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boredandtattooed 02-04-2011 11:41 AM

VZW to start Throttling Data for Highest Users
You knew this was coming the minute there was even a rumor for VZW iPhone over a year ago...

If you've previously been a Power Users/Abuser for data/tethering on VZW, get ready for Throttled Speeds.. which will be often with the iPhone here..

Verizon to Curb Highest Data Users - WSJ.com

Verizon Wireless Confirms Plans to Throttle Heaviest Users (Phone Scoop)

Verizon Wireless to throttle data speeds of heaviest users, optimize content; starts today | BGR | Boy Genius Report

This makes it a little tougher for people who are thinking of leaving Sprint since the new charges and Tiered Sprint Premier... Now VZW will Throttle Data AND have NO UPGRADES, still think they are your solution?

yankees45us 02-04-2011 05:55 PM

I'll be sticking with sprint. Verizon has gone off the deep end. Who cares if you have the best coverage, my signal with sprint is just as good for a whole lot less and no throttling, just true unlimited data. Yes I pay $10 extra now, but the price is still good and I have 4g.

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