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Conversation Between codybear and horndoctor
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  1. horndoctor
    01-09-2010 06:59 PM - permalink
    Hey Bro! Cool ! I'll have to check that phone out! I haven't heard of that one yet.
  2. codybear
    01-09-2010 06:54 PM - permalink
    Yeah. It was a real PITA.

    I want the hd2 too, but only if I get it in the next month lol.
    Otherwise there's better phones that are coming out.
    The Motorola Mirage is better in my opinion. 8mp camera, 1080p vid recording capabilities, and more and it's only 9mm thick.
  3. horndoctor
    01-08-2010 02:18 AM - permalink
    lol Glad you finally got a better one. Wow, that sounds like a PITA! lol
    Hey, that's cool that you're gonna start cooking!!
    Well, I guess I'll hold on to my Vogue for a while! lol I'd really like to get a HD2 if it comes to Sprint. I might be waiting for a while for that to happen though!
  4. codybear
    01-08-2010 02:09 AM - permalink
    it's alot better than the tp1.
    Verizon finally gave me one for free after the right half of my screen blacked out...the touch still worked, but it was miserable to try and text when you could only see the bottom half of the on screen keyboard in landscape or the bottom half of the bottom line of the text with the on screen keyboard minimized lol. my hardware keyboard was broken then too. haha.

    I'm waiting on word from my school if I can get a student loan so I can get this laptop I want, and then I'm going to start building roms for it and releasing them.
  5. horndoctor
    01-08-2010 01:59 AM - permalink
    Hey! How do you like the TP2???
  6. codybear
    12-27-2009 04:27 AM - permalink
    LOL Thanks bro.
  7. horndoctor
    12-27-2009 04:25 AM - permalink
    Good to see you back Bro!!
  8. codybear
    12-27-2009 04:23 AM - permalink
    It was a temp ban.
    You can never get rid of me!
    I'm like herpes, you can treat it, but no matter what I'm still there.
    (No, I don't have STDs).
  9. horndoctor
    12-27-2009 04:12 AM - permalink
    Hey, I thought we got rid of you! lol
  10. codybear
    10-09-2009 12:15 PM - permalink
    lol, nope. didn't get arrested. haha
    Just been busy.

    But I haven't gotten a pm, atleast on here.
    I'll check xda though.

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