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adamsstephen 08-28-2016 06:09 AM

Apps2SD and link2sd Memory extenders
I have been trying both these apps as they claim to extend the internal memory of the android tablet and mobile phone to get rid of the dreaded "not enough memory to install" error.

I had a 32GB SD card in both a M776 Phablet and a Sony Xperia phone ST18i.
I had rooted both phones with Root granted by superuser, and logged.
But none of them worked past a reboot.
They also stopped basic internal apps from working such as Goggle maps and Google Play.

Does anyone know of a successful app that works on Android version 4.04?
Google did us a great dis-service by changing the system so we could not run apps in the SD space which is a lot bigger than the internal memory. It also ignores the internal memory which is not SD and is up to 4Gb in size.

I have installed the 2nd partition using two different programs on a PC, EaseUS and Miniboot, but the program still stays it cannot see the 2nd partition, despite it being set to all different versions Fat16,Fat32,Ext2,Ext4

I thought rooting it would allow the operating set-up to be changed, but the programs still seem to come in before using Superuser and to late to mount the disc partition.
I have been in touch with both providers who are stumped.

Any general solutions which work on Android systems, not on the specific make or model?

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