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  1. Touch Flo's Audio Manager (How to get it working)
  2. I think I found a charging bug, please try yours and report back
  3. Opera: Any way to backup/import/export bookmarks & alter cache location?
  4. Do you have GPS lag?
  5. Would you recommend the diamond to a friend?
  6. Diamond Specs & Release Date
  7. SPC/MSL code of sprint diamond
  8. which navigation VGA software for diamond?i
  9. Registry value of a CDMA diamond (Telus/Sprint)?
  10. End call button
  11. Device Resets On Calls
  12. monkey ball with the g sensor.
  13. Media Player: How to play all??
  14. please delete - identical thread already started elsewhere...
  15. Nice Desktop Cradle for Diamond
  16. SIP problem
  17. Landscape mode
  18. Mapping Buttons
  19. 4-way Navigation button
  20. Opera Mobile 9.5 "full web experience"
  21. USB charging problem!
  22. Send Files over Bluetooth
  23. email help: how to set up 'select an account' as default?
  24. storage memory
  25. Unlimited QuickGPS registry setting
  26. How to change the LED flash duration, unlock options, & turn off phone startup sound.
  27. ProClipUSA Holder for Sprint Diamond
  28. Arizona timezone wrong
  29. Change color of calendar font?
  30. Does anyone know how to put different pic behind tf3d
  31. SEVEN - Email App - "An Error Occured Sending Data"
  32. Sirius App?
  33. Yahoo Stattracker possible?
  34. just wondering
  35. messaging problem.....help
  36. CMDA diamond and iguidance 4... WORKS
  37. Sprint Music App and folders
  38. Does the LED on Sprint Diamond light up ??
  39. hey how do you know when its fully charged????
  40. Sprint Diamond TouchFlo3d Config
  41. Diamond RAM
  42. Increase screen sensitivity??
  43. Flip Clock [SWEET]
  44. how to change banner in diamond phone
  45. Changing Font sizes
  46. Voice Command question
  47. The Diamond picturelink right next to PPCGeeks logo uptop
  48. Sprint Diamond AudioManager_eng.exe error help!
  49. In Call Volume - TERRIBLE
  50. HTC Touch Pro/Diamond working with FlashLite 3.1!
  51. Battery life on CDMA Diamond
  52. Memory Speed, Diamond versus PRO
  53. Remove text delete confirmation in Touchflo??
  54. DivX Codec
  55. Diamond Screen Refresh Rate
  56. How to clean up memory on the Diamond?
  57. Metro Pcs and Diamond
  58. Scroll Buttons - changing the links???
  59. Remote Desktop on Diamond
  60. unlimited quickgps software trick for diamond...
  61. diamond hologram
  62. GSM Diamond Manila Theme for CDMA Diamond??
  63. Safe to Just Delete Sprint Programs?
  64. how can i adjust diamond wall feeback in teeter..
  65. What fixes would you like in the next Diamond Firmware?
  66. use AE plus button on your diamond...
  67. Poor speaker volume during calls.
  68. Any upgrade from 700wx?
  69. Can I change Owner and Date lines so font is smaller?
  70. Diamond at Best Buy?
  71. Sprint TV - Did I update correctly?
  72. Can someone recommend a car mount for diamond?
  73. diamond caller id picture
  74. OMG! WTF! Yellow tint is back!
  75. CDMA extended battery?
  76. Operamini 4.1
  77. Soft Reset Button
  78. Tethering Fix Right Here!
  79. Diamond controlled remotly by sprint tech
  80. Videos in TouchFlo
  81. Howto: Landscape any screen
  82. Tilt flaky in Opera?
  83. Diamond's and windows task Manager icon.
  84. ffmpeg setting for TocuhFlo video player
  85. Your Tethering speed?
  86. Pic mail propblem with sprint diamond.
  87. Question about clocks for TF3D
  88. Wifi keeps turning on
  89. stupid noob here....just got my diamond and i was wandering
  90. List of Registry Edits
  91. Browse like a desktop
  92. HTC Diamond 'problems after update rom'
  93. diamond youtube lag?
  94. WOW, this thing needs an earpiece and speakerphone volume fix STAT!!
  95. Screen turns off on Calls....
  96. Remove sent message notification
  97. Anyone else noticing Bluetooth Static?
  98. Sync constacts without Outlook
  99. SensorLock on HTC Touch Diamond
  100. Agenda One
  101. How do I unlock the extended rom.
  102. Post you Diamond Camera Picstures.
  103. To Sprint customize or to not customize?
  104. Question about the editing the HTC menu system
  105. Sprint Diamond: Opera Build 1938 (with working flash) not working?
  106. Will the Diamond be 4G upgradeable?
  107. Telus Diamond and Tethering
  108. Is there a stock keylock program on the Sprint Diamond?
  109. Does the Alarm have the known sleep/not going off issue?
  110. Pandora
  111. Using Today Plugins with TF3D (Second Today)
  112. Landscape keyboard isn't working...
  113. Push Hotmail on Diamond ?
  114. Touch HD??????
  115. Can u change the clock?
  116. Heres something noone thought of? Haptic Feedback
  117. Voice command
  118. Anyone else not able to activate online or get data?
  119. Registry hack mistake-help please
  120. Music - Album Art???
  121. VGA version pocketCM keyboard?
  122. Diamond Build Quality
  123. Diamond MSL code lookup ?
  124. Stop Diamond Threads!
  125. Diamond local weather
  126. End Button feels funny and doesnt "click"
  127. Sprint Black Battery Cover
  128. Sprint Diamond touchfl 3d question?
  129. diamond screen is a beast!!
