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  1. Solution to highlight color tf3d start menu
  2. Problems with MMS
  3. CDMA - Telus OEM Screen Protector
  4. LG Incite Keyboard!?
  5. FM Transmitter for windows mobile
  6. Need help unlocking PW protected htc touch diamond???
  7. Forced roaming
  8. OK I'm Crazy.. Camaera Tweaks(?).
  9. Motion Sensor/Light Sensor camera
  10. Record from FM
  11. delete
  12. Does Touch Shell work with your diamond?
  13. Adjust manila buttons?
  14. Diamond -> Touch Pro Using Equipment protection?
  15. Modify the "multi" adapter
  16. Phone keeps locking itself
  17. Battery Icon
  18. someone has to port this accelerometer demo to the diamond!!
  19. Cellular South GPS Problem
  20. Diamond - Internal Storage renamed Internal Storage2
  21. Sending email with Hotmail
  22. louder ringer
  23. Strange But Weird Question
  24. data connection turns itself off?
  25. Best way to remove duplicate contacts?
  26. Internal Memory programs, how do I show in "Programs"?
  27. Lost vibration
  28. VistaHide Battery Guage - Registry Settings
  29. Windows Mobile 7 (concept)
  30. Why is my Diamond so laggy?
  31. How to backup SSPL?
  32. Camera Problem
  33. using sashimi for backing up settings
  34. Question about TF3D Settings Tab
  35. prl update
  36. How do you clean...
  37. Discoloration on the screen
  38. htc touch diamond
  39. Should I install programs onto the Device or Internal Storage?
  40. usercp
  41. ROM question.
  42. Can A Telus phone be setup on MTS network?
  43. Need some help possibly..
  44. Juggalo ROM v0.05B Install
  45. Directory Structure problem
  46. Where can I get OZ text messaging app?
  47. starplayr, turning screen off
  48. hard reset
  49. All kinds of problems
  50. Change Enlarge Stat Menu back to Ugly Green
  51. ActiveSync: New ROM need Old Settings
  52. Way to Keep WallPaper on all tabs?
  53. How to remove HKLM software
  54. At last
  55. problem with music album
  56. Contacts tab keeps resetting my Touch Flo
  57. Htc Diamond Vista Drivers For Qpst
  58. Diamond headphones shock?
  59. How to add music to the phone?
  60. Saving playlist?
  61. stock keyboard
  62. Sprint Digitizer
  63. ad-hoc network connection issues.
  64. Bluetooth Stereo ReLinking.
  65. cube for diamond?
  66. Manilla Default Wallpaper directory
  67. SeeqpodMobile Problem on Sprint Diamond
  68. extended battery 1500mAh but same size
  69. Please help: File association problem.
  70. Very strange battery life/issues
  71. Juicy 4.3 - Empty "menu" softkey in messages
  72. A few questions..please, upgraded from Sprint Touch
  73. Alltel Diamond- Will it work 100% in "non Alltel" region??
  74. Gmail Login Problems - Juicy 4.3
  75. Help with PocketCM please
  76. Use any mini usb for use of activesync and syncing?
  77. How do I change my SPC# ?
  78. backup pim info without syncing?
