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  1. stock evo keyboard themes please!
  2. RedUnderground
  3. Team Revolations Rev-Rom v.1.2 Update
  4. [Boot Animations]Diablo67's Boot Ani's
  5. [Splash Screens]Diablo67's Splash Screens 4 EVO
  6. HTC EVO 4g
  7. Black miui asop clock
  8. Post your mclock Customizations
  9. Skype w/ Video for EVO
  10. Custom MIUI Animated Analog Clocks
  11. [THEME] xEVO GoldRush for AOSP ROMS with theme Chooser by XsMagical [05/30/2010]
  12. HTC EVO 4G Wallpapers site....beta!
  13. [Keyboard] GB Themed Keyboards for 2.2.x & 2.3.x by XsMagical [5-22-2011]
  14. [BOOT] EVO 3D Boot Animation for 2.3+
  15. [THEME] NewEraGFx 3.1a for EVO-Deck & CM7[May 15 2011]
  16. Evo on Boost/no insurance charging port protection
  17. Does DH v0.55
  18. Widgetlocker question
  19. "Stable" GPS
  20. Minor issue with DH
  21. Need a rom Suggestion
  22. windows-esque boot animation
  23. [Live Wallpaper] Easter Meadows
  24. [THEME] Mod Nation Presents FIRST BLOOD for Evo Deck pre5 posted [4/19/2011]
  25. HTC Hub Soundsets
  26. Use your EVO as a "Desktop PC" no VPN needed
  27. [THEME] Dark Horse Final for deck's Gingerbread [rc10] [STABLER] - Plus Themed Gapps
  28. [3 Live Wallpapers] Photile, Jumpgate, and Dynamic Paint
  29. Widget Locker 2.0 Slider Skins
  30. Wallpaper Thread!
  31. Making and installing my own Boot Animations
  32. Post your Custom Lock Screen and Widgets
  33. [MOD] Custom Minaj Dropdown Notification Menu
  34. Transparent & Skinable Settings Toggle Widget
  35. Need Help Skinning Honeycomb Music Widget
  36. Need Help with Glass Icon for EVO 4g
  37. Review on EVO vinyl decals
  38. Monster High ADW Theme/Monster High Clock Widget Request
  39. Screen Off Animation (T.V. Off Anim.)
  40. Custom ear piece, kickstand and HTC logo vinyl cut outs
  41. Riptide9's Glass Icons Exstentions
  42. Text Launcher Pro Icons?
  43. Help Deleting GPS & Alarm icon off Status Bar
  44. Transparent theme
  45. new OTA taskbar themes?
  46. Great thread to theme launcher pro docks
  47. Updated jan.8.11 Splash Screens for Evo "Evolution"
  48. How do I skip songs by holding the volume buttons?
  49. htc news widget
  50. R2Droid2
  51. Power Menu Icon Fix For Myn's TwoPointTwo RLS 4
  52. Just Flashed Deodexed
  53. Black theme for updated android market
  54. A WinMo 6.5-ish Sence theme?
  55. [Request] 1% battery increments
  56. [Live Wallpaper] Blue Skies - 11/21
  57. Lock Screen Image ?
  58. DUSK Theme for EVO???
  59. Launcher pro
  60. Theme injector
  61. Change banner without Cdmaworkshop
  62. could someone make a black clock for me?
  63. Can someone please make a metamorph of Manup's Alt Rosie?
  64. Flashable splash creation
  65. HTC EVO Lock
  66. Five Halloween Themed Live Wallpapers
  67. riptide theme handscent question...
  68. [Live Wallpaper] Mac OSX Flurry Screensaver turned into Android LW
  69. How to get sprints hot spot to work completely (root needed)
  70. [Live Wallpaper] Green Droid pokes fun at Apple's expense
  71. konikub themes?
  72. Fully customize a Theme
  73. custom docks???
  74. Looking for EVO Screen Lock soft button/toggle ?
  75. Sense Lock Screen, Straight Bar, Not Curved?
  76. riptide theme question...
  77. Lock screen
  78. riptide's glass theme on stock???
  79. [Live Wallpapers] Star Wars - R2D2, Millennium Falcon, Slug, Lightspeed
  80. Calendar question
  81. Evo Boot Animations
  82. Is there a Apps speed loader for .APKs?
  83. Lockscreen like on MIUI Rom?
  84. Black Weather Clock
  85. Beats By Dre Theme
  86. Droid x multitouch kb for froyo
  87. Apk signing made easy
  88. Stock HTC rossie
  89. [MODS] Calkulin's mods -MMS fix; USB Tether fix, more
  90. Change EVO 4g Espresso Dock but Keep Sense
  91. RED AND BLACK Evo ;)
  92. [HOW TO] Theme Building-By SGBZ
  93. [GUIDE] Add custom city to HTC Sense Weather
  94. [Theme] Kuma Style (Elite Edition): Link inside (updated 9/16: v1.4)
  95. [REQ] How do I make BattStatt transparent..??
