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  1. Signal on diamond
  2. New Diamond User
  3. Thinking of coming back -Hero to Diamond
  4. Deleted my Encrypted HRD AN AUTH Password(LONG)
  5. Weather Issues
  6. Arcsoft MMS and Sense
  7. Weird Problem With My Diamond
  8. Cricket flashed alltel htc diamond w/mms probs
  9. Intermittent No Ring No Missed Call Notification
  10. upgrades? splash screen windows vrs. ect
  11. Forgive me, I'm confused
  12. Cab for manila version 2?
  13. farewell all....
  14. Clarifications of Manila, Rhodium, Sense 2.1, 2.5...
  15. ##778# Not saving?
  16. How do i put the themes on my diamond? Help please
  17. Windows Mobile
  18. Curious about stable, functional ROMs
  19. Been out of the loop for awhile...what's the most stable rom?
  20. error 624 after loading rom from RUU connection problems
  21. Why doesn't Sprint TV work on these ROMS?
  22. mms for metro on diamond difficulty
  23. Need Keyboard Help ASAP!!
  24. New SIP/keyboard from Sense
  25. So Long, and Thanks for All of the Fish: Moving on to the HTC Hero
  26. Anyone need parts?
  27. Camera freezes right after it takes picture
  28. ROM based on US Cellular's WM 6.5 TP2?
  29. Phone is dead, what options do I have?
  30. Verizon calls to my Sprint phone get dropped
  31. Image version doesn't Change
  32. blue liquid coming out of the charger port
  33. HTC DIAMOND CDMA (6950) housing
  34. Help i need to put stock rom on my diamond
  35. wm 6.5 task manager discussion
  36. Heres One You Probably Havent Heard
  37. HTC touch diamond
  38. Bring back the phone pad for texting ...
  39. broken htc diamond, what should i DO?
  40. Phone freezing + other annoying problems
  41. help flashed rom now it will not flash back
  42. [CDMA] Cannot program MDN/MSID?
  43. Manila Locker MOD RC2 by Kisja & amarullz is out
  44. Internet sharing is default USB=>pc.(bearbonz). I need to correct this please.
  45. If I sell my diamond
  46. norton 2010 screwed something up!
  47. Horrible windows start bar
  48. What is the best WM 6.1 Rom?
  49. HELP! HELP! TOuch Diamond broke and I need it for work!!!
  50. Metro PCS On Sprint Diamond Issue
  51. [CDMA] Do we Have a 6.5 NATIVE KERNEL yet?
  52. where iz the swype cab
  53. xt garmin ghost
  54. Yes, another "which rom is best for me" thread...
  55. Arcosoft text messaging
  56. cant dial out, contacts only
  57. Hard wipe the internal memory?
  58. how to remove email accounts?
  59. Sprint HTC Touch Diamond
  60. Touch Screen Doesn't Work!
  61. i need an extended battery
  62. Whats the deal with YouTube
  63. activesync to usb drive?
  64. [Update] Fixed Landscape VGA : Swype-
  65. Bell vs Sprint extended batteries unrecognized
  66. Can someone port ezinput 2.1 from qvag to vga?
  67. %$^%$ t9 settings
  68. opera 10 bookmarks
  69. diamond graphic/coloring corruption
  70. Turn off "Low Battery" notification sound.
  71. any htc sense roms that work with cricket mms?
  72. Overheating Diamond on Idle
  73. 6.5 Theme Issue, Please Help!
  74. ##33284# help!!!!!!
  75. Diamonds biggest flaw
  76. Good roms that work good with metropcs
  77. New cricket users group
  78. Is there such a thing as sense 2.1 for touch diamond?
  79. Sound on diamond ?
  80. Who is sticking with the Diamond until something like the HD2 hits the U.S.?
  81. manila weather not updating?
  82. Can no longer sync Outlook
  83. Is there anything wrong with WM 6.5.3?
  84. Diamond to ? (probably not what you think)
  85. activesync disappeared?
