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  1. I can not encrypt
  2. HTC HERO200 Sprint CDMA
  3. Flash hero from cellcom to sprint?
  4. Root my Hero?
  5. Will Sprint fix my Hero?
  6. Getting hero as backup, need rooting help
  7. MMS and GPS not working on my hero
  8. updating andriod
  9. Flash HTC Hero from Sprint to MetroPCS
  10. Rooting
  11. Flashing htc hero to boost mobile
  12. Reusing Hero, So sluggish can't use, any suggestions? *replaced by Sprint*
  13. June 2011--best way to root an HTC Sprint Hero?
  14. Hero phone out of memory, no way to move apps!!!
  15. Level of frustration.....RISING (HTC Hero ROM update
  16. Goodbye little friend.
  17. Htc Hero flashed to metro pcs but no internet or mms
  18. Can I "UNFLASH" from Cricket back to Sprint?
  19. Noob to Android! Helping a friend!
  20. Hero on Boost
  21. htc hero t-mobile update qestion
  22. htc hero v2.32.651.2 not rooting
  23. My New to me Hero's specs...
  24. flash problems on hero
  25. internet: from mobile to full site help
  26. new to android
  27. Cyanogen 6 Account Sync
  28. Hero keeps entering "Emergency Callback Mode", cripples data/calling
  29. Why dont the root work
  30. Not receiving Voicemail Notifications
  31. Little Hero Help
  32. 32gb Micro SD Card
  33. quick question
  34. flash recovery image
  35. Root Hero with latest radio
  36. Can't connect to Wireless N router with security.
  37. new rom= progress in games erased
  38. Hero missing SMS after 2.1 upgrade. Any solutions?
  39. Lookin to upgrade?
  40. Need Help
  41. Understanding all this tech talk.
  42. Wake on SMS
  43. POP3 Email App
  44. Hi All, Agenda Question
  45. Upgraded to 2.1, lost NAM2
  46. Kik Messenger
  47. Sprint to US Cellular radio switch - Possible?
  48. Need help "fixing" a HERO that was working on MetroPCS
  49. 2.31.651.7-Rooted?
  50. Angry Birds Question?
  51. how to speed up a non-rooted hero?
  52. CM6 on CricKet
  53. So I installed CyanogenMod and I love it!
  54. Htc Hero Stuck on "HTC" screen. Help Please
  55. SD Card issues with CDMA Hero.
  56. htc hero
  57. Full CricKet Data on HTC Hero?
  58. 2.2 on the HERO
  59. QPST Issue
  60. Soo rooting is supposedly so easy.
  61. Got phone rooted, now how to install a custom rom? Please help.
  62. How do I reset a rooted hero
  63. Flash Hero to CricKet on Win7 64-bit?
  64. Can't install the new .7 sprint update?
  65. HTC Software update - 2.31.651.7 available
  66. completely reset htc hero?
  67. Htc Hero(OR any android phone)
  68. Okay, I have to ask...is there any way to...
  69. where's new update from sprint ??
  70. Alltel Hero to CricKet?
  71. Fluctuating internal phone storage normal?
  72. sprint zone error ?
  73. smh soo...
  74. sprint hero crashing, need help or ideas lol
  75. [Q] CMD prompt stops at "Opening:". Help?
  76. cant sign into google HELP!!
  77. Deleting all texts help
  78. Sprint Zone Crashing
  79. Trading my HTC Touch Pro 2 for a HTC Hero today
  80. Randomly turned off and is stuck in a loop at the start up...
  81. Audio quits working at random. Found bug, but still happening in Fresh 2.3.3
  82. EPST (##778#) not working on CDMA HERO!
  83. PRL update
  84. Does a Hero need to be flashed with the Sprint rom during activation?
  85. HTC Hero cdma workshop
  86. fresh support iptables?
  87. Define wipe...
  88. Is anybody using NfiniteFX?
  89. Is it still worth it to get a Hero now?
  90. How to receive root on version 2.27.651.6
  91. Why's my phone acting like an iFail?
  92. App Manager always force closes
  93. Quick Hero Question
  94. TV-Out??
  95. Flashed to 2.1, 768 overclocked kernel. Slower than before?
  96. sprint hero flashed to metro pcs but no mms
  97. No inet when changing lines
  98. help me please
  99. better internet?
  100. rookie help?
  101. non rooted hero upgraded to 2.1
  102. can you hear that noise???
  103. Fresh Rom 2.3.3.. not fast enough!!??
  104. Real Time SMS/MMS
  105. HTC Legend Earpiece Problem
  106. Switching memory cards. Problems. Am I missing something?
  107. Rooting Replacement Phone Problems
  108. ## Codes, Nothing comes up
  109. Metro pcs flashed hero hard reset
  110. evdo mode only?
  111. htc hero/w-google
  112. What is the best *legal* firmware to have?
  113. internet app kills itself?
  114. Need help for my brother....
  115. wifi usage?
  116. vibrate problem
  117. HTC Hero-- Make this sucker go faster!
  118. HTC Hero200 2.1 rooting problems???
  119. Hero gives DATA CALL FAILURE boxes and I can't register with gmail!! What is going on
  120. Can the Sprint Htc Hero be flashed to boost mobile?
  121. Alltel Hero Rooted
  122. Undisited on rooting my hero
  123. Few processes hogging processor (Help please)
  124. HTC Hero200 on Metropcs
  125. Alltel hero users assistance please!
  126. stuck on boot loop, help please
  127. hellp! sprint cdma to alltel always roaming?
