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  1. such a n00b
  2. Contact button in phone to iContact
  3. How can I change my default keyboard?
  4. Keyguard time hack?
  5. Cab Style regedits - get em here - requests welcomed
  6. Tweak to eliminate "Connecting" and mail update?
  7. I dont know if this is something in the registry or not
  8. ***Request Custom Reg Hack Cab**
  9. Is there a Cascading start menu Reg tweak?
  10. extendin call log
  11. Creating A Press N Hold Function ?
  12. Speed Up MS Voice Command Reading...
  13. disabling phone dial sound
  14. Keyboard backlit always on hack?
  15. KB charges from vzw
  16. How to make WiFi access point from your Windows Mobile phone
  17. camera flash
  18. Making reg edits into a cab file
  19. Windows Xp Start.up and Shut.Dwn Song?
  20. Remove/disable Text Message Retry App
  21. Remove Today Screen Separators?
  22. Finger Flick Contact Manager Update Anyone??
  23. web site redirect
  24. web automatic redirect
  25. PPC MMS Hack New Issue For 6700
  26. WM6 and bluetooth motorola hs820
  27. How to close programs for GOOD!
  28. Making the slide2unlock from 24h format to 12h format
  29. sms pop-up for pocketcm
  30. Trying to turn off screen turning on when buttons are pressed
  31. Battery tweaks
  32. Changing the img names
  33. Tweak volume on Programs?
  34. need to clear email account from memory
  35. Wifi and data
  36. Need help disabling
  37. Moving contacts to sd card
  38. Connecting Wifi?
  39. Mogul Lock Link
  40. Disable New Message Pop-up's?
  41. scroll button
  42. Registry Editor Problem
  43. I Need Help Please!!!
  44. WM6 Disable Message Sent Notification..
  45. need a program to close apllication on 6800
  46. Today Screen modification question
  47. Bluetooth sound improvement registry hacks
  48. IP Addresses in ##778 Primary HA Address....
  49. Two Questions?
  50. Contact list display
  51. PHM Registry Editor: Pocket PC Edition
  52. limit to number email accnts
  53. font menu
  54. Speaker phone Volume Hack?
  55. Lost Wireless Radio!!!
  56. pIE as IE6 Hack?
  57. Cannot map message button for messages!
  58. this is not a valid ppc application
  60. saving reg edit
  61. Picturemail & PIE Cookies problem
  62. Disable SMS Recieved Notification
  63. bluetooth volume
  64. Power setting registry keys
  65. Microphone AGC reg key
  66. Disbale battery icon in task bar.
  67. Any tweak to not show running program name in title bar?
  68. Is there a way to backup Voice Dial Recordings?
  69. Seperate today apps?
  70. Which cache tweaks are really necessary?
  71. I loose my sound settings every few hours - any solution?
  72. How to create a auto-reg entry set?
  73. broken screen, disable touchpad calibration?
  74. Needed: Disable size limit for video
  75. Help Please! power button and device lock!
  76. Louder of ringtone and earpiece
  77. MP3 as Ring tone
  78. Erase history incoming / outgoing call
  79. signal sounds
  80. Needed: Disable "Message Sent" CAB
  81. registry .exe association erased
  82. Repeat notifications for text and email messages
  83. Problems with Modem after installing 3.5
  84. Somewhat Novice...should I even mess with AKU 3.5??
  85. speeding up your 6700
  86. Bluetooth
  87. bluetooth headset
  88. Wireless Manager
  89. Adjust pswd "Lock" settings w/ AS Exchange?
  90. How to get "Owner" information on one line...
  91. Screen orientation?
  92. Delete the word "Start"
  93. Dual date line, want single
  94. need help on Picture Messaging Hack/code for the PPC 6700
  95. Remove Volume Icon?
  96. browser upgrades?
  97. Default PIE User Strings for the 6700?
  98. Ringtones Location - Problems Moving to Storage Card
  99. Remove Splash screen from Agenda One
  100. Quicker Ring Response
  101. Profile - changing Registry Audio + Connection settings
  102. Registry entry to hide tethering
  103. change "pictures and videos" folder
  104. pda email to the storage card
  105. 6700 Horizontal View
  106. Need help editing the registry? Primer Here
  107. Registry Import files?
  108. Help Needed! Screenshots of your Registry
  109. need help with adding to registry
  110. Disable Pocket MSN?
  111. Change click sounds
  112. Experimental/6700 only tested
  113. Disable Volume Control Button
  114. Mode of Operation
  115. HKEY only ?????
  116. didn't see some of these - good performace/SDCard stability
  117. Removal of icon tray
  118. Need Default User Agent Strings (PIC included)
  119. transciber software
  120. sync my document straight to storage card
  121. Text Messaging Recipient Restriction!?!?
  122. Volume hack?
  123. ca i disable sprint pcs vison o my ppc 6700
  124. Request: Connection Timeout Registry Value?
  125. Increase "Maximum number of concurrent connections"
  126. Stop the annoying beeps when you change volume during a call
  127. Set default view in contact list *request*
  128. SMS and Caller ID font Increase Hack needed
  129. Show Calendar event text in Week View
  130. Disable charging over USB
  131. Always require SMS Delivery notification
  132. Change the SMS Sent notification text
  133. Disable the SMS Sent notification
  134. Change ringtone/vibrate/LED flash characteristics
  135. Hide/Show battery indicator in Task bar
  136. Hide/Show Screen orientation icon
  137. GPRS always on
  138. Enable/Disable receiving of files over BlueTooth/IrDA
  139. Remove operator skin from Phone app
  140. Make reminders show only once
  141. Change slide-out keyboard layout
  142. Change location of ringtones
  143. Add Lunar Calendar mode to Calendar
  144. Add GPS settings icon
  145. Disable 3gp (video) size limit (only on HTC devices)
  146. Change the application launched by Today screen Soft Keys
  147. Default SMS Delivery Notifications to on
  148. Disable security warning when installing non-certified app.
  149. Change the Short Date Format
  150. Change the display of the clock in the taskbar
  151. Change the location of 'Temporary Internet Files'
  152. Change the 'user agent' identification of PIE
  153. Add a 'Disconnect' button (and Timer) to the Connection List
  154. Enable ClearType in Landscape mode
  155. Change the length of scrollbar arrow buttons
  156. Change the thickness of scrollbars
  157. Increase FileSystem filter cache
  158. Increase FileSystem cache
  159. Enable FileSystem cache
  160. Increase font cache
  161. Disable window animations
  162. Disable menu animations
  163. Repeat Notifications--Turn them on
  164. Remove System Tray Icons
  165. Disable Flight Mode
  166. Hack for louder ear piece volume for verizon.
  167. Increase Ringer Volume