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  1. HTC Blnk screen and other prob.
  2. Sprint Touch Pro headphone adapter "issue"
  3. Cannot Receive Calls On the touch pro
  4. Is it the same?
  5. update for stability? risks? and other questions
  6. My Htc got the memory full....
  7. Any options to replace speaker??
  8. Need Help Alltel HTC Touch Pro MMS
  9. Fastest 6.5 ROM on the Touch Pro with Most RAM
  10. touch pro boost data connection issues
  11. Alltel phone on Verizon
  12. Does anyone know what the next generation of this line will be?
  13. Touch Pro stopped being recognized by Win 7 x64
  14. Cab File not showing up to Uninstall
  15. Asking a Question to all ROM Developers! How Do I build a ROM?
  16. [NEED HELP] VZ Touch Pro
  17. Got my Touch Pro on Metropcs. Need help with web.
  18. Activesync with WIFI
  19. TP Text Message Notification
  20. Need Help Setting Up Remote Desktop Mobile
  21. how to unlock
  22. TF3D Freezes/partially launches
  23. Weird Headphone Issue
  24. Any idea on touch pro android ROM?
  25. Unable to connect phone to computer.
  26. sms problem
  27. sms ploblem
  28. Cab for No Program Background
  29. CAB to EXT
  30. Mighty Rom, TF3D does not load
  31. Sense 2.5 with 6.1 for Touch Pro?
  32. TP Dead screen/keyboard shortcuts?
  33. Flashed with MightyRom 6, now how to cricket it?:)
  34. Touch Pro CDMA PPC6850CS Repair Site
  35. Sprint/Alltel TP battery Cover
  36. Cab for Stock Keyboard for Sprint
  37. Battery Question
  38. cdma touch pro stuck at bootloader (have tried reflashing stock ROM and other ROMs)
  39. My TP hangs during ROM update
  40. ##786# reset and now no service
  41. Needing to flash my TP to either Metro or Boost. How do I?
  42. cab for symbol button fix?
  43. Htc touch pro 2 from telus
  44. Recommend a rom/theme!
  45. Relocking my Alltel HELP PLZZZ NEWBIE
  46. bluetooth for dummies ?
  47. HTC Touch pro ViewCommander trouble
  48. HTC Touch Pro MMS Touch Screen Problem
  49. So don't make fun of me but......
  50. Sprint TP -> TP2 Upgrade?
  51. Free texting w/o unlimited plan?
  52. how to unlock alltel htc tp and install custom roms
  53. SD Card Flashing via. Touch Pro not working
  54. htc touch pro flashed to cricket stoped working???
  55. #8 is on the way
  56. t9 always stays on
  57. help with "Live Search or Bing"
  58. Where to take Touch Pro?/???
  59. Activation Help
  60. couple dumb questions, clock on title bar and another one
  61. I need help, someone please help me.
  62. Icons Messed Up
  63. getting stuff from my phone to my computer without microsoft activesync?
  64. screen problem
  65. problems with my touch pro (Alltel)
  66. Android On TouchPro?
  67. Touch pro (sprint) rom 2.01.651.6 sms sending/receive issue
  68. Way early EVO! *does cartwheel*
  69. My touch pro stops charging when too hot!
  70. Can bluetooth affect GPS lock?
  71. must have sweated into the earhole
  72. Touch Pro w/ Mightyrom6 gps issues
  73. help with verizon TP
  74. Configuring Sprint-Branded Touch Pro to work on Verizon
  75. HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) touch screen woes
  76. Help please
  77. almost bricked my touch pro need some help and yes im a noob
  78. sprint family locator. : sprint touch pro
  79. Error 220 on flash.
  80. "NETCFv35.Messages.En.wm.cab"
  81. htc touch pro roms
  82. sd card
  83. Broken Bezel - Signal Loose
  84. Help after transfert Verizon_HSPL_Package
  85. Unlock Alltel/Vreizon Touch Pro to work in Nigeria?
  86. Telephony function suddenly failed
  87. Proper way of going back to stock
  88. Are there any ROMs out there with MaxSense UI for the TP 6850 Sprint CDMA???
  89. New with this phone
  90. Treo users sued Palm, why not TP users with sprint,asurion,and htc???
  91. Please help with file transfer.
  92. Please help me unlock htc touch pro w/verizon
  93. Hardware 3D accelaration on Tp has FINALLY been enabled!
  94. No EVDO after official HTC Alltel upgrade
  95. video messages
  96. Help with my contacts
  97. TP Insurance (Sprint)
  98. Sprint MMS Settings
  99. Trading Phones
  100. Does gps work outside of US?
  101. Changing Roms...
  102. I rly need some help
  103. CDMA Bell programming the tp pro phone?
  104. Energy Rom - Sprint Airave and Picture Mail
  105. Racing Games for Touch Pro
  106. turn off a retractable slider
  107. Sprint Navigation v2.8 Volume Extremely Low
  108. Phone died :\
  109. iGuidance TTS Not Working FIX!!!
