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  1. Level 32 on Teeter! Whos gone farther?!? :D
  2. Diamond Meltdown
  3. iContact pop-up
  4. Deleting Sprint Programs in Reg Ed.
  5. FCC detailed info on NM8DIAM500 (diamond internal pictures)
  6. battery tests w/diff roms + chargers [results inside]
  7. Anyone's Spring Diamond Doesn't Overheat?
  8. Problem with Geotagging Photo Mode
  9. batt life.
  10. PS3 Theme?
  11. HTC Diamond & Igo 8
  12. Sites on Opera
  13. Is there a program to port contacts from my LG 550 (Fusic) to my new Touch Diamond?
  14. 2 Quick Questions for Diamond Config
  15. My sprint diamond is burning hot!
  16. HTC Diamond Stuck load screen, can't hard reset not working
  17. radio working poorly, internet not working at all, battery dying quickly!
  18. Anyway to disable prompt for changing background?
  19. E-Sword For WM6.1 installing bibles on Diamond
  20. So theres no fix for the half screen on skyfire for the diamond?
  21. taking screenshot
  22. Maybe, just maybe I might have found a hint to overheating.
  23. What's the Best Backup Program Before ROM Upgrade?
  24. FYI Just a heads up New HTC camera 6.8 cab form...
  25. SERO Diamond Rebate Form?
  26. Anyone buy a diamond without contract extention?
  27. QuickGPS
  28. sprint music url
  29. Can't get TF3d to show more than 1 calendar event on today screen?
  30. Sprint Touch DIamond Questions[Need answers fast!]
  31. Getting Outlook on Diamond to display pictures?
  32. Weird date on Sprint PicMail
  33. Need to know the names of the manila files for the Home Tab
  34. Anyone get billed for their phone yet?
  35. diamond resets self
  36. Removing files in \Windows
  37. Will sprite BACK UP my tweaks and hacks and not put in sprint programs?
  38. Stock Sprint Pocket Express
  39. WMP Skin
  40. VistaHideBatteryGuage
  41. PocketNes Emulator
  42. Weather keeps reverting to default cities
  43. Touchflo Transparant (Glass) slider
  44. Changing background in SMS??
  45. Lets start a Touchflo Icons Thread
  46. Screen Size
  47. pictures+accelerometer are always wrong.
  48. Diamond to Pro
  49. Trouble w Carbon Fiber Theme
  50. Sprint Nav Cab File
  51. Two more ways to save battery (if solutions can be found)
  52. HOTTT Batterry/Phone !! :(
  53. QUESTION?? Start Menu
  54. HTC touch w/ windows 6.1 diamond ver
  55. has anyone tried
  56. Add SPB keyboard to input menu
  57. sprint radio update v1.00.25.05
  58. Thank Juicy
  59. Sprint Nav LAGS
  60. Internet Calling not working on Telus Diamond
  61. TomTom 7
  62. mapping vol keys disables mute on incoming calls
  63. Dialer?
  64. Light Sensor--call Connect
  65. Gmail on HTC Touch Diamond
  66. Touch Diamond Games
  67. PC USB charger slower than wall powered charger?
  68. Htc has sprite back up free for GSM Diamonds
  69. Sprint diamond lacking
  70. Wheel to Scroll through Contacts Stopped Working
  71. Wheel-2-Unlock - NO LONGER UNDER DEVELOPEMENT!!!
  72. When does the diamond hit retail stores?
  73. data connection constantly on ?
  74. Diamond streaming media?
  75. mapopolis working on Diamond?
  76. How to make PIE default browser
  77. Yay 4 Jugs "incident", Mostly resolved
  78. G-Sensor to landscape in any screen?
  79. Font Size in Threaded Text Messaging - PLEASE HELP!
  80. Can Skpe work on the Diamond (Sprint)?
  81. Calibration Program for G-Sensor
  82. startup items?
  83. Transparent Select Bar?? Is there one ?
  84. problem with emailing
  85. Still Cant Configure GPS, Help Anyone
  86. any dialer sking available for the diamond
  87. invinsibleshield for your usa (sprint/telus) touch diamond
  88. Call Of Duty 2 Running in full hardware acceleration
  89. did u keep the stock dialer?
  90. Overheating
  91. Sprint TV upgrade issue
  92. Most interesting free Diamond apps Downloads here.
  93. can anyone help me fine tt7 maps
  94. My own music on my phone
  95. anyone ever get their phone delivered on sat?
  96. Which registry editor do you use for your Diamond?
  97. Profile Manager
  98. Most calls go to voicemail. Anyone else?
  99. Somebody please make more levels for Teeter
  100. how to get the original clock
  101. Smooth out G-Sensor Applications
  102. Messaging problem requiring soft reset a few times daily, is it happening to you?
  103. Yahoo Contacts and Calendar on Diamond?
  104. Problem with black theme/flip clock.
  105. Help!!! Stuck in bootloader on Sprint Diamond
  106. Sprint Movies and More
  107. S - L - O - W Answer
  108. Sprint diamond opera is not the default browser anymore
  109. Opera doesn't want to launch occasionally
  110. cant download from phone?
  111. HTC update Hot Fix for G-Sensor Calibration in HTC Touch Diamond
  112. Diamond VGA & QVGA (A PCM Keyboard skin with localised layouts)
  113. CoPiot 7
  114. (26 September 2008) iDialer v0.1
  115. "Beam" under settings>connection
  116. Update Rotate Screen
  117. Music stopping randomly.
  118. silence when upside down?
  119. Unable to connect thru ActiveSync
  120. Sprint seed phones arrived today.
  121. emulator on diamond?
