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  1. Android and the Diamond?
  2. anything similar to tcpmp
  3. Diamond Camera Lightening issue
  4. Genius techy needed!!
  5. Viewing webcam for Q-See cameras?
  6. Sprint Diamond keeps waking up
  7. Manila SMS
  8. 6.5 flashing problems, potential fix and Poll
  9. Major Problem with HTC Diamond (Sprint)
  10. People / Contacts
  11. SensorLock + WM 6.5??
  12. Changing softmenu items?
  13. Bubble Break cab??
  14. New CDMA Diamond dies in 12 hours
  15. OK Call me silly - Need 3 Columns in WM6.5
  16. MS Voice Command
  17. So I have a dilemma
  18. Can HTC 6850 use 6950(DIAMOND)'S ROM?
  19. Phone keypad problems
  20. Don't Shoot Me!!!! WM6.5
  21. Who's calling me?
  22. Diamond and linux (ubuntu)
  23. Using internet on Diamond while it's connected via Activesync?
  24. Keyboard switches to Full QWERTY even though Compact QWERTY is set default
  25. Looking for Iphone interface for HTC Diamond for Sprint
  26. Savage TD2 Keyboard no arrows v4.5** Now includes The PhonePad
  27. agenda pro"s power411 search feature cost money like regular 411 service?
  28. Flashed, but no internal storage
  29. In Search Of TouchFlo 3D Cabs
  30. phone only half working!!!!
  31. Opera Mini bigger font fix :)
  32. HELP! Manila HD on WM6.5 Ultralite ROM
  33. Sprint - HTC phones not ringing (straight to vm) - SOLVED!!!
  34. mighty 5 problem
  35. MMS Arcsoft Audio Limits??
  36. phone as modem vs Data
  37. Opening picture mail from TMobile phone
  38. Question about Unlocking
  39. Backup Active Sync Problems
  40. wm 6.5 question
  41. video uploader in settings
  42. Verizon Users On Sprint Diamond Please Help!!
  43. why cant i record in AVI??WTH
  44. EMAIL ACCOUNTS - Can't remove!
  45. Alltel Diamond and SMS/MMS
  46. CDMA Diamond WM6.5 Rants/Questions/Ideas
  47. Rhodium Savage25rcracer
  48. My Bluetooth keeps shutting off!
  49. Titanium Weather
  50. [Poll] Best Screen Rotation App
  51. The center button?
  52. Special Thanks to our 6.5 Chefs
  53. Contacts keep disapearing???
  54. Returning a damaged phone -- how to ensure it's completely clear of personal info?
  55. Sunlight Adjustment Question
  56. Best sms program with threading?
  57. Water damaged Diamond. How to clear internal storage before returning to Asurion?
  58. Question about themes
  59. please help me flash back to stock!
  60. Account can not be validated??!?!
  61. Uninstalling original manilla thats cooked into rom
  62. Water Damage. Hope there is a wasy to fix this.
  63. Using a Verizon Manilla on a Sprint Phone?
  64. correct Diamond Registries for threaded texting
  65. Wifi tool - wifimonster via xda-devs
  66. PocketGBA doesn't work with wm6.5
  67. Black Dialer?
  68. Bad Headphones?
  69. Email with Voice Notification ????
  70. MS voicecommand
  71. Sync/Memory problem
  72. Noob ? - What the heck is 'Manilla?'
  73. IS the Diamond better than the Touch
  74. Is anybody using the Mugen 3000mah battery?
  75. Bell media player with 6.5 custom rom
  76. Opera Favourites
  77. I get a new Diamond
  78. MightyROM 4/R3BORN + iGo 8
  79. Internet Sharing without Ad-Hoc
  80. Telus + HTC Diamond + MMS
  81. Anyone use the Stylus Sensor?
  82. HTC Diamond CDMA
  83. Calls automaticlly hangs up right away when i accept call. help
  84. Internal Memory?
  85. Interesting Vocal message
  86. Verizon Battery Cover
  87. Data Usage Detail not working in Ebill.
  88. How to move cache, cookies and History
  89. Diamond disconnects/connects constantly when plugged into computer
  90. Media Playere Memory Leak Still?
  91. tethering with bluetooth
  92. Diamond - LOTS of strange files into Windows (manila)
  93. Extracting files from a ROM (NBH)
  94. Running out of memory
  95. Problem Setting Up Hotmail
  96. Newbie Already Confused
  97. Alltel Stock ROM?
  98. Video Taken on Diamond Help
  99. MIGHTY ROM Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking
  100. Battery Issues...(MOVED FROM UPGRADES)
  101. Hide contacts
  102. Turn off Sprint Data
  103. Landscape Texting
  104. Which file contains Opera's log in info for websites?
  105. Opera/Flash Crashing issues: here's a temporary fix
  106. Strange ICS issue
  107. phone storage memory
  108. help with e mail
  109. Share your settings for taking the best pictures
  110. Wifi Drivers
  111. diamond bootloader
  112. hard reset diamond
  113. e mail
  114. HTC Washing mashine bootspash startup animation and S2U2 animation
  115. Need help Bad
  116. Is there a very fast but stable 6.1 ROM out there???
  117. Phone Does NOT connect to PC
  118. Phone keeps waking up - killing battery
  119. MartinFields protector for CDMA Diamond?
  120. Wifi question
  121. Verizon Diamond
  122. Internet apps
  123. How to use phone as modem?
  124. Most stable 6.5 ROM?
  125. No Text Message Timestamp..help!
  126. Has anyone seen this before?
  127. SMS SIP Fix
  128. advice?
