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Re: Verizon Touch Pro 2 - Release Date -

Originally Posted by Asphyx View Post
regarding the android...I saw an interview with the CEO of Verizon where he mentioned they were working on a deal with google (regarding their phone and other things!) It was mentioned in relation to a question about the iPhone!

So I suspect we will see and android on verizon before the year is out.
I actually think it's rumored to be here by October at the latest. In fact, a couple VZW "employee" posters said it should be released by the end of September. The Sholes pics we've seen recently are just plain ugly. Even if it does look better upon release, I'll still probably hold out for the TP2.

I actually had the TP2 in my dream last night, and I really hate when that starts happening. My XV6800 still works great, but I'm ready for something new.

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