  130. Scroll wheel goodness
  131. Telus Radio version?
  132. What is the sensor in the diamond earpiece
  133. VGA version of HTC Home & config for Diamond?
  134. Background Image
  135. Sprint MMS
  136. Can unwanted Sprint programs be removed?
  137. Sprint Diamond issues!
  138. Can't seem to delete favorite contacts under "People"
  139. how to change touchflo background
  140. Will the battery hack work
  141. Opera
  142. Check this app out guys its really cool!
  143. Sprint TV update?
  144. Diamond and car bluetooth issues
  145. I thought the Diamond had a FM radio?
  146. Palringo Chat
  147. Opera Browser issue
  148. Interesting EXTERNAL zoom lens attachement for Diamond $13.90
  149. UTStarCom Accessories (ALT Back Covers)
  150. Dumb question
  151. Phone and SMS screenshots?
  152. Vito Fun Contact on HTC (SPRINT) Diamond
  153. TCPMP with ORB 3gp
  154. Diamond mail issue.
  155. SlingPlayer Mobile and Diamond?
  156. Is there a VGA version of iContact?
  157. Bestbuy and Diamond
  158. Mods/Senior members: Can someone make a tracking thread with problems/issues?
  159. SPRINT: Sprint OZ IM Messenger
  160. Sprint Picture through Text
  161. Email with Telus
  162. MP3 Trimmer Faulty??
  163. no java on diamond
  164. Media streaming - heads up!
  165. TouchXperience
  166. Are there still people who did not receive diamond?
  167. iGO8 works on Diamond in VGA!
  168. Sprint Diamond Unboxing
  169. center button issues?
  170. anyone going to take pictures of their new phone?
  171. Did you get the $100 rebate form?
  172. HTC Diamond review ...
  173. TCPMP does not work? Skyfire?
  174. Import IE favorites to Opera bookmarks?
  175. Your first impressions of the phone for my amusement
  176. Anyone get auto sensor app from xda to work?
  177. I hate you diamond users!
  178. Constant TF3D Freezing when changing themes
  179. Bill to Account question
  180. sprint diamond change clock font like GSM version?
  181. how to tethering using sprint diamond?
  182. Noobie needs help
  183. how to hard reset sprint diamond
  184. Ringers
  185. sprint music
  186. no internet connection
  187. Diamond Problems
  188. Touch Diamond - Cool things you might not know about
  189. Easter Egg
  190. Sprint - Picture Mail missing?
  191. Sprint TV Conflict
  192. Heating up?
  193. Thread for those without tracking numbers or phones?
  194. Internet not working? Possible Fixes!!
  195. Post here if you put a Telus back on your Sprint Diamond.
  196. Just ordered my diamond... question for those who have theirs..
  197. Voice Command questions
  198. Changing font size for menus, etc
  199. Can't do initial setup on Sprint Diamond
  200. Will Sprint have a Touch HD version?
  201. what case will you order for the diamond?
  202. Diamond Thoughts.
  203. Screen Quality?
  204. Is the signal strength better on the diamond than the touch?
  205. Diamond featured on CNN
  206. Advocate seeds!
  207. Anyone had any luck with the GPS Photo option?
  208. Watching movie files with Touch Diamond
  209. Tether
  210. What's up with the HTC Touch HD?
  211. Any idea if the Diamond is exclusive to Sprint?
  212. Got diamond sent to me for free(exchange)
  213. IP Address
  214. Clearing Internal Storage
  215. Bell & HTC diamond
  216. Remove those ugly half transparent TF3D bars :)
  217. Hey sprint guys! We need a ROM Dump
  218. Major problem with Internal Storage on HTC Diamond
  219. HTC Diamond will also come in WHITE
  220. when will the stores be getting them?
  221. Interesting looking locking app
  222. Free memory with Diamond (on Sprint)
  223. transferring contacts, favorites, etc. to Diamond...
  224. Who will be able to trade their phone through retentions?
  225. Silicone Diamond Case
  226. This may make you laugh
  227. Anyone have tracking info for their Diamond Shipment?
  228. Question on Diamond storage
  229. Voice Command and the Jawbone II
  230. Sprint Diamond New plan or original plan
  231. Diamond USB 2.0?
  232. Gps?
  233. How is the Diamond for people with big hands/fingers?
  234. For all who is going to return their diamond for the pro..
  235. TF3D Theme Webpage
  236. Discount Code?
  237. Does this thing have driver issues ?
  238. Custom ROM Service
  239. Gathering of Software for the Diamond
  240. Lag on incoming SMS/calls?
  241. Tethering with the Sprint Diamond and other registry edits?
  242. Diamond payment?
  243. What if the Pro doesn't come out in 30 days? (Sprint Diamond Owners)
  244. Diamond retentions deals
  245. CDMA HTC Diamond accessories thread (Sprint/Telus/?)
  246. WMWIFIROUTER on Diamond?
  247. Sprint Diamond and HTC Mogul accessories - any compatibility?
  248. Landscape Keyboard?
  249. Anyone with a Diamond, Does it have MMS, is it Arcsoft? Can you get the settings?
  250. Sprint - Its online now!!!!! Go get it!