  79. NEW IE Mobile 6!! - Who can get this on a diamond???
  80. The alarm off in the today screen is not change all the time
  81. No Caller id
  82. YouTube Login Error
  83. Starting from scratch, is there a FAQ?
  84. No tethering on NEWER diamond???
  85. Looking for Sprint Original Rom
  86. Trying to install Diamond TV but...
  87. EV While Roaming
  88. Keybo Pre-Paid onto HTC Diamond (TELUS)
  89. today screen items
  90. Diamond or Touch Pro
  91. Need help editing clock manilla
  92. Different INterface for the Diamond
  93. 3rd party battery issue
  94. Screen keeps rotating.... and hard to realign back
  95. Active phone call -remove mute?
  96. Keep getting email relogin
  97. Battery cover nightmare...
  98. Boost your wifi speeds
  99. Can anyone tell me.....
  100. Solved: Sprint IM Software
  101. TomTom Navigator 7.9 VGA Version
  102. Easy Bluetooth/Wifi Toggle Apps
  103. Older HTC Home VGA Style Here
  104. Skyfire web brower 3G/EVDO problem
  105. Capacitive Touch Buttons/Hardware Buttons! Let Your Voices Be Heard!
  106. How to assign a custom alert for a text sent from an email address.
  107. Does your Diamond make unwanted calls?
  108. Forced roaming saves battery...
  109. How to silence/mute notification when receiving a text/mms/email using volume key.
  110. Diamond Touch response...
  111. Locking Hard Keys Question...
  112. T9 quirk (beware! this is by far the least interesting thread on this forum!)
  113. Telus Pitcure Messaging
  114. How do I stop the incoming call to 'ring' in my ears through headset ?
  115. T9 text entry in Opera..
  116. Blackberry Interface ported to WinMo
  117. Diamond euro 3G to US 3G?
  118. How do you guys clear up your storage memory?
  119. Opera 9.5 2808
  120. tethering using bluetooth pan
  121. Move your keyboard around on the screen
  122. Stylus Issue With Touch Diamond
  123. Highest quality video on our diamonds?
  124. Why is my Wifi not so great?
  125. Youtube App Volume too loud
  126. Two Cameras?
  127. Telus ROM Update released
  128. Where can I get some of the bell cabs?
  129. Is it just my imagination? (Battery Life)
  130. Why does the Pro feel so much faster?
  131. Diamond TV Help
  132. Kinoma player and battery drain
  133. Is the Htc touch diamond available for tmobile in US
  134. Navigation Pad - did I get a dud ?
  135. Battery is toast?!?
  136. People/Favorites Order
  137. Keyboard Registry setting
  138. pandora
  139. Jagged Back?
  140. Speech Recognition
  141. Any1 know a good screen rotate/Flip application?
  142. backlight randomly come on? :(
  143. htc cube from touch
  144. Removing Carrier Start up Logo on HTC Touch Diamond.
  145. Install Klaxon on HTC Touch Diamond?
  146. New, Some Detailed Questions Re: Diamond
  147. diamond help
  148. Alarm Tone
  149. Mini USB / HTC extension cable
  150. Is it possible 4 me 2 feel more clueless???
  151. TouchFlo 3D or not?
  152. Screen turns on when switching from "1x" to "Ev" networks...
  153. Htc Diamond SpeakerPhone Issue
  154. G-sensor program idea...
  155. Switching between wifi to data and vice versa
  156. Jabra SP700 and the HTC Diamond
  157. some help required re:program group icon font
  158. Caller ID Notification box
  159. Smile Recognition
  160. HTC Diamond carrier ROM/hotfix/driver update pages
  161. Extended battery with new cover
  162. How to play Java games?
  163. Profiles on the HTC Diamond
  164. Hard case without the bar across the middle / bottom?
  165. Pic Message on Alltel Diamond??
  166. Activesync / Exchange delays? as items arrive doesn't always work
  167. Frozen on Alignment screen please Help?
  168. Diamond Touch wont boot
  169. Flashing erases internal storage everytime?
  170. how to mark messages as read..?
  171. Slowing Time Update?
  172. program to block calls?
  173. Heaphone Volume Too Loud
  174. Telus Users: need advice!
  175. vibe hack
  176. Headphone Adapter For Diamond
  177. Diamond screen won't turn back on
  178. Anyone else lose sound after charging (or syncing)?
  179. Invisible Sheild
  180. Video calling on the diamond
  181. Camera Background Image App
  182. Converting DVDs..
  183. Having Problems Unlocking Diamond
  184. track minutes used
  185. Audio out?
  186. transparent keyboards/skins?
  187. Slot cycle index change?
  188. Bell Pointui interface is OUT !
  189. About Stylus out to unlock my 6950 screen
  190. need help please
  191. IM for HTC Diamond
  192. vibrate then ring
  193. Bricked overnight
  194. Tasks/Calendar Events on Homescreen?
  195. Reminders (for appointments) does not always show as a pop-up
  196. Telus HTC Diamond Question?
  197. Weather/Temp program with radar
  198. Attachment download/attaching to email
  199. Street View on Diamond now!
  200. Screen Lock Background
  201. Mass Text Messaging Application for catagories?
  202. TouchFlo 3D config?
  203. Mail tab icons edit
  204. PIE not detecting device
  205. Cracked Screen & other damage.
  206. Iris Browser updated/improved, iphone based browser
  207. Flashing...
  208. internal storage glitch?
  209. Great program for converting Divx movies AND DVD's to "Diamond Format"
  210. "unknown device" on powerdeck
  211. Need help assigning custom sounds to events
  212. Finger Slide Touch Keyboard
  213. Unlocked Diamonds reportedly going dark
  214. Question about Diamond with AT&T
  215. *Review* Ghost Armor Install Pics
  216. Push GMail - Different services evaluated
  217. PPCKitchen Error (File Create error dnsapi.dll)
  218. txt msg autoreply ?
  219. Skype 2.5 Beta - Does unwanted speakerphone live on?
  220. eBay not a good place to buy accessories
  221. Diamond accessories question
  222. Just notice that the diamond records phone calls!
  223. Release dates for other carriers?
  224. Sprint Tv update
  225. HTC Website Updates... Necessary?
  226. Possible to stream music/movies to diamond?
  227. when tethering...
  228. Sprint Update PRL & Profile does work on custom ROMs
  229. Touchflo wallpaper blurry
  230. Is there a bootloader for mtty?
  231. My Wallpapers
  232. Please Help with Resco and SPB Keyboard issue
  233. G-Sensor app from Pro for Diamond ???
  234. Help me out here...folks.
  235. ipod quality headphone sound
  236. Adobe Reader with Re-flow
  237. Htorch?
  238. Showing full timestamps in threaded texting, not just dates!
  239. Qik Live Streaming Video From Cell Phone
  240. Look slike an awesome trick.
  241. HC Touch Diamond Sync issues
  242. Where can I find the Sprint Music Store .cab for my Diamond?
  243. gif playback trouble
  244. Which screen protectors are cut like the Sprint OEM's?
  245. QuickGPS failure
  246. tf3d problems
  247. Diamond Juicy ROM Can't Use Sprint Navi..
  248. Sprint Tv
  249. My Mobiler...
  250. How do you Remove Today Screen Call History Tab