30 minutes to get signal in Spain, but once it did it worked.

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rootlinux 02-27-2017 10:59 PM

Re: Project fi
Thought about trying it. Thanks for your info.

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guitardoc64 03-26-2017 12:09 AM

Re: Project fi
Update: One month and a few days in, I share my experience. Throughout Spain in Malaga, Granada, Ronda and Seville I had very good coverage with data speeds that were pretty well equivalent to home. There​ was a lot of free and open WiFi, which helped with a data budget. I still went over 4 gig. The great part is that fi charged me for just what I used. Less than$2. Not bad at all. I paid more for some calls, which came to $5. The bill for my $60 plan with overage came to $71 and change. If I had gone with Sprint international my charge for the same data usage would have been $120 in addition to my regular bill. Now that I'm home I'm considering switching back to Sprint with my old plan which is unlimited everything but fi does have its appeal.

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guitardoc64 04-30-2017 09:59 PM

Re: Project fi
I'm in my fourth month now and I got a rebate for not using all the data. I'm pretty happy with fi.

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