  129. IM Always Running in the Background?
  130. Flashing Alltel to Verizon
  131. Help customizing tf3d
  132. FPSEce Landscape Problem
  133. Rebates!
  134. incoming call bubble w/ htc dialer
  135. tf3d themez?
  136. Alltel picture mail, help!
  137. Helo me get started on the right foot...
  138. Can somebody plz help me out plz
  139. i need voice dial! is ther one?
  140. How Do You Disable Slide to Answer?
  141. Gaming with internet sharing
  142. Block Caller ID on HTC Diamond
  143. 6.5 vs 6.1
  144. Weird screen issue - Display mirrored
  145. List of Best Emu's for Diamond?
  146. App to change home screen buttons? like calander to ?
  147. manila.exe erroring out right at midnight. Why?
  148. Picture Messaging HELP!
  149. Disable device wake on SMS
  150. Vibration Problem
  151. been gone for 4 months, please fill me in
  152. DCD Cricket Carrier Cab need a fix
  153. Syncing problems
  154. Camera lens cover soluations?
  155. Bad Phone?
  156. How to turn an OEM into a CAB???
  157. [Font help]
  158. (solved) WMwifirouter doesn't work after flash
  159. is there a auto wipe feature?
  160. Notifications, How to keep "Display Message on screen"?
  161. any evdo tweaks
  162. Problems with Might reborn ROM
  163. Can not dial to voicemail
  164. Font pack messed up Weather tab
  165. Finally a good iPhone APP
  166. unable to highlight multiples files
  167. CDMA Diamond data connection problem?
  168. HELP!! Phone keeps Hard resetting/freezing and I can't reflash!
  169. Fix for FM Radio signal ?
  170. HTC diamond 2 G-sensor
  171. Where to find latest official ROM for unlocked GSM
  172. After a today screen notifications app.
  173. where is the animation registry edit?
  174. Anyone have the stock (i think) Red Theme?
  175. Unable to get frame data from camera device
  176. Help Please I can't decide whether to keep diamond or swtich to pro
  177. cab for telus mail? yes ive serched!
  178. Any app to change what the hardkeys do?
  179. New Mighty ROM user
  180. GPS standby mode?
  181. How can I make a program run in Landscape?
  182. How do you edit EPST?
  183. My htc diamond stuck after flashed
  184. hard key buttons stoped working help dude
  185. Change font color??
  186. Phone Problems
  187. email notification
  188. error message
  189. Back replacement
  190. cemail.vol - Changing the storage location of email
  191. heeeelp!
  192. Automatic Wallpaper Changer for TF3D
  193. Automatic wall paper changer
  194. Help internal storage dissapeard!!
  195. I know it's stupid, but.....
  196. Home Button does not work in TF3D
  197. Sounds & Notifications Registry
  198. Alternatives to htc dialer and volume control in wm6.5
  199. Few questions about Windows Mobile 6.5
  200. tethering (intenet sharing) with windows vista
  201. How to just install TF3D and not the rest of the HTC customization stuff?
  202. [Sprint] Ring & Vibrate no longer sticks
  203. Screen Cracked. Need your help please
  204. opera not loading
  205. Using Hard keys when screen is off
  206. battery test
  207. Diamond keypad problems.. replacement?
  208. Need Help with mms on the 6.5 rom
  209. tethering (intenet sharing) with windows vista
  210. Gsensor prog mass confusion!! plz help
  211. Lost touch and recieving a diamond!!!
  212. No GPS with extended battery!
  213. New Tellme - Voice Control
  214. HTC Diamond stop working after ruining unlocker please help
  215. HELP! Revert to Sprint MIP Settings on Diamond
  216. Is there a way to play avi. files with wmp?
  217. Google SMS
  218. New icon on my Diamond.
  219. ready to lose her virginity....
  220. Change camera image count?
  221. Touchpal V4 :d
  222. Opera Mobile cache on internal storage??
  223. Wmwifirouter, phone as modem? data?
  224. Screen flicker?
  225. Universal Media Player for HTC Touch Diamond CDMA
  226. Diamond gets flushed courtesy of my 2 yr old newphew.
  227. Timezone problem NOT Touchflo/Manilla related
  228. Notification icons briefly show
  229. WM 6.5 Media Player Options
  230. Diamond sluggishness, where are we now?
  231. Finding Original Background
  232. iGo8 and Win 6.5 issues? Edit: Problem solved with new sys.txt file!
  233. Complete and Full backup/ image of my device
  234. Advantages of flashing a new radio?
  235. Messaging Error
  236. Notifications failing to sound after awhile...?
  237. what divx version do I get
  238. Looking for a case and holster. Difference between GSM and CDMA?
  239. Daily Mystery Text Msg at 430pm
  240. Restore contacts when touchscreen not working.
  241. wm 6.5 skins
  242. [req] Registry help
  243. Had Mogul and didn't like it...would I like a Diamond?
  244. any way to have a sound file play upon wakeup and sleep?
  245. Verizon Touch Diamond Woes
  246. Download that allow internet roaming?
  247. how do i hard reset?
  248. Opera Mobile 9.5 Build 16277
  249. How to get MS Messenger to work?
  250. Flip phone over to ignore call not working