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CozBoogie 08-31-2010 11:30 AM

Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
Post up all your tricks, tips, and advice regarding battery performance for the Galaxy Series phones. Be sure to tell us which Galaxy phone you have.


hypeo 08-31-2010 05:34 PM

Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
I would also like to see (if the OP don't mind), What kind of hours are you getting before and after modding.

flyers2114 08-31-2010 10:02 PM

Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
Anxious also to see what battery life is like.............will be posting tips or tricks as soon as I learn them.....shit I gotta learn the whole phone....lmao.....just turned it on!

revaaron 08-31-2010 11:03 PM

Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
my battery has died on me 2x today already... it went from 80% to "low battery" while I was in the gym.

mlin 08-31-2010 11:18 PM

Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
I have an EVO and my wife has an Epic. I have a few tips from my EVO experiences that I will apply to her Epic to see how things go. At this point on my EVO I can typically get through a day with upwards of 30% remaining by the time I recharge.

-Background data is a huge battery hog and I find little reason to keep it on.

-Juice defender has worked well to improve battery on my EVO, I imagine it will do the same on the Epic.

-SetCPU overclocked to 1190MHz (batt 70-100%), 998MHz (batt 30-69%), 528MHz (batt 15-30%), 248MHz (batt 0-14%)

Good luck and enjoy, the Epic is sick. It made me like my EVO a little less when the Epic scored 55.7 fps in Neocore and my EVO scored 31.6 fps... That screen is beautiful and the graphics processing is quite impressive to say the least.

Johnny.Bravo 09-01-2010 07:00 PM

Battery Life
I charged mine up all night, and my battery lasted about 8 hours today. I was playing with it a lot (of course!) this morning for about 2 hours, downloading and installing apps, etc. and then I just put it in my pocket. I spent most of the day in an area that is roaming, so that might have drained it a little faster than normal. I think we need to identify some specific measures to make the battery last longer. I leave for work at 6:00 am so only getting 8 hours out of my phone means my battery is dead by 2:00 pm.

That won't do.

revaaron 09-01-2010 07:32 PM

Re: Official Samsung Battery Performance Talk
12hrs from the charger and it's at 24%

Vassago 09-01-2010 07:59 PM

Re: Battery Life
I played with mine all day, surfing on 4g and using apps/downloading apps. I also have my weather and apps on update pretty frequently. Mine lasted about 9 hours before it started asking for a recharge, but at the same time I have a pretty active live wallpaper on it.

jdizzle 09-01-2010 08:38 PM

Re: Battery Life
battery life on the Epic is incredible in comparison with the EVO. I took it off the charger this morning at 6:30 am (with very light use - at work, can't really play with it), and now 12 hours later, the battery bar still shows full. With the EVO, my battery indicator would be showing 50% by now

mlin 09-01-2010 09:19 PM

Re: Battery Life
There is already a thread for this, opened by Coz. We should try to keep all the Galaxy battery talk there. I will find it and post the link.

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