  86. Diamond replacement through Sprint Repair Center
  87. Does anyone know any updates on Manila 2.1?
  88. Facebook App that links pics to phone book
  89. Connect to computer via wi-fi
  90. Tried everything, activesync won't work on Mighty 5
  91. Please tell me it's not bricked :(
  92. 6.5 Roms
  93. How to delete tabs in Sense UI
  94. Black specks in every picture
  95. Setting up Diamond on Cricket
  96. Screen Shattered, Safe to Use?
  97. Beta Expired, Phone Bricked?
  98. radio and GPS question
  99. Windows Market -- change install directory?
  100. ROM Performance Degrades Over Time
  101. Thin I've bricked it :(
  102. [HELP] Virtual Kitchen Question
  103. Any way to get rid of separate Volume screen?
  104. manila 2.1 flip clock lag?
  105. Any way to find approximate Battery Age?
  106. Arcsoft New Versions
  107. Called my local Sprint store - replacement
  108. Which to flash
  109. Sense UI 2.1/2.5
  110. TouchFlo3D 2.5 on a Diamond VS. Sprints HTC Hero
  111. loudest audiopara?
  112. htc hero animated bootscreen/welcomehead?
  113. Verizon Touch Diamond vs GSM
  114. Custom slider and icons for sense UI 2.5
  115. sense 2.5 issues.
  116. phone magically turns on when powered off
  117. [ask]Dial ##778# but nothing happened
  118. broken sync - return to stock NEED sprint stock RUU.nbh
  119. BG4ALL Default Wallpaper
  120. default pictures and video folder
  121. i need help picking a rom!
  122. phone freezes after a phone call?
  123. Manila 2.5 Stability?
  124. data plan not active on transferred service
  125. updating the sys file question
  126. mobile 6.5
  127. Phone's Quiet
  128. Would Like Compact QWERTY Kyb In WM6.5
  129. Alltel to Verizon, Any chance?
  130. My Diamond Had a Red Screen??
  131. HTC Diamond from Telus - keys not working - please help!!!
  132. keep phone awake during call?
  133. im in need of a new battery
  134. Yahoo Messenger help!!
  135. Question about Roms and Messaging
  136. nooo please help me!!!!:'(:'(:'(
  137. clear storage and gps
  138. Storage Memory
  139. program/mod request
  140. Remote Desktop
  141. saving bookmarks
  142. diamond battery/audio hacks?
  143. Rom Recommendations
  144. Can someone walk me throught custom ROMs like I'm a five year old
  145. [FOUND] S2U2 unlock to sms Manila tab
  146. Manilla 2.5 questions
  147. rhodium dialer scroll bar fix
  148. help...installed dcd and now net won't work?
  149. Change Diamond start menu to TP2 Menu/Intx Premier start menu
  150. Somebody please help!!!!!!!
  151. Sprint TV cab download?
  152. Touch Diamond Charges but usb connection doesn't work
  153. Battery is shot, whats reccomended?
  154. Poor battery life when push enabled, now I know why
  155. Which Diamond Rom?
  156. google voice setup problem
  157. cdma daimond 3g question
  158. Internal Storage gone haywire
  159. Dymo Cardscan
  160. Sprint ROM 2.00.651.7 Help!!!
  161. Opera Mobile 10 Integration
  162. Unlocker For Verizon HTC Touch Diamond -- Where Is It?
  163. New 6.5.3 Sys 28002
  164. Opera Mobile 10 Please
  165. Contacts Follow-up with Outlook 2007
  166. How to Flash Sprint Diamond onto Verizon Carrier?
  167. Epst Settings on cmda diamond not sticking
  168. Some Questions (Activesync Calendar, IMAP Pusher, Lockscreen on Sleep, etc...)
  169. looking for a rom
  170. NUB hates diamond need direction please
  171. panoramic mode is gone!
