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Re: 6800 vs Touch Pro vs Touch Diamond?

Originally Posted by Imaginos View Post
I have both the Mogul and the Touch Pro. Want to guess which phone I carry daily?

If you guessed the Pro, you'd be wrong.

Been using the Mogul for 18 months now and I have never come across a device that has proven to be an IT swiss army knife like this phone. Data and networking features galore, GPS, customizable like crazy. The navigational controls are fantastic, and all those programmable softkeys are icing on the cake. It's even a flashlight! I love this phone!

I will admit I haven't given the Touch Pro a fair chance yet. I was soured on touch flow by a custom Mogul rom that didn't really perform well. Along that line, I turned it off on the TP and the phone was such a pain to navigate & use that I just turned the handset off and activated a refurb Mogul that it was meant to replace. It might be I just need to find the right custom rom for the TP to make me love it. I am keeping my eyes open looking - but for now, I am sticking with the Mogul.

I have some problems with my mogul but I love it! Which kitchen has you phone?
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