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  1. adding call history tab on telus stock rom?
  2. Diamond lost RAM
  3. Can I Use my wifes 2year upgrade ?
  4. I just reserved a diamond to ship on Monday
  5. Diamond Employee Only Articles!!!
  6. Diamond GPS Car Mount
  7. Diamond roaming
  8. ???
  9. New covers available for the diamond here to cover the red
  10. Sprint Diamond Back
  11. For the Sprint versions, is there much of a thickness difference?
  12. What type of "backside" do you prefer... for your Diamond?
  13. Can the black camera shroud be removed from the Burgundy back?
  14. Dimensions, not all that thick?
  15. Anyone had any luck with the GPS Photo option?
  16. Want To Buy Or Trade...
  17. nother Q, bout the D
  18. Black HTC Theme
  19. SPRINT's HTC Touch Diamond Review Videos!!!
  20. Telus Diamond accesories, i cant find any store that has them.
  21. Can I live with the Diamond or do I NEED the Touch Pro? Keyboard or no Keyboard?
  22. is video out possible on the diamond and other q's
  23. Rom Dumping question
  24. Where to buy another battery for Telus Diamond?
  25. Sprint Diamond and Ebay
  26. Possible to Change TouchFlo 3D Icons on Diamond?
  27. is it still comin out with.....
  28. All new phones on Sprint.com
  29. video review of the sprint diamond part 1 & 2
  30. HTC Diamond and Touch Pro Prices
  31. Diamond's Daddy?
  32. Contacts
  33. What are you coming from?
  34. HTC Diamond vs Pro Rom
  35. Worldcard Mobile on a CDMA Diamond?!
  36. Airplane mode isn't really working
  37. Diamond bluetooth Stereo syncing
  38. tomtom and diamond
  39. Who's buying on day one?
  40. Registry Tweaks/Hacks/Edits - Share them here!
  41. opera vs safari
  42. Scratch Protection
  43. External Antenna
  44. Weather
  45. Sprint's Diamond
  46. Unlocked Diamonds at BB?
  47. Another Quick Question!
  48. Verizon release date/specs? Any updated info?
  49. Does call recording work?
  50. Quick Question (SlingBox)
  51. Dialing rules question!!
  52. G-sensor lock for the Diamond. Awesome!
  53. HTC Diamond coming to Alltel
  54. Diamond Screen Shot Thread [Juicy ROM 1.05/1.06/1.07.B2 FLASH! UPDATED]
  55. Diamond forum launcher picture
  56. Touch Diamond Keyboard???
  57. How To: Configure GPS
  58. Sprint to launch HTC Touch diamond Sept 10th
  59. sprint has poster of diamond at store
  60. No TFLO3D - Today Screen Picture Request!
  61. Bell release date
  62. First Diamond specific game!
  63. Diamond GPS @ Telus users
  64. Diamond leverage?
  65. SPRINT Diamond Full Spec's
  66. Sprint Diamond is the perfect size.
  67. Skyfire Web Browser on the Diamond
  68. Its Official Sept. 14th Release of the Diamond on Sprint!
  69. Sprint Diamond brochure
  70. Article about HTC Diamonds hidden touch features
  71. Sprints Diamond is red.... Really?
  72. Protect that sleek new Diamond from theft! (Track your Diamod Via GPS!)
  73. spb Diary
  74. The Price is set
  75. A little review of the sprint diamond
  76. Diamond Release date pushed back again
  77. Telus Diamond - Can't Hard Reset
  78. Second camera in the Diamond
  79. WIFI issues with WPA/PSK2 security
  80. [UPDATED Added Files] FULL SUCCESS! SuperCID and QPST for NV EFS access
  81. Telus Diamond Lockup When Displaying Reminders
  82. Internal Memory Question
  83. nuePowerDriver battery dll for Diamond (1%)
  84. Telus Diamond on Sprint or Cricket?
  85. CDMA Diamond D-Pad: Working as expected?
  86. [NSFW] Post your Diamond today screens here
  87. Compact QWERTY keyboard
  88. Diamond Reviews
  89. Just got my Diamond, trying to QPST need help
  90. I will defect soon!!!
  91. "Launch" Day?
