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Old 11-14-2011, 07:27 PM
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12/14-- EI22] SleeperROM - Sport tuned Stock - All modded, all performance

v1.0.09 - 2011/12/05 by SenseiSimple

Stock looks but all the best performance under the hood.
Stable fast, no frills fun - See what's included below!


Full Featured CLEAN SLATE:

DOWNLOAD http://thebrainworm.com/SleeperROMv1.0.10-EI22-Full

Full - INCREMENTAL UPDATE - 1.0.09 to 1.0.10:
DOWNLOAD http://thebrainworm.com/SleeperROMv1...ll-incremental

Slim Essentials CLEAN SLATE
DOWNLOAD http://thebrainworm.com/SleeperROMv1.0.10-EI22-Slim

Slim - INCREMENTAL UPDATE - 1.0.09 to 1.0.10:
DOWNLOAD http://thebrainworm.com/SleeperROMv1...im-incremental

CHANGELOG1.0.10 12/13/2011

- IAP Samurai 3.0.1 60Hz/200MHz (stock)- Sensible Voodoo Color Presets to avoid the dingy yellowness and yellow/geen weirdness (adjust with included Voodoo Control free)
- Thanks to syntax_error for settings
- Preset CPU Timing 100
-1000Mhz noop/conservative stock/no undervoltage
- Fixed 3g data button in status toggles (Toadlife)
- MMS/Voicemail/PRL/Profile update fix- fixed phone
-off charge battery display (if you still have phone
-off-charging issues it may be due to a bad samsung recovery partition)
- Updated Google Maps, Titanium Backup
- Pre-Zipaligned all packages for faster initial boot

TO --- >


CWM Three Finger Salute
Wipe all the things
Install from Zip

ABOUT LOCKSCREEN MOD (or lack thereof) TSMParts may be integrated in the near future but NOT the lockscreen mod, as it goes against the philosophy of this rom in maintaining stock appearances (exception is scrolling status bar) while featuring the latest patches and mods which enhance usability and stability. The standalone lockscreen mod flashable is NOT compatible with this ROM

Mods / Patches / Fixes

Reset Scrolling Status Bar to stock (with 4g button)
If you are experiencing issues, miss the 4G button,
flash this in CWM to restore the stock status bar

EI22 2.3.5 Official

IAP House of Samurai kernel (based on Nubernel)
Supports: bootanimation.zip, init.d scripts, RFS, EXT4, CIFS, TUN, Netfilter TCPMSS

***NON-WIPING, your data may not be safe.
-- If you experience problems/FC's after installing, CLEAR THE DATA for that app, should solve it BUT if it's a lot of constant crashes, you may have to wipe anyway. This is apparently an issue with EI22 where user data is not easily saved across flashes - **Back your things up with Titanium Backup or whatever you choose to use and ALWAYS nandroid backup

EXT4/Journal ON
SDCard speedup
Battery Saving Mods
Build.prop improvements
Dual Boot Compatible


-- Screen shots in post #2 --
- Stock Galaxy S Bootanimation (no kernel boot ani, no sprint ani, no startup/shutdown sound, no shutdown ani)
- CRT ON/OFF Animation
- ICS Transition Animations
- Green Overscroll (GB Status Green color)
- Battery 1% Mod (GB Stock Battery with 1% increment numbers)
- Stock Sprint service status icons (1x, 3g, wifi corrected)
- Scrolling Status Menu (4g toggle is currently missing) - More info & Screenshots - Includes buttons for for Wifi, Bluetooth, Data, Auto sync, GPS, Brightness multi (with steps/options), Sound (multi w/ options), Airplane, Flashlight, Auto-rotate, Screen Timeout (multi w/ options), Lockscreen On/Off, Reboot, Shutdown

Fixes / Mods
Auto-brightness Levels Adjusted to save battery
- turbo auto-rotate lag fix
- 1x/3g fix
- Extended Power Menu (Shutdown, Reboot, Recovery)
- Voodoo Sound [app included]
- Keyboard Skips Fixed
- LogsProvider Fix
- GPS Fix
- Hotspot Hack
- Camera Low Battery fix, Sound fix (choose "Silent" in camera settings to silence it)
- Volume Rocker Mod (Sound > Vibrate > Sound Off)
- System Updater apks (Profile/PRL - fixes Voicemail registration issue

Stock/System Apps

Talk2 (w/ Video)
Market (updated)
Car Home
Facebook,Myspace,LinkedIn,Twitter SNS Providers

Removable Goodies:
*ADW Launcher (Don't remove until you've installed another launcher!!)

*Swype (stock) is included as a user app so you can uninstall it and upgrade to beta (licensing issue) - SEE THE NOTE BELOW on SwypeInstaller

*QuickPic (replaces Gallery - Update from the market before using)
*ES File Explorer , *XDA App
Dolphin Browser (stock browser included)
ThinkFree Office
Unit Converter

*GMail , *Google Maps , Google Finance , Google Translate , Google Docs
Google Voice , Goggles , Youtube

*Rom Manager , *Voltage Control , *Voodoo Sound Control , ADBWireless
*AdFree (included so you have the option to kill ads or not - host file is not modified by default)
Quadrant Standard , Elixir , GPSTest

*SwypeInstaller (Uninstall Swype first, then run SwypeInstaller or it will mistakenly see it as installed - Samsung Keyboard is included as a fallback, and of course Hardware keys

Standing on the shoulders of giants - THANKS TO
k0nane for protecting our privacy
nubecoder for his winning kernel/earthbound[iap] for their mods to Nubernel
Darkyy for the Zipalign
zeppelinrox for the v6-Supercharger script
mkasick, randomking for the volume Mod.
Thanks to Chris41G for the rotation lag fix Mod.
Thanks to Necrosan, Tortel1210 for the wifi tether Mod
xBTx for deodexing so quickly
starskyrob for the inspiration
the community as a whole

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Old 11-23-2011, 10:58 AM
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Re: [ROM][CWM][EI22] SleeperROM 1.0.01 No CiQ, Stockish-CRT-Overscroll,HotSpot Fix 11

Thanks, we're at SleeperROM 1.0.05
[ROM][CWM][EI22]SleeperROM NoCiQ,1x,Stock,CRT,Overscrl,HotSpot,PwrMenu,NoWipe 11/19 - xda-developers
many important improvements!
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