  110. Can't get to unlock my HTC Touch Pro
  111. New energy rom problem
  112. Screen died
  113. Upgrade DMU keys manually..HELP
  114. EVO Sounds for HTC Touch Pro
  115. tethering suddenly stopped working
  116. Yo mods! New Android sub-forum
  117. Sprint - No Data/No Voice in certain areas, Error 1012
  118. Help with Android Gen Y Dual Boot
  119. Thinking about selling as good as new Touch pro
  120. need some help and pointers on cooking a rom
  121. Sprint Touch Pro won't charge/stops charging
  122. touch pro alert sounds
  123. Is there a notification light for the touch pro by the earpiece?
  124. AutoSync.exe Error
  125. Need a new battery
  126. Is this the best option for a Mac user?
  127. Security Unlock Screen
  128. Screen Issue Fix
  129. A Multitude of Problems for my TP
  130. Radio issue
  131. Is my touch pro dead
  132. Wifi on Touch Pro Question
  133. HTC TP from Sprint to Metro PCS
  134. Touch Pro's Calendar
  135. Another dialer for TP CDMA
  136. How to create partition in my mmc
  137. moving files off the internal memory to the storage card
  138. Ques: Upgrading Sprint Touch Pro to WM 6.5
  139. Got data working, but.......
  140. Voice Command and dialer problem
  141. Alltel touch pro?
  142. Create your own mobile hotspot!!
  143. Result from upgrading ROM?
  144. Using Energy Rom but can't get into....
  145. Help :( Flashed to GSM ROM
  146. TP for Moment
  147. SICK of it...
  148. Sync problems!!!!!!!!
  149. Is there a ROM other than the Sprint Stock ROM that supports Overclocking?
  150. My sprint TP can not forcing roam!
  151. Getting contacts off Touch Pro
  152. Stock SIP Keyboard problem, 21055 rom
  153. Help with picture mail sprint touch pro
  154. Will the touch pro go out of stock soon?
  155. Touch Pro 2 T-mobile for metropcs
  156. verison htc touch pro on metro pcs help!!!
  157. Best way to do gmail?
  158. Does the Touch Pro really have 288 mb RAM? I don't see it
  159. Help!!!!!!!!!
  160. Time to upgrade?
  161. I can't format my MMC
  162. Rom questions
  163. US Cellular Touch Pro...soft reset instead of sleep mode
  164. Phone works in Android, reboots in WinMO
  165. shazam app cab
  166. Help With default Media Player
  167. How to retrieve MMS messages
  168. Video recording very choppy - any fix
  169. Any cooks want to try building a rom with 6.1 and Sense 2.5?
  170. Thanks TP guys!
  171. Where did the TP Mighty Rom go?
  172. random resetting
  173. Battery Life Sucks on Touch Pro, need help!!
  174. Internet Speed via. EVDO SLOW on touch pro!!!!
  175. TouchFlo 3D upgrade?
  176. I can't go to the touchflo 2.5 on tank rom!
  177. Black Screen
  178. verizon tp not loading TF3D?!
  179. Skyfire On Android for Touch Pro
  180. Can't send SMS HELP!!!
  181. HTC TOUCH PRO- 2 verizon
  182. Latest Easy Install of Android Version?
  183. Phone freezes when I connect my laptop to wifi router - never did this before
  184. Free Charger Base and Battery
  185. Who is the Creator on the TP INTEGRA Rom for CRICKET
  186. Alltel TP to Verizon. one big problem...data. Please help
  187. Flip-Clock ROM for Touch Pro
  188. In Call Voice changer for Windows mobile
  189. Telus Default Splash
  190. I dropped the phone and now all I have is a black screen?
  191. how to keep screen locked when initiating a BlueTooth call?
  192. Help with Wifi problem
  193. Easily put ANY CDMA ROM on Cricket!!!!!!!!
  194. R.I.P Touch Pro
  195. Permanent Landscape
  196. Center button failed
  197. GTX help! Quick.
  198. touch screen problem
  199. Touch Pro crashing
  200. navigation control - slide
  201. Phone just vibrates when starting up. No bootloader/welcome, think I'm bricked.
  202. Can I change carriers by simply flashing roms?
  203. TP is always freezing at boot-up/hard-resetting after a soft reset! HELP!
  204. Picture Mail Help
  205. Verizon MMS on tp
  206. TP freeze on TP screen HELP!!
  207. TP2 Memory loss?
  208. phone as modem with Win 7
  209. Touch Pro 2 Ringtone Thread
  210. Help please
  211. Mightmike rom SE for Touch Pro????
  212. Odd, I can't hard reset.
  213. Free htc touch pro accessories
  214. phone heats up as if it's gonna blow, gee!
  215. Would anyone care to help me flash a custom rom over aim/phone call?
  216. LED Lights.
  217. Need help, Installing new ROM with Windows mobile device center
  218. Will flashing to a custom rom erase ur phone number????
  219. Booksync seems broken. How do you link facebook photos to contacts?
  220. Whats the keyboard called on EnergyRom?
  221. Won't go into Landcscape at all
  222. Hermann (Alltel) Touch Pro Display Issues
  223. Looking for Magic Button App
  224. cabs / apps
  225. CDMA touch pro problems - hard reset without asking to
  226. Am I the only person who has returned a Touch Pro 2?
  227. swype?
  228. ROM Question, and Android Question
  229. from sprint to vz
  230. Bottom Buttons won't work?
  231. READY TO UPGRADE! but Which ROM can I use? :(
  232. move sounds to storage card?
  233. "Data call failure" message with no data plan
  234. What would happen if i flashed a TP2 rom on my TP?
  235. Any roms with 6.1 and Sense 2.5?
  236. getting rid of my Sprint $30 SERO plan and touch pro 2
  237. keyboard problem on my htc fuze need urgent help
  238. Screen Goes On
  239. Keyboard started working again...
  240. HD2 type ROM for Touch Pro?
  241. telus and sprint touch pro
  242. Skyfire Error
  243. Lil Help In The Kitchen?
  244. The Great ROM Debate: A New Look
  245. Gtx icons wont change.
  246. My phone won't flash and change ROM's?
  247. GPS Fix
  248. Toyota bluetooth
  249. GTX Backgrounds!!
  250. Help...Dead Keyboard