  92. wmpoweruser screen caps of sprint database pro/diamond pricing and release
  93. Favorite VGA Applications
  94. Windows 6.1 Pro Video Streaming
  95. Sprint Pre-Order Yours
  96. Diamond Keyboards
  97. HTC Touch Diamond Colors
  98. Confirmed release date for the Diamond
  99. Must use stylus?
  100. Orb
  101. Diamond for direct ship
  102. alltel + diamond..
  103. Diamond on Ebay question
  104. diamond memory question
  105. Diamond prelim tele-sales date
  106. Official HTC Diamond Notification List Site Launched
  107. MSL's? getSPC?
  108. quick question...
  109. Wow, more proof that Verizon IS Gimping their Diamond...
  110. Sprint Diamond !! Will you line up on release day to get one ?
  111. Video Out
  112. Question about d-pad
  113. How to buy the Diamond
  114. Sprint spec release spelled Qualcom(m) wrong
  115. CDMA Diamond Battery 1%
  116. DIamond review/new info camparsion
  117. Sprint Diamond or wait for Android
  118. Call Notes in phone app not working properly
  119. screen resolution on sprint diamond?
  120. tweak to make TF3D more fluid
  121. Opera 9.5
  122. Official Telus Diamond Thread
  123. Telus Diamond to VZW?
  124. Sprint Diamond manual
  125. TV-out on CDMA vers?
  126. The diamond leaked photo
  127. Hard reset not the same as the manual
  128. need some testing done
  129. HTC Touch Diamond P3702 (HTC Victor) Specs/Pics
  130. Eventual upgraded FLASH MEMORY offerings.. ?
  131. Htc Touch Diamond/Pro Multi-Touch
  132. Any interest in the Touch Diamond (CDMA) manual?
  133. Sprint Diamond $299 w/2yr launching September
  134. Touch Pro and Diamond in hands...SORTA
  135. touch pro... will it have instant messaging?
  136. RAW data of the accelerometer
  137. CDMA Diamond (Telus Dump)
  138. Games for Diamond!
  139. TouchXperience
  140. WM Torrenting Program
  141. Sling Player Compatability?
  142. Diamond 3D Drivers Compatibility...
  143. Which Diamond/Pro Style do you like?
  144. Diamond advocate!
  145. All this talk and no one asks how it works as a phone!
  146. will the new rom apply for Sprint's Diamond
  147. HTC Diamond update Aug 12 from Vodafone
  148. VODAFONE Diamond update from Aug 12
  149. My diamond impressions
  150. Diamond Slow?
  151. Launch Day in Canada?
  152. The Hardware Panel has Multitouch capability
  153. Sprint Diamond Pics
  154. Hard Reset
  155. heat sensetive touch screen or pressure sensetive?
  156. Retentions and Diamond
  157. iphone theme on touch diamond?? does it work
  158. Sprint Website
  159. Diamond landscape functionality
  160. Alltel Diamond
  161. AIM cab?
  162. Call VZW Presidential for real info
  163. Sprint Diamond and Pro Comparison
  164. Sprint Vs. Verizon Diomond
  165. Verizon/Sprint Touch Diamond and Touch Pro
  166. help im stuck on spl-1.20 olipro
  167. TELUS HTC Touch Diamond: Release Date
  168. Usability Speed Tests: Touch Diamond
  169. HTC Touch Diamond gets a new ROM
  170. Diamond Release Speculation Thread
  171. Using an unlocked Telus HTC Diamond on Sprint network??
  172. Touch Diamond Review....
  173. How much are we talkin
  174. Sprint Plans for the Diamond
  175. can the youtube on the htc diamond
  176. Diamond in hand
  177. HTC Diamond
  178. Sprint Diamond tentative release date
  179. Slow interface for diamond
  180. Diamond coming to TELUS!!!
  181. HTC Touch + Diamond
  182. Can Diamond be Used now on Sprint
  183. so i just got the