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  15. Album Re-organization
  16. Hard Keyboard Phones for Sprint anywhere near for Sprint??
  17. Broke/Cracked no i F'd up the Screen
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  20. GPS problem
  21. Google Mobile not Fully working for me
  22. OTA Update (EL29)
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  25. Sense ROM on SGS2(Epic Touch 4G)
  26. Text Messages On Lockscreen?
  27. SGS2 NFC Chip?
  28. Screen Unresponsive
  29. delete this
  30. Would you like to see CyanogenMod for the Epic 4G Touch?
  31. Removal of CIQ
  32. Question: Proper method to copy over a kernel
  33. my big epic touch wishes:
  34. Epic Touch 4G Tips & Tricks!
  35. Merging Contacts
  36. a couple of things
  37. Whats up with the Data connection on this (not speed)
  38. OK will somebody post a friggin ROM already?
  39. HTML Exchange email
  40. headphone jack supports mic too?
  41. HD movies
  42. Official Epic Touch 4G Screenshot Thread!
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  44. Camera shutter sound?
  45. Advice
  46. Moved from EVO 4g to S2
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  48. Looking to put my sprint epic on my boost plan, help?
  49. Bring on the ROMS! (Psssst OMJ, you need this phone)
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