  172. Hard Reseting GSM Diamond
  173. Rom vs Radio vs Kitchen
  174. Remap the power button
  175. HELP!!! with manilla 2.5 and metropcs
  176. storage memory is critically low
  177. HELP! Dropped phone and Need to Retrieve Data
  178. CDMA Rom and GPS Rom
  179. ActiveSync after hard reset
  180. Revert Sprint Diamond On Verizon Back To Sprint?
  181. Taking a Poll here.!!!
  182. I need help making a CAB
  183. Can't send/receive calls, but everything else works
  184. How do I safely clean my internal storage out?
  185. In search of Office Mobile Cab
  186. Antivirus protection for diamond??
  187. Bell Rom "shipped" radio, rom, prl etc
  188. Bluetooth keeping phone powered on?
  189. What is a good music sync program for Diamond?
  190. How Do you set Button shortcut for Dynamo 3?
  191. Diamond stuck 1X wont go to EV
  192. SMS sends but does not recieve!
  193. Can't play videos on MSN mobile home page
  194. Calendar Always jumps to Agenda Mode
  195. run unlocker but wants to flash?
  196. 5 Row 6.5 Start Menu
  197. Diamond won't sync on WMDC/Activesync or Bootloader....
  198. Blackberry theme????
  199. Getting rid of phone, how do I wipe clean?
  200. Built New ROM
  201. uv light from diamond?
  202. [Tutorial - updated 11/22/09] Customize your Diamond -- WM6.5.1 and Manila 2.5 Mods
  203. xImapPusher - so far the best push mail solution
  204. looking for a calendar cab. and a weather cab.
  205. Sprint Diamond Backlight?
  206. Fastest, most stable 6.5 ROM? Requesting opinions...
  207. Emergency, need orig. 6.1 Rom
  208. Help me...GPS satellites not detecting???
  209. Noob Question
  210. Best Voice GPS Software for Diamond?
  211. EzInput CAB files?
  212. sprint blocking ICS and phone as a modem
  213. GPS Configuration Problem?
  214. htc diamond rom update now phone will not boot
  215. Sprint ROM??
  216. Diamond Replacement?
  217. CDMA - Can someone link me to an extended battery?
  218. Custom made manila 2.1 icons
  219. external gps? will it allow me to use laptop for mapping?
  220. Sort Contacts First Name Last Name
  221. SMS Not sending
  222. help please ..
  223. Problem w/Activesync and PAM
  224. Where is "update profile" in 6.5 roms?
  225. Official 6.5 ROM for Diamond
  226. Would like to build my own custom roms..
  227. Fix Microsoft Voice Command Caller ID Announcement issue.
  228. Tasks Link in TF3D Home
  229. Any way to activate microphone while connected to wired or wireless headphone?
  230. How to switch to A2DP Wireless Stereo for Playntronics Voyager Pro?
  231. HERO ROM for Diamond?
  232. Sprint Diamond cracked screen replacement- will any "Touch Diamond" screen work?
  233. All Sprint Diamond On Verizon Network Please Read
  234. Bluetooth w/Windows 7 & SideShow
  235. Alltel Diamond GPS
  236. "ghost" of diamond
  237. How to remove cab files under windows folder
  238. Activating other CDMA phones on MTS
  239. Anybody working on a rom with Manila 2.5?
  240. HTCAPM - what's it for?
  241. DIAM500 Add-ons/enhancements
  242. Newer Diamond having the GPS problem too? I am phoning BELL for a replacement
  243. Alltel Diamond WORKING SMS/MMS cab!!
  244. Best ROM for an Alltel Diamond?
  245. WMDC doesn't recogniz my Diamond.
  246. How many BELL's touch diamond or touch pro got GPS problem since 1 week ago?
  247. Heat Issue: Need Advice.
  248. [E-MOBILE] EMONSTER (S11HT)? What is it?
  249. Question with Caulkins Rom
  250. looking for a cab. file for similar tabs of the htc hero for the htc diamond sprint