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jbearamus 05-14-2010 01:35 PM

UPDATE 5/17 Radioshack Evo Preorders
For those interested, Radioshack's preorders for the HTC Evo have started today(5/14). I don't have all the details yet, can post more in about an hour. From what I know now they're requiring a $50 deposit.

ok, $50 deposit, goes to a gift card that you use towards purchase on the 4th (I think that's how BB does it too)
they are sending a phone to any customer that preorders specifically so if 10 people order at one store there will be 10 phones waiting. they will only be held through the 5th so if you haven't picked it up on the 6th its up for grabs.
they're also throwing in a $20 giftcard towards accessories on the date of purchase

also, since there has been some confusion apparently, the preorders are for new activations, upgrades, as well as unactivated sales

preorders go through may 31st unless they run out of preorder inventory at which point i'll update

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