  96. [REQ] Transparent semi Transparent Dialer 2.2
  97. Swype with 2 different themes!!
  98. [REQ] Transparent Taskbar for 2.2
  99. swapping themes? sense ui?
  100. [DIY] How to change carrier name..
  101. Looking for a skinnable digital clock
  102. Clear Clock
  103. Is there an easier way to change boot animation.??
  104. Red/Black Launcher...
  105. LG Optimus Home Launcher: works on Evo
  106. Wallpaper Noob!!!
  107. White theme on 2.2 omj deodexed?
  108. Stock HTC keyboard apk
  109. Lakers Theme
  110. nfl sports teams live or hq ?
  111. how to get custom docks to display unread text and email amount???
  112. Massive EVO wallpaper collection OVER 1800! (Updated: 2/4/11)
  113. Sense clock to flip?
  114. Blue and Silver Evo
  115. (MOD) Super Circle Battery with pct
  116. Any themes that work with froyo ota?
  117. Tutorials on making themes / boot screens?
  118. One Wallpaper per screen possible?
  119. Airbender Wallpaper
  120. Theme Q?
  121. How to change icons
  122. YElLoW/White/BlaCk EVo Paint Job
  123. Change color of keyboard suggestion colors?
  124. EVO Tether Macbook Issues/Not working
  125. Where can I get free live wallpapers?
  126. can i change the color of the task bar in cyanogen rom?
  127. DIY - Custom Evo Gaming Mount! (**Wiimote**/SNES/NES/etc.)
  128. Where can I download the following Sprint apps?
  129. If you just wanted to change the dock?
  130. Best Backup App (Please Help)
  131. Froyo Stock Keyboard as an apk for 1.2.1
  132. Anybody have any idea where i can find any Ghostbusters themes??
  133. Is an on-screen switch-camera button possible??
  134. [Theme] DetoxBlues - White & Blue - OMJ - FRESH - Any new RUU ROM - Colored Menus!
  135. [Theme] Aloysius Theme - Fresh 1.0.1 and OMJ - Color Taskbar/Menus - Any new RUU ROM!
  136. [Theme] EnamoRED Theme - RED!!! -FRESH 1.0.1 and OMJ - Other Roms As Well!!
  137. [Theme] Sapphire Theme - Blue! - FRESH & OMJ - Works On All New RUU ROMS!
  138. [Theme] Minimalistic Theme - Movado Theme - Damage Control - Now on FRESH!!
  139. [Theme] EvoElite - LauncherPro- ROSIE - Color Menus - OMJ - FRESH - Any new RUU ROM!!
  140. [Theme] DetoxEVO Theme (UPDATED 7-18) - White Theme! - FRESH and OMJ ROMS!!!
  141. AOSP Theme for EVO Works On RUU Signed
  142. Theme Questions
  143. can you increase max bt media volume?
  144. A Little Help With Boot Animations Please
  145. Ok, ive googled, but....
  146. Folders for applications rather than all of them on a single page?
  147. Looking for themes for an "unrooted" Evo
  148. Android peeing on apple
  149. APK Signing
  150. Theme Creation Help! =///
  151. Can someone make me a flashable "Droid" Boot sound
  152. Apply/Install Theme
  153. ADW questions...
  154. remove clock from notification bar-how do i?
  155. Nexus lock screen?
  156. Am I very limited on a Stock ROM in terms of customization?
  157. Where do you get your Icons?
  158. Couple of questions!
  159. [WIP] Windows 7ish Theme
  160. evo color scheme. gray to any other color
  161. HTC Quick Record Widget
  162. Task Panel X Apk and Unread SMS alternative
  163. How To Change Splash Screen Using Mac OS X?
  164. any anime themes
  165. how to correctly make wallpaper?
  166. Super Mario Live Screen
  167. Android Stock Wallpapers
  168. Multiple Wallpaper???!!!!
  169. Different sounds for notifications
  170. Evo Bootscreen
  171. Custom notification sounds for EVO?
  172. Pretty Slick PTT
  173. City ID for Evo
  174. need oem taskbar please
  175. Question regarding Open home and HTC widgets...
  176. notification bubbles are gone with any launcher other then sense
  177. Green android
  178. Application to Extract Mutiple Zip Files at Once?
  179. SPB Mobile Rom
  180. Clock Widgets
  181. easy way to upload boot animations/screens
  182. Looking for someone to make some animation
  183. iPhone Icons
  184. Any way to simply change the white clock to black?
  185. how do you remove the phone icon on the bottom of the evo?
  186. what are you guys using on your homescreens?
  187. swype for Evo?
  188. EVO Compatible Wallpapers
  189. htc sense screen rotation?
  192. fold clock
  193. [NSFW] Post Your Homescreens!!!
  194. Evo Themes, Mods and More! (2.1+) The Playground
  195. [NSFW] EVO Wallpaper Thread