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Old 04-22-2009, 06:24 AM
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Spb Mobile 3 Tweaks

Here are some tweaks I found at xda. Thanks to them.

adding more pages to lifestyle screen
this could be good for some. Found this over at modaco.com forum posted by turborepu quote:
"add more pages to lifestyle screen.. bg image pan works fine still
hklm/software/spb software house 2/spb mobile shell/widgets/homescreen
change "pagecount" to desired number.. i put 4. soft reset.."

supposedly its tested on 10 pages. the result is that when paned the wallpaper moves less then with three. If wallpaper size changed it will "smartfit" it to be the "correct" size.

haven't tried this myself yet three is plenty for me ATM
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Current project: SPB MobileShell 3.0 Mod/Hacks

SPB Mobile Shell 3.0 - Modifications/Hacks (dedicated thread)

don't think anyone has missed the amazing pre release of this sweet ap!

I'm a mod freak and there are somethings i would like to change in this prog.

like the programs "tab" only has 3 rows. i want to make this 4. anyone with a bit of experience possibly from the 2.xx series know where to do it?

the configs are simple ZIP files. Just open the DAT file as a ZIP file or rename it to ZIP.

in order to edit the file you need to put in the password which is:

Maybe we could custom tailor it and post the modded DAT files collected here. Most of the 2.xx series of mods/skins are portable with a little or no modification except renaming of some picture files (same password in 2.xx). the possibilities are endless

Please remove or correct my post if I'm violating/doubleposting something here.


DAT Files content:
qa_layouts.dat - This contains only XML files. 61 to be precise lots of interesting stuff! (tried to change the Iconspacing in programs to 24. didn't get my 4 icons row though )
vp_menu_btn.dat - Built in Icons
va_misc_now.dat - Built in system icons
vpw_bkg_now - portrait
vlw_bkg_now.dat - mostly contact icons landscape
va_weather_64.dat - weather Icons largest with XML file
vp_bkg_now.dat - Menu frame
vl_bkg_now.dat - same but in landscape
va_profile.dat - media player and profile widget icons

adding more pages to lifestyle screen

interesting links in similar spirit:
SPB 3.0 today wallpaper
SPB 2.1 skins for inspiration
Magician, Wizard, Hermes, Diamond, Blackstone>
Current project: SPB MobileShell 3.0 Mod/Hacks

Originally Posted by syrguy1969
I haven't tried this out myself, but I saw this in Modeco:

SPB Menu: Here's how to unlock the SPB Menu so you can add and remove links as you wish.
Navigate to: HKLM>Software>Spb Software House 2>Menu>Root
In there you will find folders that correspond to the menu items in the SPB Menu. E.G: Internet
You need to go into the folder and add a DWORD value called "Add" with the value of "1".
Once this is done, go to SPB Menu and open the Menu Catagory. Click the options button (bottom right) and you will see 3 new buttons.


Another tip for customising the launcher. If you want to create another folder in that bottom right blank space:

- Go to HKLM\Software\SPB Software House 2\SPB Mobile Shell\Menu\Root\
- Create a new key called whatever you want your new folder to be.
- Copy the contents of the 'My Shortcuts' key into the one you just created
- Change the value of the 'Text' string to be the name of the folder.

Changing the 'Index' value changes which position in the grid the folder appears (0 is top left, 8 is bottom right). The 'Image' value will change the icon as follows:
0 = Toolbox
1 = Phone with envelope
2 = Globe
3 = Calendar
4 = Shortcuts
5 = Program Folder
6 = Camera and clapperboard
7 = Cog/Spanner

You can also rename any of the existing folders by going to that same key and changing the 'Text' string in the relevant key. You don't have to rename the key itself but may want to for consistency.

I knew I had this one somewhere, and I use it for assigning SMS to PocketCM:

Navigate to:

Change key labeled 1 to you SMS-Chat exe.
e.g: "\Program Files\VITO\SMS-Chat\SMSChat.exe"
Note: Dont forget the "", they are important.
Restart and try.
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