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aljazvidmar 07-25-2014 01:09 AM

[FREE GAME] Chocolate Pinball
Want to play an awesome pinball? Do you like flat and minimalistic modern game design? Then Chocolate Pinball is the game for you.

http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...54-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...07-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...32-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...06-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...47-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...04-168x300.png http://www.adesignstudio.net/wordpre...15-168x300.png

This unique table features pinball bumpers, targets, slingshots, one-way gates, selector switches, magnet holes and a power meter sensor. Chocolate Pinball brings together the action of an arcade shooter with the excitement of classic pinball into a single game.

With its simplicity and clean graphics, you will experience a game like you've never played before with features like:
- Bonuses and special features like multiball, extra balls, score multipliers, bonus points
- Nudge and tilt
- Online leaderboard and achievements featuring Google Game Services
- Beautiful graphics with 7 inch and 10 inch tablet support
- Share your High Score with friends

Get it free from: GOOGLE PLAY

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rootlinux 08-12-2014 10:15 AM

Re: [FREE GAME] Chocolate Pinball
Pretty nice pinball game.
Fast, fluid and very smooth.
Good way to pass the time.

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