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  1. turn off stylus sensor
  2. Looking For: Unlock phone with Fingerprint
  3. Sprint Diamond and Sprint Pro side my Side.
  4. [Sprint] weird texting problem
  5. help with techy lingo
  6. Help with adding contact info
  7. Is it possible to connect phone wirelessly to computer?
  8. Memory/storage issue
  9. Help again please: Mighty ROM failed to update
  10. help
  11. Is there a way to enable tactile feedback
  12. 2 problems.
  13. SMS & Bluetooth?
  14. optical mouse on diamond
  15. Htc Releases New Rom
  16. Juicy Rom 4.2
  17. Sending Texts but not received in correct order
  18. Wifi turns on while in call?
  19. bluetooth/Vibe Issue
  20. Need Some CAB Info
  21. Comm Manager Problem
  22. Sip-changer disappeared?
  23. Sprint HTC Touch Diamond
  24. e-mail counter won't go away.
  25. File Copying on Diamond
  26. The Best Keyboard App By Far..
  27. Found Replacement Battery Cover for Diamond
  28. Ad Blocker
  29. So many posts about battery... ONE MORE!
  30. Answer Call Touch Button Not Working
  31. 50% battery = losing program data then hard reset
  32. Battery Killer
  33. Analog clock instead of digital on status bar
  34. WM 6.5 out for Touch, when Diamond?
  35. Can't get slider to look right after doing background on all tabs
  36. FM Radio without flashing to a new rom (aka beating a dead horse)
  37. SMS time stamp on incoming messages
  38. Is The HTC Diamond Worth It
  39. Touch Pro Weather Tab for Diamond?
  40. Help with Internal Storage
  41. Diamond help
  42. Force 1x, Hybrid or EVDO EASY MODE!!!
  43. Battery monitor that tells you you discharge rate?
  44. [REQ] Time beeper
  45. Does the diamond have 192mb ram or 288mb?
  46. Any way to batch change how names are displayed?
  47. Multiple text message numbers for single contact?
  48. ?Make the vibrate pulse???
  49. Calls Straight to VM During Data Connection?
  50. Yelp application for the diamond?
  51. What GPS Software?
  52. Diamond PRI version..
  53. Touch Diamond Screen
  54. Windows Media Player Regedit ?
  55. Suggest a good Instant Messaging app?
  56. Extended Battery That Woops ***
  57. Call wait not work
  58. Success with Ebay Battery 2 for $12.xx shipped
  59. no sound when ringing
  60. Backups from Mogul to Diamond
  61. Microsoft Exchange (Push) ONLY works with Juggalo's ROM for me
  62. Typical Battery Life?
  63. HELP! Recovering deleted files
  64. Slide to answer cab or 2
  65. Custom TF3d Background Package
  66. Battery Backdoor for TELUS HTC DIAMOND
  67. "tether" wifi
  68. Battery Monitor: what's your typical DisChargeCurrent level?
  69. GODZSON's -Fonts 4 Win & TF3D
  70. Battery in every window
  71. Signal Strenght
  72. Let the speaker sound much better!
  73. Touchscreen durability
  74. Windows 7 and HTC Diamond
  75. Word Completion
  76. Change the program quick access screen?
  77. Opera 9.5 install question
  78. Need a juicy ROM
  79. Help 2 stuck pixels.
  80. Active Sync and 21109 = No Good?
  81. How are text messages stored in Windows Mobile?
  82. Mogul for Diamond, swap for Pro?
  83. what could be wrong with my phone?
  84. Is there really going to be an Update for the Diamond?
  85. Can Lock the clock?
  86. Static shock
  87. Vibrating and frozen
  88. Removing the junk on my Touch Diamond??
  89. GSM Wallpaper
  90. question about custom roms
  91. Bell Custom ROM??
  92. FIXED: Help me save my phone. I am missing essential files found on all Diamonds.
  93. Skins for your Diamond
  94. upload pictures to services = broken
  95. Phone turn off when answering a call
  96. Not receiving entire text message
  97. Godzson's-S2A & Curtain Lock
  98. AGPS Help
  99. setting up OWA mail
  100. UPDATE: WORKS!!!! Is there an AUTO - Data Disconnect regedit?
  101. sprint htc diamond phone modem doesn't work
  102. How to Backup Teeter Game Saves?
  103. People recieving multiple texts from me
  104. streaming media?
  105. sync calendars from vista to windows mobile
  106. Car charger requires the adaptor
  107. Setting up my phone was fun - mostly. Information for next freshy.
  108. upgrades for camera
  109. I cant hear Internet Radio stations..
  110. phone keypad not working properly.
  111. push yahoo email?
  112. remove programs.exe ??
  113. New rotate app from xda..CHANGESCREEN
  114. Cracked battery cover
  115. Active Sync on phone issue
  116. HTC 4G wimax
  117. CDMA Diamond windshield mount
  118. Annoying Options Button
  119. How to use ImapPusherService
  120. Distinctive Ringtone programs
  121. Flexilis
  122. Phone boots, but then turns off
  123. How to change to PCM keyboard
  124. Diamond keeps vibrating
  125. Diamond no longer shows up as Disk Drive when using USB
  126. No Sound From HTC Touch Diamond
  127. gmail sent problem.
