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  1. Phone frozen after downloading hotfix
  2. ask before gprs connection
  3. How do i erase programs that wont delete from remove programs
  4. Sprint Diamond stuck in 1X most of the time
  5. Diamond shuts itself off
  6. PointUI Rom - what do you think?
  7. Diamond car charger
  8. voip with telus
  9. Titanium Windows Live Plugin
  10. Battery Power Loss
  11. Can't Remove Screen Protector!
  12. HTC Diamond LCD & Digitizer Disassembly & Assembly/ Parts & Repair
  13. After turning off radio and data, tethering does not work
  14. Grinding to a halt
  15. volume control dosent work
  16. Adding programs from internal storage to "Programs" (squares)
  17. need some help selling please
  18. How to edit radio registering priorities?
  19. Godzson -hero 6.5 theme
  20. quick question! gloss black for 6.5
  21. ebay Battery backcover compatibility? verizon sprint gsm
  22. The touch screen doesn't respond
  23. If you are a Bell subscriber in Eastern/Atlantic Canada....radio rom opinions please
  24. alltel diamond to verizon
  25. External Storage Question
  26. Bind keyboard to hard key
  27. What custom ROM do you use on your Sprint Diamond?
  28. My Bookmarks Disappeared :(
  29. Sprint Diamond (battery): How many hours of talk time do you get?
  30. how to backup and update rom
  31. unusual problem... ?
  32. Sweat Spot On Battery ?
  33. alltel get mail cab???
  34. Is there a way ito disable the Notification Enhancement in WM6.5?
  35. Anyone ever have phantom volume issues??
  36. how to dissasemble HTC diamond
  37. usb malfunction
  38. anyone know of a hero port to wm
  39. Can I Leave My Diamond Unlocked?
  40. Can I Block InComing Emails?
  41. AGPS Not Working?
  42. how to get vibrating keys while typing?
  43. Htc Touch Diamond And Pro Taken Off The Shelves
  44. question abt streaming music site
  45. Sprint Diamond Stuck on bootscreen after ROM Flash
  46. TF3D2, where is it?
  47. activesync prob
  48. Issues with SMS messages after flashing to MightyMike Rom 4
  49. radio flash help
  50. How do I get Dynamo3 installed on my HTC Touch Diamond?
  51. Sprint Diamond and AGPS with Google Maps My Location
  52. help with rom
  53. Bell Diamond stuck in roaming
  54. Unresponsive Touch Screen
  55. Need Bell HTC Touch Diamond Radio Rom - CDMA
  56. Some app ideas
  57. Question about ArcSoft MMS and Sprint
  58. New Diamond Rom Upgrade (Bugs)
  59. My Diamond Hard Reset !!!!
  60. Can't Send Any Mms!!
  61. Question for Telus Users
  62. I was found that my rom have not FM radio
  63. how to dial ##RTN#
  64. Verizon Diamond
  65. Diamond Owners - Whats your next phone?
  66. is there a "start" exe?
  67. Sprint Diamond no bluetooth
  68. Best settings for video recording?
  69. gps sensitivity
  70. HTC Diamond Speakerphone Blown :(
  71. Backup PRL
  72. Need help with browser reg settings
  73. custom rom plz
  74. Another whats the best ROM thread
  75. which manilla files control tabs?
  76. Arcsoft MMS Recieve pic size
  77. Installing Windows 6.5 Or 7.0
  78. i cant uninstall fim 2.2.7
  79. How To Reset EVERYTHING???
  80. load stock rom before custom rom
  81. Manually adjusting backlight
  82. Replacement battery door/back cover
  83. Use 6.5 unlock with Manila.
  84. e-mail configuration
  85. Calender Issues
  86. my Diamond is pissing me off
  87. Freezes during overnight charging
  88. How to backup text messages
  89. Vertical panorama
  90. Can the Diamond be customized like the Touch?
  91. Wifi kills 3G?
  92. Dial Pad Disappeared Now Show Up Smaller In Corner Please Help!!!??
  93. video uploader- videos to facebook why not?
  94. Flavors of Touch Diamond?
  95. Sprint Diamond Orignal ROM HELP
  96. Edit Notification Events
  97. downloading from phone with megaupload is it safe,good or bad?
  98. [SKIN HTC VGA] RR33 Dialer Skins Pack v7
  99. Possible new Build 23007
  100. Camera Zoom App/Mod ?
  101. thinking of switching to diamond
  102. Sprint Diamond to nTelos
  103. cant install activesync
  104. disable alarms/ringtones on calls
  105. keyboard popup on SMS read...
  106. Telus Mobile TV
  107. Bear-Bonz Rom 4.0
  108. Sprint/Diamond/Nor. Cali Server...
  109. Connection Issue?
  110. Plus code dialing problem
  111. need some help (verizon vs alltel)
  112. Diamond does not detect computer
  113. MTS M.IP Info Req
  114. Microp Version Mismatch TROUBLES!! PLEASE HELP AND/OR COMMENT
  115. Verizon Diamond on to Sprint
  116. Force Keyboard (Pandora)
  117. Staples Clearing out good cases.
  118. MTS Shipped ROM
  119. Alltel Diamond ROM update 2.00.671.5
  120. Bluetooth DUN
  121. Original TF3D for wm6.5
  122. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  123. How to delete TF3D
  124. Went from a mogul to a diamond
  125. Any ROM for MetroPCS? Advise/Help will be thanked!
  126. Can I sync my Diamond with Thunderbird?
  127. Delay in touch presses being recognized by diamond
  128. Jmz LOckscreen changer v1.1
  129. Mighty Mike + Indagroove = MightyGroovyROM
  130. GlassFLO 3D
  131. ROM recommendations.
  132. Who would pay for a Verizon Diamond unlocker?
  133. how do i change the pim.vol
  134. How to make my own TOUCH FLO 3D'S THEME?
  135. Android for HTC Touch Diamond (DIAM500)
  136. Automatic keylock for the Diamond??
  137. Weird home screen issue.
  138. GAHH! Telus, your refurbs kill me!
  139. Placholders to Launchpad
  140. Viigo on 6.5
  141. "add Bluetooth Device" disappears, Help!
