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gadgetfreak 01-28-2010 06:33 PM

News, Rumors and Respect between 'Geeks
This is a general warning. I've pretty much had enough of the flame-fests that develop anytime someone posts rumors about WM7, the latest HTC/Sprint/Verizon/Whatever leak/release date/etc. (Credible or not...). If you can't show your fellow 'Geeks some respect, then ignore it and don't comment. The next thread that get's started and immediately degenerates into this kind of garbage is going to lead to folks getting banned.

By their very nature, rumors and leaks are not always accurate, true or on time. Companies are like people: They can change they're minds, change plans or generally screw things up. If something turns out to not be true or a bit different than the rumor or leak mentions, get over it. It happens. And it should not be a reason to personally attack someone. Please re-read the site rules, just so you understand our policy regarding flaming and disrespect.



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