  128. Diamond camera can do 3 cm macro!
  129. Just a little humor
  130. Zagg 50% off sitewide coupon
  131. YouTube wont launch
  132. why oh why CANT I STOP THE DATA CONNECTION?!?!?
  133. AM/PM missing from TF3D Home?
  134. Back cover protection for camera?
  135. Finally a battery that works on Diamond
  136. Diamond Youtube/sling/sprinttv annoyances
  137. Left corner outstanding
  138. Internal Storage Wiped for No Reason
  139. 7 megapixel panorama tweak
  140. Roaming/Texting problem
  141. HTC Fuze: Customization issues...
  142. CAB to conserve memory
  143. Diamond and Vista
  144. Push Gmail, love it
  145. just curious, how do you guys edit your t9 dictionary?
  146. Opaque Tab Question
  147. YouTube built in app question.
  148. !! Call history & calender REMOVED from home screen!!!
  149. iphone software
  150. The best qwerty?
  151. Can Sprint find out?
  152. Diamond won't boot up
  153. custom TXT msg alert sounds help
  154. Can Excel/Word Files Sync to Internal Storage?
  155. "Tap and Hold" not working (now working)
  156. Is there a working HTC Home plugin for the Diamond?
  157. Battery Percentage in SPB Mobile Shell
  158. Blackstone Cabs
  159. Steam friends on WM
  160. Omnia Landscape Keyboard?
  161. OK, NUBIE question: Video format
  162. Diamond Skins
  163. My keyboard is stuck on #s
  164. How to make Caver use touch screen instead of accelerometer??
  165. navteq on my diamond
  166. transparent clock?
  167. How To: Change Default Media Player
  168. Weather Not updating
  169. Remote desktop mobile only works with WIFI
  170. Chipped back cover
  171. Can Diamond do 3 way calling?
  172. re: battery meter changes after soft reset
  173. Taskbar displaying wrong battery percentage
  174. Problem: disabling TF3D=half-blank screen
  175. problem with my touchflo 3d config
  176. Difficulty accepting incoming phone calls. Possible to lengthen ring time?
  177. Having a few issues..
  178. Album Artwork wont Show on Sprint Music Tab
  179. Couple of Newbie Questions
  180. How do I add more appilcations on the program list?
  181. Verizon Diamond
  182. Cube for VGA devices? If not what's the quickest way to make a phone call?
  183. Anyone use their diamond Overseas?
  184. Local Listing / News?
  185. Opera Mobile and plug ins
  186. Diamond can't see bluetooth devices
  187. Emulators on the Diamond
  188. how do I get rid of tf3d slide/tab/icons
  189. Windows Mobile Wallpaper Pack
  190. Diamond SensorScroll [v0.1 beta]
  191. Phone not ringing when receiving picture mail!
  192. V-tap update
  193. WIFI help
  194. Jawbone II not working
  195. Calendar ob TF3D
  196. managed programs
  197. Diamond + Subscription Music Question
  198. My Gmail accounts are sending emails twice
  199. "Not enough temporary disk space"
  200. 'MSCONTACTS' cannot be opened
  201. Lock notification
  202. Sprint picture mail interface on a custom rom?
  203. New Contacts List
  204. EXTREME Call answer delay
  205. remote desktop mobile
  206. Internal Memory Not Found
  207. Texting problems
  208. Will any USB 5pin cable work to charge the Diamond?
  209. Opera HELP
  210. Turn off Data and still use GPS
  211. Diamond Resets by itself help!!!!!!
  212. Need you Guru's for this...
  213. My Gmail accounts (set up through WinMo) are not saving Sent mail
  214. FM Radio Cab? Or only inside a ROM?
  215. Anyway to watch youtube?
  216. Pamas Analog + Digital clock.
  217. Earth to PRoGrammers!!!!!
  218. Android Running On Diamond!!
  219. picture mail taking a day plus to send and recieve
  220. A simple timer can wake up?
  221. Getting rid of EZinput
  222. Must have accelerometer app ... iBoobs
  223. OEM Back Cover
  224. THreaded SMS Issue Need Help ASAP I am Annoyed beyond belief
  225. Not receiving short messages from websites
  226. EMail2 Connection ID
  227. anyway to turn off the G sensor?
  228. Anyone Own MOTOROKR S9 bluetooth headphones?
  229. Need a reg tweak for "All Programs"
  230. Purchasable CDMA back battery cover?
  231. International Text Msg
  232. Seidio Headsets for Diamond
  233. For SPB Mobile Shell Users...
  234. Tethering with Everything plan?
  235. youtube slow framerate
  236. Volume System/Ring - Change Default Tab
  237. New Touch owner. Obligatory newb question.
  238. Locking keys
  239. suggest a weather application?
  240. CAB Extractor
  241. Diamond- split down d pad?
  242. CDMA Diamond Belt Clip
  243. large caller id photo?
  244. Slide to Answer off Touch HD (needs porting)
  245. Best Bluetooth Stereo Headsets
  246. using build os ?
  247. How to silence alarms?
  248. How to Play Videos on Diamond?
  249. 30% off + free shipping ZAGG.com coupon: 30% off invisibleSHIELD Protectors
  250. Ghost armor