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  1. Switch from Free and Clear to DEMO Indirect Employee W Plan
  2. error code 67 for hot spot or tethering
  3. HTC EVO 4G - BOOT LOOP + No Access To The Recovery Mode ! HELP PLZ
  5. HELP! SD card says it is MUCH smaller than it is?!
  6. Question about after flashing to metro
  7. broken power button
  8. Evo V 4g with Virgin mobile question
  9. Retrieving Data From A Phone Without A Working Screen
  10. Robo Defense
  11. PC won't recognize my SD Card?
  12. Phone Replacement??
  13. Hii need help with my Evo 4G 2.18 HBOOT
  14. Making calls using WIFI?
  15. need help wit flashing EVO 4G - i can pay
  16. EVO 4G ROOT on 2.3.5?
  17. Evo 4G: Rooted (I liiike!), so why upgrade the phone?
  18. cannot upload to web
  19. Unrooting/Clockwork Mod Complications
  20. Unrooting questions
  21. Default Browser
  22. upgrade time....
  23. Need Help Rooting Evo w/ HBoot 2.18
  24. How to unlock/root new Evo. What is the best Rom right now?
  25. need help with unlocking/rooting htc evo 4g
  26. not sure how to
  27. How do you remove the HTC Loggers app from an EVO4G
  28. How to unroot and restore Evo back to stock
  29. htc evo 4g
  30. EVO 4g not recognized by Windows via USB
  31. Contacts disappeared by themselves!
  32. Flashing A Kernel Only
  33. What should i do?
  34. WTF ? Am i bricked .....
  35. HTC EVO 4G flash to $50 Verizon prepaid
  36. Charger port went bad, fixing
  37. Water damage, please help
  38. EVO 4G S-Off Needs Service
  39. thousands of roms...
  40. HOW TO ROOT HBOOT 2.18
  41. 2111 Error Message
  42. old evo being used
  43. push email verizon settings?
  44. new market....
  45. set airplane mode from recovery
  46. new prl - 60685
  47. an error occurred while attempting to run privilaged commands!
  48. new sprint update.....upside down front cam?
  49. Help if you allow
  50. messaing app fore closing, new messages not reverting to "read" status
  51. htc evo 4g, mms and internet mot working pleaasse helpmy evo
  52. HTC EVO with white screen
  53. Cant fix reBoot white screen,semi bricked.??
  54. htc evo 4g
  55. Screen shot help
  56. 4G not working
  57. new to rooting and wifi hotspot
  58. Grrr, stupid charging port!!
  59. EVO 4G End of Life... and now I'm sad
  60. Need factory EVO.
  61. password protected
  62. Need Help No Voice CAll at all
  63. How can I root a HTC Evo for a friend without the serial number?
  64. [Q] No 4G, Watch Video
  65. NO 4G Pls Watch Video
  66. Evo is getting another OTA
  67. Android 4.0 for evo ?
  69. help please
  70. Faulty USB Charging Port
  71. Can't install or update applications from SD card
  72. Seidio Extended Battery Charging Problem
  73. Is it possible to use the HTC EVO 4G with another carrier?
  74. Compiling a kernel
  75. Deletion
  76. evo 4g locked
  77. BACK TO STOCK after using Revolutionary to downgrade to FroYo?
  78. evo on cellcom?
  79. I can't find "Connect to PC" Option
  80. My Titanium Pro is not working
  81. Bluetooth discovery timeout setting
  82. Evo not recognizing the SD card, Help!
  83. I miss my evo!!
  84. EVO 4G Discontinued?
  85. Is my $15 a month plan at it's demise?
  86. Help! Reboot Loop, S-On PCIMG36 Not Working, what next.
  87. Unrooting Revolutionary Root?
  88. System updates won't install.
  89. how do you flash a htc evo4g to cricket services?
  90. htc evo recovery problems
  91. Rooting, Wi Fi Hotspot and Upgrading Android
  92. The Sense 3.5 Roms wont play my WMA music...
  93. kind of an evo question... upgrade?
  94. Newbie is lost
  95. Need help with flashing Evo to Cricket.
  96. turning off evo problems.
  97. Will there be Gingerbread for the evo?
  98. 4G turns on by itself ??
  99. Evo charging dock with audio out or HDMI adapter (audio out) possible?
  100. help im stuck in clock work and i cant get out :P
  101. Ice Cream Sandwich?
  102. HELP! Constant Network Error! Tons of info inside, please help :(
  103. Need advice for my 11 yr old son Ipod/Evo
  104. EVO Glass Replacement Help
  105. automatic speakerphone issue
  106. new user (you may have seen this question before elsewhere)
  107. ROM suggestions?
  108. Wireless tether not working
  109. EVOlvedROM r3chargeD
  110. How do I set tower priority.. have sprint... want to use verizon towers
  111. Latest OTA rooted rom from Brad560
  112. HTC Evo Security
  113. USB Tethering!?
  114. Can i wipe my SD Card on Evo 4G?
  115. New EVO
  116. Has anyone heard if the Evo 4G is getting an Ice Cream Sandwich?
  117. Evo Connection Speeds
  118. Visual voicemail not connecting
  119. Rom Help for Metropcs internet and data HTC evo
  120. How to flash HTC Evo to metro pcs
  121. great rom to check out
  122. 4g internet boost
  123. Bluetooth not Working? Check This Out.
  124. Headphone Jack issue...
  125. Evo SD card issues
  126. It's all Dr. Dre's fault
  127. Htc evo4g help...
  128. HTC EVO 2.3 SD card issue
  129. ICS.......on EVO 4G
  130. so like.. a year ago, i convinced all my friends to get evos
  131. Bought a EVO with a balance (locked ESN)
  132. Using my EVO 4g as a modem HELP
  133. Upgrading from EVO 4G to what ?
  134. LTE vs WiMAX backward compatible?
  135. found an evo4g. the screen is locked, how do i contact the owner?
