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Old 09-25-2009, 06:52 AM
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Talking Quake 3 Arena (Landscape)HD Video of Quake 3 Blazing fast Touch Pro. New Version Out

See New HD Video of Quake 3 Blazing fast on Touch Pro

Note: To get this fast use simple version!

See New HD Video of the Final High Quality Release

Landscape Mode: When you Start Quake keep your keyboard closed. a white screen will appear, with the word FS_Startup. When you see that word wait 2-3 seconds then open your keyboard. Now quake will successfully play in landscape mode ingame.

Optional: Place OpenGl32.dll In quake 3 main Directory

Note: my opengl32.dll may or may not work for some. Rom Version is a big factor. Tested and working on clean Sprint version stock rom. No tweaks whats so ever!

IMPORTANT Make sure you use winzip or Stuffit to extract all files even quake files. Do not forget this step. or some files will be corrupted and quake will crash.

1.You must have 141 mbs of unused ram avialable. Very important

2.All 3 Dll's must Be transferred to windows directory. (optimized graphics for TP)

3.You must edit registry Hklm/System/d3dm/Drivers Localhook : d3dm_ati.dll

4.Must have Quake 3 Arena 1.1a For file google it

5.Move pakconvert files to baseQ3 folder. Note: move only the files in the pakconvert folder. then delete the pakconvert folder.

6. delete libgles_cm.dll and GX.DLL from the quake folder. You should rename the folder Quake or Quake 3.

7. Replace q3config in the baseq3 folder with mines.

Now Quake will become playable. Lag is decreased 90 percent and a steady fps is maintained for a smooth played game. fps count is different system to system, Average count is 15-20. Some levels 8-12 but still playable due to steady fps count. even playable online. make sure you have a data connection before starting quake and make sure it is 1200 kbs of bandwidth for a playable experience.

also 2000 plus servers will upload simply back out when 400 or so have shown.

Note this is a No Sounds version for max performance.

Sound version will be uploaded soon. you will need 157 mbs to play the sound version.

Change Log Coming Soon.

Develpers who made this possible are : NuShrike, At0mAng, sakajati,iRiKi, and of course Me The Family. Cheers.
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