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Old 11-06-2011, 03:23 AM
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[ACS] [RFS/EXT4] MIUI 1.11.4 Beta 3 (Updated 11/13/11) BY XboxfanJ

http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1253170 <<---by xboxfanj


I decided to make a new Miui thread as in the old one, me and deano couldn't post our links in the OP. We will be making several builds.

Huge thanks to jt1134 from the Fascinate forum for the temporary data fix, but he's helping deca make a kernel so you don't have to do the script everytime.

Changelog: Nonexistent so far

Some of these builds will boot and some will not. Good luck.


Guys, if u can't get it to boot, it's not a rom issue. Bxfxf got it booting. Try formatting everything in mounts and storage, then wiping everything. Then flash ext42rfs (even if ur already on rfs). Then flash the ROM.

Ext42rfs and rfs2ext4 are here.



Things that I can confirm work in this build:

Hardware Keyboard
SMS <= 160 chars (If you use a different SMS app like GoSMS then you can have it split up your texts and not have any issues)
Screen Wake on Call
Voice Calls
LED Indicator for Full Charge/Emails/Texts
Theme Manager
Headphone Jack
Camera (front and back)
MMS (With 3rd party app like Handcent or GoSMS)
EXT4 and RFS both work
Things that I can confirm don't work in this build:
Signal Strength Indicator
Video Playback (MoboPlayer is a good current alternative)
Video Recording
Microphone (Unable to do Google Voice Search and Voice Recorder)

How to get sprint visual voice mail to work:

(This has to be done every time the Rom is updated, since it is a system app.)
Make a backup with cwm
Restore to or flash a stock rom
Backup the VVM system app with titanium backup
Restore back to MIUI
Restore backup of voicemail with titanium (app + data)
Then use something like ES File Manager to change the permissions to rw- r-- r-- or chmod 644 in a terminal

In order to be able to hit the 1 key to get to voicemail: go to settings -> programs tab -> calls -> settings -> voicemail settings and then in the voicemail number put in your actual phone # instead of the *86. After that is done you can hold down 1 on the dialer and get to your voicemail.

Special Thanks

Former Epic MIUI Team- ahmgsk, fusingblackrose, asdfghjkl, Mike_77, darkierawr, deano0714

New epic MIUI team: BXFXF, me, marcusant, ksmullins88

SuperKid- Told me what to do to unpack the kernel.

dfgas from miui.us irc- helping me with data

Atoore- helping me even though he doesn't even have our device (has a T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G)

Jamezelle- Taught me how to decompile framework and gave helpful hints on other things. He doesn't have our device either. (Has a Fascinate).

Ugothakd- for new kernel with ext4 support

CM7 Team for Kernel and other parts of the ROM that helped with this

All Epic Devs for contributing to this community

Testers- Allmasteraa, Srs Dollar Menu, AproSamurai, and many others for helping me make a build that works (and making it so I didn't have to test at first.

Users- for feedback and thanks and using our buggy builds and helping us make them better

Official MIUI Team- For a great MIUI Rom to base off of

Samsung and Sprint- For this phone

Anyone else I'm forgetting, I'm sorry, PM me.

If anyone wants to make some builds or help out in anyway, please PM me, I'll take all the help I can get

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