  128. handcent mms issue
  129. Install APPS from web! (FINALLY!)
  130. Can't connect Hero to TP2's HTC Wifi Router
  131. Donation offerings for Alltel root
  132. Rooted 1.5 to 2.1?
  133. AOSP ROMs?
  134. Sprint TV not working on Rooter Hero Fresh 2.1.2
  135. HDSC 16gb mirco sd card. Anyone know whats the dealio? I'm very :( because of this.
  136. Need Help with Fresh Toast 2.1 Rom Lockscreen
  137. Serious Lag when making multiple phone calls?
  138. Question about LWP
  139. Rooting Patched 2.1
  140. WM User helping Fiancee root her Hero
  141. HTC Sabor
  142. auto correct
  143. After a restart no data?
  144. scratched front cover
  145. Custom roms are slooooooooooooooooow.....
  146. google reset
  147. Vibration on phone connection.
  148. root questions
  149. Custom Boot Screen Help
  150. Custom ringtones won't work after 2.1 update
  151. Question about deleting files on sd card
  152. To those having problems with their Hero
  153. SlingBox
  154. boot-patched.zip on SD Card
  155. need help going from fresh 1.1 to toast v2.1
  156. Virtual Keyboard?
  157. Sprint Hero Data Plan
  158. Reroot
  159. Is my root off my phone?
  160. Trying to find my contacts.
  161. Chirp Chirp
  162. Andrid Version?
  163. Sprint HTC Hero to Alltel?
  164. Can U View Screen in Daylight ?
  165. Windshield mount for Hero
  166. Battery Usage info
  167. PRL Update Issues
  168. Very Odd HTC Hero problem (battery related)
  169. Flashing radio on HTC hero
  170. SanDisk 8GB SD Card gone bad???
  171. Clearing Google Search?
  172. can someone gimme the IM apk file?
  173. Very Few CDMA ROM Mod?
  174. What am I doing wrong with the Roms?
  175. Text backup for HTC Hero (Droid)
  176. HTC Hero WiFi Tethering?
  177. WiFi keeps turning on
  178. tether wifi
  179. Installing Apps from APKs
  180. Looking for original Sprint HTC Hero 1.5 Boot logos/splash images
  181. Is it possible to update the Flash software?
  182. Screen lock problem
  183. Apps cannot access internet.
  184. u can root the official sprint 2.1 rom now
  185. Need help getting my hero back to stock.
  186. wifi problems
  187. Lock slider major issue !!!! grrrr
  188. upgrade "build" vs. 2.1 OS?
  189. Flash player
  190. "Sorry, the playback license is not valid." HELP!
  191. contact syncing questions
  192. OTA Update after Official 2.1 update ?
  193. Best deals to upgrade to HTC Hero?
  194. android 1.5 - delete "Me - my contact card"
  195. Custom ROM forums for HTC Hero?
  196. Sprint Hero owners - I need help!
  197. HTC Hero Diag Drivers
  198. Remove Visual Voice Mail on Sprint Hero CDMA?
  199. Gmail sync error
  200. Reverting back to 1.5 after offical 2.1 release
  201. Ringtone Storage on Device instead of SD Card?
  202. Regain root after running leaked 2.1 RUU
  203. Root Status to Official 2.1 Update from Sprint
  204. Does removing the Torx bits allow access to the screen?
  205. saving emails?
  206. New Hero User, have a few questions.
  207. An error occured while fetching data...
  208. Text Message Notification while on a call
  209. Any way to change the Launcher Pro shortcuts?
  210. Guide: get your MSL without sprint or CDMA workshop
  211. Contacts issue
  212. Apps installed from market not showing in Downloads section?
  213. Google Earth on 2.1 Hero
  214. First week with the Hero, coming from the Touch Pro 2
  215. message folders?
  216. Problems with Official 2.1
  217. WiFi tethering speed on Hero
  218. Hero sprint upgrade to 2.1
  219. official sprint hero 2.1 update
  220. i rooted but im stuck now
  221. confused about flashing roms, SD partitioning, etc..
  222. Froyo shows up on Hero
  223. adding mail folders
  224. first name, last name issues?
  225. do I need to reinstall all my apps after flashing a new rom?
  226. phone keeps forcing close on incoming with FreshToast
  227. Sprint Hero, not bricked but need some help!
  228. Whats the Hero worth in your opinion?
  229. Broken Digitizer Screen
  230. 2.1..STILL not able to sync contacts pics with facebook?
  231. Fresh 2.1.1 and QPST
  232. [FIX FOUND] Sprint 2.1 Update Does Not Include Speech-To-Text in Keyboard
  233. New Apps we can use with 2.1
  234. Question about the hero?
  235. HTC Sync 2.0.33 - RS link
  236. Insert contacts into people....
  237. what do you guys use to backup messages??? sorry TP2 user here-looking for my sister
  238. Always roaming?
  239. Rooted Users Happy with Official Sprint 2.1?
  240. question for new 2.1 rom
  241. Sprint htc hero to metro pcs
  242. FINALLY here!!!!!!!!!!
  243. Official 2.1 is here!
  244. best radio?
  245. Price Decrease
  246. Sound for the unlocker?
  247. Unlocked in my pocket...
  248. Did I successfully ROOT my HERO? How can I tell?
  249. HTC hero 2.1 leak with sprint key signatures
  250. Hero WiFi Hotspot for free or Evo WiFi Hotspot for $29.99?