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Re: |RHODCMDA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Oct 7| 21916|21680 * Sense 2018

Energy.RHODCDMA.21681.Sense2.5.Cookie.1.8.5.Sencit y.Oct.10.7z
Energy.RHODCDMA.21916.Sense2.5.Cookie.1.8.5.Sencit y.Oct.10.7z


1. It should be faster as Cookie 1.8.5 has been reported faster & better on battery issues. (others opinions)
*edit* lol... krazydude above post while I was typing... confirmed!
2. I'm not a theme & picture guy, pure functionality for me, so I won't say much, but I can see a bunch of questions.. so here's some additional info from _LeCiel_ @ XDA (who made these). BE AWARE OF THESE:

known issues
that will be fixed in 0.5.1:
- Colon
- Stocks tab (text overlays the arrows)
- Music Tab - Play/Pause control buttons
- Music Tab not fully skinned in landscape
- Internet tab (double text)
- Error reporting icon not skinned in Settings Tab
- Purple bubble (Settings > Sound and Display) needs to be a little smaller
also in 0.5.1 will include a Call History and Communication Tab as well as the default registry settings for CHT 1.8.5 - this will "fix" the glitch on the digital clock and make .sencity look (out of the box) like in my screenshots.

GTX users:

You're using a GTX rom - that's why you have issues with text color. You should either: uninstall .sencity, copy stock manila files to \windows (with total commander or resco explorer) and install .sencity again OR just wait for a .sencity flavored rom/flash another rom and install .sencity again.
Originally Posted by DatBoiDame View Post
The new Sencity themed ROM is sick!! Really liking this more than Dinik Glass! Thanks NRG for something different & new!! Ok for real this time, Im done flashing LOL
No way... you actually flashed a new ROM? :>)) that's it for good right?
LOL... with all the major developments this week, it takes a theme to get you going... :>))
Originally Posted by alalor View Post
Wow! Teradog has no more sense. will he still make sense? His postings used to make a lot of sense!
Thank you Teradog for your advise. I turned off animation! Compact Start and sense menus are just as slow.
I will eventually flash a new ROM, but right now, I kind of got used to waiting maybe 1 or 1.5 seconds for the sense screen to display (or render). Also it seems to be running all right despite the slower speed.
I am afraid overclocking will kill my battery life; or overheat it, I am in Texas, and it gets hot outside, and I am outside as much as I can, so the phone is for quite some time in a hot environment almost every day.
But overall, it works fine, and it is a phone after all. It makes and receives calls fine now (not the case on the last ROM), and that is the most important part!
One weird thing, when sense is starting, the windows menu button has some cool colours that don't look like the windows logo at all, after it finishes booting, it goes to the traditional windows white logo. Anybody knows how to keep the coloured logo?
haha... nice rhyme.. :>))
*edit* heat & OC, don't think it's an issue, many have even reported better battery with OC! Look in my HOW TO link in sig.. I use setcpuspeed 1d... steady & not jumpy.. I think it's probably the biggest & best thing to ever hit the TP2! Just do it.
Not so sure it's sense.. perhaps, 681 & the new stuff (SMLS) came out within a day... I don't remember 680 with slow issues, although we didn't even have it for 24 hours... anyone else thoughts on the Oct 7 ROM? Still running it???
Recap: OCT 7, SMLS & 680 & OCT 8, SMLS & 681
"Start Menu Layout Switch (SMLS): start(winkey), settings, start menu layout switch
Normal: 73 MB free *default with NRG's great signature startup menu
List View: 72 MB free
Panel: 97 MB free *** MY FAV BY FAR
CSM: 95 MB free (settings, startmenu layout)(Compact Start Menu... quick menu w/ mods)
Sense: 97 MB free (EITHER start(winkey), settings, other, SMLS OR slider to settings"

3 huge things happened within just a few days any could have impacted speed, but most noticed it on Oct 8 Cookie 2 681...
1. Cookie 2
2. SMLS (5 choices of start menu)
3. 681
Originally Posted by mlambert77 View Post
...Office short cuts, NRG created and posted a Hotfix for them.
2 pages back: :>))
Energy questions? Read posts 1-6 and ENERGY FAQ WIKI cdma FIRST!! .. (GSM here)
*HOW TO! *Voice (MSVC), Bing, Tellme *ANDROID *TV
Don't hit THANKS (I've got a bad rep & want to keep it that way!)

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