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Re: New radio killing your battery?

How is your signal strength when using one radio versus the other? Your signal strength can cause a wide variation in battery life. The lower the signal, the harder the radio has to work to find a tower, and therefore more power consumption. I've been on the 1.12.34F radio since it first showed up here (and now its the radio included w/ the official Sprint ROM update) and haven't had any issues w/ it. I'm in the Austin, TX area. Now, when I did notice some difference (for the worse, in fact) was when I updated my PRI (note: not PRL), my signal strength dropped from 2-3 bars indoors (at work and home) to 0-2 indoors... still have full strength outside. Been meaning to downgrade it to what it was before to see if my signal strength goes back to what it was, just haven't got around to it.

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