  142. How to unlock Diamond (AT&T GSM) to T-Mobile
  143. 6.5 questions - new user
  144. Flash
  145. Telus to MTS and an HTC Touch Diamond
  146. PPC Remote Admin or Remote Desktop???
  147. Signal Strength not as good on my Diamond as it was on Touch.
  148. nstal mamilla cac
  149. Stock Input Methods
  150. Link to Input Methods?
  151. Diamond car stereo problems
  152. Slow Upload after ROM Upgrade
  153. Diamond car stereo problems
  154. Picture messaging
  155. diamond speed vs broadband speed
  156. mystery or juicy roms
  157. Looking for some rings/alarms that I had on my touch.
  158. Navigation recommendations?
  159. flashed to cricket can receive but not send texts
  160. Call waiting question.
  161. Wired Headset button - Change or Disable?
  162. someone got VZW to add a sprnt esn to VZW...
  163. What app for resizing pics quickly?
  164. how to change the color text on your envelope tf3d screen tab
  165. Sprint TV on Juicy ROM (or any non-OEM)
  166. have extra spb ms3 for sale if youd like
  167. Headphones!
  168. A New Diamond Forum
  169. how long does sync take to switch contacts to new phone?
  170. 3 Free Diamond screen protectors (GSM)
  171. activesync not working?!?!
  172. Phone wont stay on Vibe then Ring.....
  173. new rom series
  174. HELP: Water Damage Indicator
  175. icons
  176. Where'd IndaGroove go?
  177. Why is ActiveSync Running in the Background ?
  178. Would like some help with my Diamond.
  179. Anyway to have screen rotate for text and emails?
  180. Diamond Battery Question
  181. Sprint version of Touch Diamond/Pro on VZW?
  182. Where to find WM6.5 with TF3D rom
  183. [SOLVED] Washed my phone in the washing machine... :(
  184. can u hide numbers in your contact list
  185. Opera Config settings for Diamond!!??
  186. Adding program squares to TF Programs section
  187. Not receiving in coming text messages
  188. Microsoft My Phone service not working
  189. HTC Stock Headphonse Sound GOOOOD>!??
  190. Cradlepoint and diamond?
  191. Annoying data usage
  192. Two questions on customizing the diamond.
  193. Backing up everything .......
  194. Activesync problems
  195. how do you disable landscape mode for the touch diamond?
  196. Is there a home screen customizer?
  197. Replacement Backplate needed
  198. Uninstalling windows live from diamond
  199. Weather and Data Registry Settings
  200. Help configuring buttons in start>settings...
  201. How can i activate alltel diamond on Vzw?
  202. TOUCHFLO 3D 2.5 Preview Video
  203. (Sprint Diamond)Alltel QPST Settings
  204. Diamond data issues - RESOLVED ! Woo Hoo !!
  205. Low volume on factory headset
  206. the verizon diamond vs the alltel diamond?
  207. HDR-AN/AAA Authentication
  208. Windows Mobile 6.5 TF3D Lock Screen Issue Fixed!!!!
  209. phone shows water damage, but never came close to water
  210. Touchflo3D not loading!
  211. ROM/RADIO Help?
  212. noob question, dual core?
  213. Build differences
  214. Unique situation? maybe...
  215. Facebook Facebook_v1.0.0.7p
  216. stuck, freezes then reboots to CU. help please!
  217. Capacitive touch as dpad?
  218. how to handle wm6.5 text freeze
  219. PLEASE Help! Problem after hard reset.
  220. random ringtones?
  221. want gold diamond theme
  222. stylus same between CDMA and GSM Diamond?
  223. Automatic data disconnect or delayed incoming answer
  224. Screen Calibration Software?
  225. WiFi won't work
  226. Very strange problem with my screen. oily?
  227. Hulu not working?
  228. Juicy 8 on a Diamond 6.1?
  229. Choosing words using prediction opens start menu
  230. Cant get My today screen on the HTC touch ! HELP
  231. Battery Cover
  232. Diamond unlocker?
  233. WM 6.5 today plug ins? especially to-do list.
  234. insurance question
  235. uploading your own custome call tones?
  236. GCal not reminding me.
  237. TouchFLO 3D 2.5
  238. bluetooth issues sprint diamond
  239. Connectivity Issues and Roaming at Home with Sprint
  240. Moving My Ringtones folder to Internal Storage?
  241. Save words that the keyboard has "learned"?
  242. Reg Edit / Disable sound/audio
  243. Internet Usage Question
  244. Looking for the Diamond Youtube .cab
  245. Diamond runs without battery while plugged in
  246. New to Sprint Diamond - Couple of quirks/issues
  247. Help with WMDC?
  248. Save some Storage Memory!!
  249. Today Screen Plugins: TF3D or Titanium
  250. Live Search is now Bing