  122. Ok so where is my Sprint TV???
  123. Vista, Exchange, Pop, Multiple PC's Syncing finally have it sorted out
  124. Couple questions for pro users!
  125. No Gps on my new Diamond
  126. TF3D Config Help.
  127. Thinking bout getting a Diamond
  128. Battery Life?
  129. Phone is very hot after 1 hour with Sling Player running
  130. Sprint Music - skipping problems
  131. Is it possible to Reassign the TFlo quick buttons?
  132. Is there a better FREE file explorer i can use?
  133. No Sound Alert with Sprint MMS
  134. Corporate Stores Have the Diamond In
  135. Ringtones for Known and Unknown Callers
  136. Garmin on Diamond vs Google map
  137. Get rid of Startup sound
  138. help with tf3d please?
  139. Issues with Diamond's physical keys
  140. Problems with long X press to close?
  141. Cab Style RegEdits... For the Diamond... Get em Here
  142. Sprint TV on SERO
  143. Center Button Zoom / Scroll Wheel
  144. to buy or not to buy ....
  145. Just noticed the diamond has no analog roaming!
  146. (slide to unlock) S2U2 v1.22 [VGA] by A_C
  147. Change soft keys in Messaging?
  148. Question about Sprint Touch Diamond tech support and service
  149. Two Quick questions (Splash/Startup Screen & Running Programs)
  150. Transparent Sprint Clock ?
  151. Phone goes to 1x all the time while I am in a EVDO area. Anyone else?
  152. Wallpapers galore
  153. should I???
  154. Win RAR
  155. How to hardreset from hardware not software
  156. MSVC failing to install
  157. Anyone else having sensitivity issues near edge of screen?
  158. Anyone know why Weather Panel doesn't beep on update button?
  159. Why does it vibrate when I MAKE a call?
  160. Bluetooth Problems
  161. Sprint TV problem?
  162. Garmin Mobile XP on Sprint Diamond
  163. Which AIM Client are you guys using it you Diamond?
  164. Anybody having Touchpal issues?
  165. Quick request for Sprint guys
  166. Change default calendar for home screen?
  167. Slingbox on the Diamond
  168. Wake-up on Ring
  169. skyfire .80
  170. Suggestions on what to uninstall/remove from storage memory
  171. How do you get rid of that stupid box above keyboard in texting?
  172. Real Story on Video Out
  173. Favorite Contact Pics
  174. [APP][05.09.08]Advanced Configuration Tool v3.2 by schaps
  175. PIE bookmarks in Opera workaround
  176. Forbidden 403 error searching google
  177. do you know where that beer thing for the diamond is?
  178. Diamond Storage
  179. Picture Mail, MMS client info.
  180. ScanSoft card Scanner
  181. Biotouch Cube
  182. Bluetooth Help
  183. Been gone for 5 months. Had a Curve - Now have the diamond. Forgive me for leaving?
  184. Video files
  185. Force Roam - Found!
  186. Any way to change the "# of message unread" dismissal/reset duration?
  187. My Diamond won't turn on!
  188. Huge problem.. (Regarding ActiveSync)
  189. Needed Stock GpsOne Sprint QPST settings
  190. How to get push mail working?
  191. *UPDATE*TWEAKED Audiopara.csv louder earpeice, spkphone, and BLUETOOTH HERE!!!
  192. SprintTV Cab From Diamond
  193. How to AD Themes to your Diamond!
  194. Juicy Rom 2.1 and Tethering
  195. Lanyard on Sprint Diamond?
  196. Opera and Sync Favorite link
  197. HELP! "Internal Storage" got renamed to "Internal Storage2"
  198. download.do pic error
  199. Touchpad light
  200. Internet/MSL/Plan Problems
  201. Hard Reset
  202. How to Change Touch Flow Icons?
  203. Diamond Fun
  204. Sprint Diamond Bill credit???
  205. Do not turn your phone on till you have activated it
  206. How many of you are still using TF3D? How many went back to the normal Today Screen?
  207. Video out?
  208. Sprint Pic Mail and Text questions
  209. Anyone else having difficulty unlocking?
  210. Diamond Store Availability?
  211. The thickness of this unit...
  212. Suggestions on aftermarket desktop charger for Diamond
  213. GPS with Juicy Sprint ROM 2.1
  214. Anyone on SERO upgrade online?
  215. Can't sync contacts
  216. Ok i am having today Screen Issue HELP
  217. Soft Reset app. No more removing battery cover to soft reset.
  218. Newbie Question Please help
  219. Syncing problem
  220. Jetcet
  221. omnia drivers for video.
  222. mp3 id tags
  223. Diamond Light Flash on New Email
  224. Remove Sprint Music
  225. Going back to Stock Sprint Rom
  226. How to prepair a virgin battery?
  227. Best HTC Diamond/Pro Themes!?
  228. Contacts picture resolution?
  229. Full QWERTY Problem
  230. rom upgrade
  231. Possible to remove Opera and make IE the default browser?
  232. whos going to try to get android
  233. $48,999 Sprint Diamond on Fleabay..What!!
  234. Does the diamond have pic mail
  235. Return Question.
  236. Calender on home screen?
  237. Wow just lost diamond
  238. To Flash or Not to Flash (Telus)
  239. Diamond dropped calls?
  240. Problems Unlocking Touch Diamond!
  241. Video quality? Sound quality? How does it stack up?
  242. Wallpaper?
  243. Help needed to load new programs to Diamond
  244. Diamond Bluetooth Audio Quality
  245. Light Sensor on Sprint
  246. FM Radio on the Telus Diamond
  247. OK need help with my diamond please
  248. MSL code via Online Activation
  249. what is the area above date with sprint logo called?
  250. Delivery; worries.