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Re: What is the BEST TP2 Manila 2.1 rom with wm6.5 for Sprint (NO Sense Roms)

Originally Posted by Za33cK View Post
well as for sense 2.1 not to sure where you live but im seeing snow everyday, and the snow animation is all choppy, white lines blink on the screen. you can turn the animation off, but then when you want to use "backgrounds for all" to see wallpaper on every tab, it turns the animation right back on, as for ram i heard there is alot more available in cooked roms without the sense version, and there are way more mods for regular manila 2.1..clocks, sliders, ect. that is why i have decided and want to switch over until things have been worked out and more mods have been released
Man, I hear you about the snow. I live in Michigan too and see Snow almost everyday. My animation isn't choppy at all using MightyROM 1/04 release. If anything, the snow just makes me depressed because it reminds me of the crappy weather outside
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