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Re: Is there a stripped 6.5 rom?

hey gedster.

Welcome to the touch pro forum! I actually had to use my titan over this weekend and I forgot how much I missed using the damn thing. Some of those hardware buttons will seriously be missed.

Anyway, congrats on the 'upgrade'.

I would honestly recommend Ivan's v1.9. It is very clean, and very fast; a lot faster than Mighty's and similar ROMs that are oft proclaimed here. You can disable tf3d by unchecking the TF3D plugin on your today screen options.

Ivan's black theme (sexy interface) can be found here:

Once you flash that guy, I would disable sensorlock by opening the sensorlock settings and unchecking everything. Also, if you choose to stick with TF3D, download the TF3DCONFIG program and remove the unnecessary pages to further speed things up.

Cheers man, lemme know how it goes.
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