  136. QIK question
  137. Watch ESPN App
  138. PRL for EVO on Cricket
  139. Please Help... No Wifi
  140. Is the EVO 4G scene dead?
  141. Got Full Root what to do next
  142. need help rooting and flashing htc evo 4 g to cricket
  143. Stock Printing App?
  144. Just got a Evo 4g
  145. QUESTION: Microsoft MyPhone export to Andriod Evo Shift 4G
  146. [solved]flashed 4.53.651.1 rooted rom
  147. Verizon Nfl app on 4g?
  148. cliff notes anyone?
  149. htc evo 4g root need help
  150. HTC Sync eats email account settings...help!
  151. need help!
  152. any good video tut. (evo4g)
  154. cant boot out of bootloader
  155. Phone stuck on skateboarding android screen
  157. new ota update this morning 9-2-11
  158. how can i put a theme on my htc evo 4g rooted revolutionary cwm v4.0.1.4
  159. new rooted OTA roms available
  160. evo 4g root on 2.3.3, help
  161. evo 4g root on 2.3.3?
  162. How can I put The Ruu (Supersonic) file back on my Evo
  163. can sum one pls help me flash my phone to cricket i have a htc evo 2.3.3 already root
  164. App2SD apps on MicroSD missing after restore with ClockworkMod recovery
  165. Evo answering and declining calls while in my pocket
  166. kinda lost in restoring my phone from root
  167. Use Sprint HTC EVO 4G in other Carrier
  168. Video lags while recording...
  169. custom rom recommendation
  170. Bluetooth jf3 Skipping issue
  171. How to Transfer Apps (apks) using Bluetooth to any Android Phone (Tutorial) Free !
  172. anyone have the htc contacts and mail .apk?
  173. new revolutionary root issue
  174. Nandroid backup/Revolutionary IO
  175. After flashing destroyer v2 ROM, android market doesn't work
  176. got replacment Evo and it is S-off?
  177. revolutionary.io root for Evo 4G 2.3.3
  178. correction revolutionary works for evo 3d and 4g that wasn't the case until recently
  179. my evo 4g hung in supersonic after install stock rom
  180. Front camera not working / delayed sms
  181. My Evo screen isn't coming on. I am rooted. Can I go to warranty?
  182. WTF whwres my Gingerbread update??
  183. Migrating to a new ROM - backups?
  184. Skype video call mic volume
  185. Unlock Help
  186. htc evo 4g, can't play pandora with 3g
  187. Gameboid help
  188. Any program to configure hard buttons?
  189. EVO does not charge, completely revert back?
  190. vm apk and data
  191. Evo stuck in reboot
  192. SMS Notification Problem
  193. why do contacts that i deleted come back???
  194. ESN swapped back to EVO, need help provisioning data
  195. Lock screen sounds gone crazy..
  196. Stable ROM for HTC EVO 4g
  197. Bluetooth Manager App
  198. Custom kernels
  199. Could this be the gingerbread root?
  200. Screen Brightness
  201. evo 4g root on 2.3.3?
  202. How can we encrypt data on microsd cards?
  203. is there a way to get a local IP address on my evo?
  204. Advise Help Please
  205. Swapping black housing with white one..??
  206. any progress for 2.3.3 root?
  207. Market Place and certain apps not loading
  208. Viber - Anyone get it to work on their EVO?
  209. lurking for a while....finally signed up. lil help?
  210. Recommendations and advice-OMJ User
  211. Gtalk with Video on 2.3.3
  212. After replacing screen, no cell reception.
  213. New prl again!? 60680
  214. Screen looks cracked with phone on.
  215. My EVO 4G is doing some weird things...
  216. Camera Issue
  217. 32gb SD card issue
  218. HTC EVO 4G for Sprint Free
  219. lol evo with physical keyboard :D
  220. System upgrade 2.3 (gingerbread)
  221. Where is the APK, when you download an app?
  222. Quick root question
  223. Rom for EVO 4g
  224. ##3282# issue
  225. Calendar Reminder - Snooze dismisses event instead of snoozing
  226. hotspot help ASAP
  227. netflix question
  228. Rooted Evo shows white screen in youtube and camera on sense roms??
  229. Sprint Evo 4G to Boost Mobile help?
  230. EVO 4G rom that has FULL HDMI and Skype working ??
  231. internet trouble
  232. Repair Center
  233. Love my Evo... can I switch carriers?
  234. Any stable EVO 4g Metro PCS ROMs?
  235. EVO 4g on Metro No SMS! PLZ HELP!!!
  236. Undecided Update Plz Help Me out
  237. extended battery question
  238. Prl just went back to ano older version - 60679
  239. Ayal Music Pro
  240. Cant send email
  241. rooting problems
  242. HTC Sync - Synchronizing Contacts to Outlook 2010
  243. No recovery
  244. EVO keeps rebooting
  245. Voicemail problem
  246. Im back.. Rooted again back now it my notification bar
  247. Like the og EVO 4g someone did a rap song for the EVO 3d...
  248. is it possible to reverse tether?
  249. Looking For The Best Call Blocking App? This is the one for you
  250. power button not working (latest omj rom)